The Positives In Injuries

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After a four game losing streak, the Yankees took their last two games from the Mets at Citi Field. This little winning streak helps weaken the pessimism that usually follows such a poor performance and rash of injuries. With Carlos Beltran, CC Sabathia, and Shawn Kelley now headed to the disabled list with Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova, and Francisco Cervelli, the Yankees’ depth is starting show major signs of weakness. But as I mentioned on Wednesday, we’re still in the early months of the season when panic moves are not necessary. I don’t expect any major trades or free agent signings, as the Yankees can survive playing mediocre baseball for a couple of weeks.

Back in 2011, when Derek Jeter suffered a calf strain in June, many thought his career as an effective hitter could be over. In 2010, Jeter OPS’d just .710, and to that point in 2011, Jeter had just a .649 OPS in 293 plate appearances.…

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Pregame Notes 5/13: New Injuries, Updates on Old Injuries


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As was noted a short time ago, Carlos Beltran and Shawn Kelley are the newest members of the Yankees’ growing injury list. Kelley’s been placed on the DL with what the Yankees are calling a strained lumbar spine, while Beltran is calling himself Day-to-Day after an MRI revealed an old bone spur in his right elbow. Zoilo Almonte has been called up in light of the Kelley move.

Beltran spoke to us before the game, and revealed he aggravated a bone spur his elbow taking a swing in between innings. He’s known for taking plenty of batting practice & warmup cuts, so you might say this was bound to happen at some point. He’s received a cortisone shot, which he says takes about 2-3 days to kick in. After that, if it still hurts, he says he’ll try to ask for second shot. If he’s still feeling pain, though, he says surgery is possible. He was asked if he’d ever taken a cortisone shot before, which he found funny.…

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Yanks Limping (Literally) Into Their First Off-Day

Cervelli Injury vs BOS

Very often in sports, commentators or writers like to say that something “couldn’t have come at a better time” to help a struggling team.  In the Yankees’ case, this first scheduled off-day of the year really could not have come at a better time after last night’s injury casualties.  If the Yankees had to play a game tonight, it’s doubtful they’d have enough healthy bodies to fill out the starting infield.

They were already short-handed heading into the game last night when it was revealed that Derek Jeter has a tight right quad and Joe was keeping him out of the lineup to steal a few more days of rest.  Once the game started, we found out that Brian Roberts was out not to get a simple day of rest, but because his lower back was bothering him and he went for a precautionary MRI earlier in the day.  We also found out that Francisco Cervelli still can’t escape his crappy injury luck when he appeared to seriously pull his hamstring trying to beat out a play at first base in the 4th.  …

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Following Teixeira’s Injury, Drew Makes More Sense Than Ever

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After last night’s game, Mark Teixeira said he was unsure about what his hamstring injury timetable looked like, but that he’d like to avoid a DL stint. That will not happen, as Joe Girardi replaced him on today’s roster with Austin Romine. Francisco Cervelli showed some nice offensive stats in Spring, and he figures to take a handful of reps as the backup first baseman, but the Yankees are obviously less enthused about playing Cervelli or Yangervis Solarte over Teixeira.

I’ve seen some suggestions thrown around that the Yankees should target a first baseman, particularly Ike Davis. But Teixeira’s hamstring injury may be over as quick as his 15 day absence, and when he returns, Davis has no other position to play. Yankee Stadium would undoubtedly help Davis’ bat come around, allowing his left-handed power to better thrive in such a hitter’s ballpark, but his contact numbers also look doomed.

Stephen Drew figures to be a much better fit in terms of both bat and position.…

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Late Spring Training Injury Roundup

With 8 days until Opening Day, the Yankees enter their final week of ST game action with a few more potential roster holes to plug than they were hoping for.  It’s not competition that’s causing the uncertainty.  The starting lineup and rotation are mostly set, as is the bench, and the bullpen is starting to take shape.  A few late spring injuries have popped up and for now the Yankee training and coaching staffs are addressing them in a very slow and cautious manner.  None of the injuries appear to be too serious and none involve important ligaments or joints, continuing the refreshing string of good luck that Mike E. pointed out last Thursday, but there are a few that are serious enough to possibly affect the look of the Opening Day rosters.

Brendan Ryan- Already out for most of ST, Ryan suffered what I’m calling a setback with his back last week on the day the Yankees tried to get him back into a game.  …

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Where Did All The Injuries Go?



The Yankees have gotten back Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Michael Pineda, Manny Banuelos, Francisco Cervelli, CC Sabathia, Brett Gardner, Vidal Nuno, and a handful of minor league players back from injuries after a devastating 2013 season. Last Spring Training was a disaster, where Jeter, Teixeira, and Curtis Granderson each suffered significant injury issues. This March has been much different thus far, and after a year of setbacks and awaiting disappointment, the Yankees have remained incredibly healthy.

While we’ve seen a number of pitchers on other teams head to the DL needing Tommy John surgery, and even third baseman Miguel Sano needing the same surgery, the Yankees haven’t had such bad luck this year. The most significant injuries have happened to utility man Brendan Ryan and outfield prospect Tyler Austin, who have each made progress to return to their respective roles. Scott Sizemore is now dealing with a sore quad after suffering his second ACL injury last season, but even he could be back to full practice as soon as today.…

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Beltran’s Foot- Something Or Nothing?

Beltran ST 2014

The off day yesterday gave everybody a chance to step back and reset the ST landscape after a busy first 2 weeks.  Part of that resetting is updating all the injury/health issues in camp and Chad Jennings was generous enough to compile every update on every player into one post.  Most of this stuff is common knowledge to anybody who’s followed camp with any kind of consistency, but there was one name and one ailment on the list I wasn’t aware of.  That name is Carlos Beltran, who’s apparently been dealing with a sore left foot.  Jennings was quick to call it “a complete non-issue,” but his description of the situation doesn’t exactly read as reassuring:

“After playing last Sunday’s game, Beltran had an ice pack on his left foot. He said his toes bother him occasionally, especially if the dirt in the batter’s box is too firm. Said it’s not a problem, and he’s been able to play since then.”

Maybe this is my non-medical brain overreacting, but a player’s toes bothering him when he steps into the batter’s box simply because the dirt is “too firm” this early in the year doesn’t sound like a complete non-issue to me.  …

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The Derek Jeter end game

There were many times during the end celebrations of Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte where I kept wondering what was going through the mind of Derek Jeter. The last remaining Core Four player of the now dead Yankees’ dynasty that began in 1995, he had just watched Pettitte and Rivera go out of the game pretty much on their own terms and in good form. Trying to get into the head of another person, especially a ballplayer, is dangerous business, but I kept wondering if Jeter wondered if he could go out on his own terms too.

Jeter will most certainly exercise his player option for 2014 and no doubt, that will be fine with the Yankees. Brian Cashman has already stated as much. The doubts occur if Jeter has anything left to offer. After four aborted attempts to return in 2013, Jeter only managed 17 games and wheels that could never get healthy.

As such, questions are obvious as to if Jeter can play at least semi-regularly again and how the Yankees would use him if he can.…

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Mark Montgomery Back To The DL

Mark Montgomery

(Syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

At the end of last season, Mark Montgomery was the hands down top relief prospect in the Yankee system, a borderline top 10 organizational prospect overall, and on his way to breaking into the Major League bullpen sometime around now if not earlier.  After leaving his last appearance on Saturday with more shoulder problems, he’s likely done for the year and has become a much bigger question mark for next season rather than a possible bullpen answer.

Donnie Collins confirmed earlier this week that Montgomery was put back on the DL for the 3rd time this year, each of them shoulder-related.  This latest issue puts a fitting end to a disappointing season and continues the storyline I’ve talked up since last fall about Montgomery being overworked in 2012.  The story for a while has been that Montgomery didn’t come to spring camp in the best shape and the team has used that as an explanation for his diminished velocity and shoulder problems.  …

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