Beltran Has Successful Elbow Surgery

Well that’s good news.  This story came out yesterday afternoon and it’s the first positive one we’ve read about Carlos Beltran‘s right elbow in a long time.  Doctors successfully removed the pesky bone spur along with some other assorted “loose pieces” yesterday, and Beltran is now on the 12-week road to recovery referenced by Feinsand.

You can call me crazy for this, and considering my thoughts on Teix maybe I am, but I really feel like this is going to help Beltran have a better year next year.  Probably not 2012 or 2013 better, but somewhere between the .350-.360 wOBA he put up in those years and the .310 he put up this year.  Hey, he might even be able to play some games in the outfield and not clog up the DH spot too.…

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Quick Hit: Shut It Down

Nothing wrong with that.  It’s the right move at this point.  There’s nothing left to play for and there’s no need to risk further injury to any of these guys.  I can understand Ells and Teix wanting to get back out there for pride’s sake or to be a part of Jeter’s final games or whatever, but I’d prefer if they joined Beltran and started working on healing and getting ready for 2015.  It’s all over for 2014.  Time to shut it down.

Shut It Down

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Injury Updates: Tanaka, Teixeira, Beltran, Sabathia, Ellsbury

I’m really looking forward to the end of the season so I don’t have to do these posts anymore, but the season rolls on and so must the injury reports.

Masahiro Tanaka felt no pain or discomfort in his elbow yesterday after his return outing on Sunday.  He went through his normal next-day routine and all signs point to him being A-OK for his final start on Saturday.

Mark Teixeira received another cortisone injection in his right wrist on Sunday and said he could be back in the lineup as soon as tonight.  Apparently the first 2 injections were in a different part of his tendon sheath and this 3rd one was in a different spot, making it OK to do.

Carlos Beltran continues to sit out due to pain in his elbow, but said he’s not going to proceed with the surgery until after the end of the season.  Not sure I follow the logic there.

CC Sabathia played catch yesterday, the first time he’s had any kind of throwing activity since having the latest surgery on his knee.  …

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Injury Update: Teix’s Wrist Acting Up Again

Days-Since-Last-Injury-0Hey!  I remembered the picture this time.  Not that that makes the news any less crappy.

Mark Teixeira was noticeably absent from last night’s lineup, and we found out before the game it was due to his wrist acting up again.  Joe told reporters before the game that Teix told him the wrist was bothering him during last week’s homestand and it must have gotten to the point where he couldn’t play with the pain anymore.

This was to be expected at some point late in the year simply because it was expected prior to the season and it’s been the norm for Teix since game 1.  This was the 1 injury problem we and the Yankees were prepared for.  Guys who have this surgery usually have lingering issues the next year.  Teix has been no different.

Teix has been slumping badly and I’m a firm believer that all the injury problems have piled up to the point where he can’t be effective anymore.

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Report: Prado Out For The Rest Of The Year

The hits (figurative injury hits, not literal baseball hits) keep on coming, huh?  Apparently Prado had to have emergency appendectomy surgery sometime between the end of last night’s game and when you and I woke up today. Meredith Marakovits had the story early this morning and the team confirmed it by announcing that he had been put on the 60-day DL and replaced on the active roster by Jose Pirela.

This is a huge blow to an already laughably ineffective lineup.  Prado has hit .316/.336/.541 with 7 HR and 16 RBI in 37 games as a Yankee.  He’s been on an absolute tear since mid-to-late August and he’s continued his hot hitting even as he battled a recent hamstring injury.

No way to spin this as a positive.  The lineup just lost its best hitter, and curious as I am to see what he can do, I don’t expect Pirela to fill that gap.…

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Tanaka Update: 5 Scoreless In Latest Sim Game

Masahiro Tanaka made his latest rehab start today, throwing 5 scoreless innings against a variety of MiL guys at the team complex.  But don’t let the headline fool you.  He wasn’t the dominant, overwhelming version of himself we all remember from earlier in the season.  Chad Jennings has all the details, but the short story is that Tanaka gave up 6 hits in his 5 innings and a couple of them (along with a few outs) were “hard hit.”  He struck out 4, walked none, and threw 65 pitches.

After the outing, Tanaka said he felt good but wasn’t sure if his stuff was ready to pitch in an MLB game.  That’s to be expected when we’re talking about someone who hasn’t pitched in as long as it’s been for him.  You don’t want a guy out there on the mound who isn’t comfortable and confident in his stuff.  If it takes another sim start to get that feeling to click, so be it.…

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Sounds Like Beltran’s Elbow Has Finally Had Enough

The bone spur in Carlos Beltran‘s elbow has been a “see how long he can go” situation since it was first diagnosed.  It sounds like that finish line may have been reached yesterday.  Beltran felt pain in his elbow during batting practice prior to last night’s game and was scratched from the lineup.  Speaking to the media, he didn’t sound like a man who was confident he was going to be able to keep playing through the pain:

“I felt pain during BP.  Talked to a doctor after, and I have already received three cortisones, so they don’t recommend another one. We talk about, what is the next step? I will probably give myself two or three more days, and if I can’t go out and take a swing like I normally take in a game, I might need to have the surgery.”

A little time off has been helpful here and there to keep him playing, but after 3 cortisone shots he’s not going to get another one.  …

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Tanaka Update: Return To Sim Game City

As the Yankees drift further and further away from truly needing him to come back this season, Masahiro Tanaka presses forward on his rehab trail.  He returned to simulated game action yesterday, throwing a 3-inning, 45-pitch session prior to last night’s game.  Chad Jennings has the full story, but the long and short of it is that Tanaka said he felt better than he did in his last sim start and Joe and the coaching staff thought he looked a lot better.

The next step now is to see how his arm feels and responds to another between-start bullpen and then it sounds like he’ll get another sim start on Sunday.  After that, there’s a chance he could return to real game action by the end of next week.  That’s enough time for 2, maybe 3 starts depending on how Joe manages his rotation down the stretch.  Even not fully stretched out, 2-3 games of Tanaka is better than no Tanaka.  …

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Injury Updates: Tanaka, Nova, Sabathia, Prado, Cervelli (UPDATED)

Slow news day on a Saturday, so here’s the latest batch of injury updates:

Masahiro Tanaka resumed throwing earlier this week with a long toss session and was scheduled to throw off a mound today.  If he is able to make it back this season, it won’t be for more than a start or 2 later in the month.

** UPDATE 2:44 PM- Tanaka threw a 34-pitch bullpen session earlier this morning as scheduled and reportedly came through it fine.  He told reporters he felt no pain or fatigue in his arm.  Now the team will wait a day or 2 to see how he responds before deciding if he’s ready to face live hitters again. **

– If you checked out that Chad Jennings link yesterday, you found out that Ivan Nova has started throwing as part of his rehab from Tommy John Surgery in April.  Right now he’s at 25-throw flat ground sessions from 60 feet every other day.  …

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