A-Rod’s Prospects After Steroids, Injury, Time Off, and 40: An Interview with an Expert Athletic Trainer and Champion Bodybuilder

Dos Equis commercials peddle their fictional man-of-many-feats as the “most interesting man in the world,” but my old friend Stu Yellin can give that old beer drinker a run for his money. I met Stu when we were 5; we spent much of the next decade getting each other in trouble in school, usually when one of us tried to make the other laugh in class by drawing pictures like Spider-Man beating up the teacher (an actual example of a drawing Stu showed me in 12th grade). My art skills never grew past middling (though I did just draw a decent Groot for my kids), but Stu became a major TV cartoonist, drawing the Colbert- and Carrell-voiced “Ace + Gary, The Ambiguously Gay Duo” for SNL, The Tick, and Lizzie McGuire. He then became an art teacher — before becoming a pro bodybuilder too. He got a very late start, competing only as of his early/mid-30s, yet won Pro Cards in various drug-tested federations (most notably the WNBF, the strictest one on substance abuse), and won first place as a middleweight in several “natural bodybuilding” competitions with tough drug testing.… Click here to read the rest

An interview with Rudy May

A little while back I signed on Twitter and there in my notifications was a note that Rudy May followed me. That Rudy May!? Sure enough, it was the former pitcher. He was one of my favorites during his years with the Yankees and so I wrote an article here about him. Mr. May was kind enough to tweet me that he enjoyed the article and so I became bold and asked him for an interview. He kindly accepted and we recently had an hour conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed. Rudy May is a delightful guy.

I searched the Web to see if anyone else had interviewed Rudy May recently and I found Jeff Pearlman’s great interview back in January for Mr. Pearlman’s site. The last thing I wanted to do was to cover the same ground. But I did start the conversation bouncing off one of the answers to Mr. Pearlman’s questions. The rest flowed from there.

IIATMS: Mr. May, I read with interest your comments about how you loved Earl Weaver.Click here to read the rest

Sweeny Murti Interviews Teixeira, Long, and Robertson

Sweeny Murti interviewed a few Yankees this morning, including Mark Teixeira, Kevin Long, and David Robertson. They all had something to say about the offseason and the organization’s plans going forward.

Teixeira- I’ve found that for as uninteresting as Teixeira usually is on Twitter and the locker room interviews, his radio and booth interviews are always well thought-out and detailed. Murti spent most of the interview asking Teixeira questions about his wrist and the recovery process, but also got a handful of interesting tidbits from the first baseman. When asked about Brian McCann, Teixeira called him one of the best teammates he’s ever had, he mentioned that Cashman recognizes the rarity of such a catcher becoming available, and that Teixeira wants to see him in pinstripes.

He went on to then talk about how he’ll recruit anyone that Cashman asks him to, but reserves the right to be honest about how tough it is to play in New York.… Click here to read the rest

Five Questions with the Enemy: An Interview with Chip Buck

Good morning, everyone. Today, I’ve got something a little special for you. Over the weekend, I exchanged emails with Chip Buck from Fire Brand of the American League . After solving the mundane problems of world hunger and nuclear proliferation, we talked about the most pressing issue of all: baseball. Chip was kind enough to answer questions about the Sox’s collapse at the end of last year, this year’s Hot Stove Season, Bobby Valentine, and more Red Sox topics. Click through to read the whole thing. Click here for my half of the interview. … Click here to read the rest