Quick Hits: PECOTA, FanGraphs Top 10 Prospects, Tampa

  • Baseball Prospectus released their PECOTA forecasts today, which for the most part is subscription only stuff. The playoff projections are free, though I don’t believe that they’re fully updated with PECOTA numbers yet. You’ll see that the Yankees are projected to come in third place in the AL East. The system pegs Masahiro Tanaka at a 3.42 ERA in 2014, and if Mariano Rivera were playing, he’d have a 2.68 ERA. For the most part, I’m not a huge fan of any projection systems, and especially PECOTA ever since Nate Silver left BP.
  • Marc Hulet of FanGraphs released his top 10 Yankee prospect list today, which was topped by Gary Sanchez, J.R. Murphy, and Eric Jagielo. He calls the organization a pedestrian to middle of the road farm system, though it has the depth in the lower levels to be a top 10 or even top 5 system quickly. There weren’t many surprises on his list outside of the high ranking for Jagielo.

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Quick Hits: Romine, Jimenez, International Spending

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reports that Austin Romine is “very much available”. Even after trading Chris Stewart to the Pirates, the Yankees find themselves with five catchers on the 40-man roster. Brian McCann and Francisco Cervelli project to be on the 25-man roster, while Gary Sanchez will likely return to Double-A in 2014. This leaves the team with both JR Murphy and Austin Romine competing for a spot in Scranton. The Yankees still have a number of needs to address this winter, so if one of Romine or Murphy can help them obtain an infielder or pitcher, a trade makes a ton of sense.

In that same report by Cafardo, he links Ubaldo Jimenez to the Yankees. He hears from GM’s that even if the Yankees land Masahiro Tanaka, Jimenez makes sense for the team and his personality would be a good fit for New York. The team was linked to Jimenez earlier this winter, and Cashman almost traded for Jimenez in July of 2011.…

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Welcome to the early offseason

It’s here. The first day of the offseason, at least for us folks who root for the boys in pinstripes, and I have to say, so far, it’s an odd feeling.

I’m so used to gearing up for the postseason and preparing myself emotionally for the games – because I tend to get a little too into playoff baseball – and now, I’m not sure what to do. I used to get myself so worked up that by the time everything was over, I’d be exhausted. This year, I am looking forward to having an October filled with watching games that don’t actually mean anything to me. Aside from rooting against the Red Sox and Rays (because really, who wants to see them win anything?) I’m just going to sit here and watch baseball from the perspective of a neutral fan of the sport.

During the past few seasons, I didn’t have to do that until at least mid-October.

And to be honest, I’m pretty excited about Game 163 tonight in Arlington because play-in games are a lot more enjoyable when your team isn’t involved.…

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Lunchtime links: Bobblehead mayhem, elimination numbers and Jason Giambi

Greetings IIATMS readers!

Here’s some Yankees and former Yankees’ news for you on this very lovely Fall day.

First up, September 24, 2013 may become known as Bobblehead Remembrance Day and future generations will hear the harrowing stories from their grandparents who will be describing in great detail, the horrors of having to wait in line for a little doll with a large, moving head while the Yankees played an awful game that all but ended their playoff chances.

I feel for my friends who went through this disaster last night. I attended two bobblehead games this season – for Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui – and I didn’t have the same experience. All I did was wait in line for a little longer than usual as the Yankee Stadium workers handed out boxes. Last night, those boxes didn’t arrive in time which created a cluster**** of epic proportions.

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Pre-Game Evening Link Dump

Evening, all. Hope your work days weren’t too torturous. Anyway, here are a few links to help you along in your commute.

Starting with the not-so-great, there’s the news you probably already know: Jeter is going to miss more time than expected. Sigh.

Speaking of Derek Jeter, though, here’s something cool from Twitter yesterday. Baseball HOF president Jeff Idleson posted a pre-draft scouting report the Rockies did on Jeter:

Mark Feinsand talked to CC Sabathia about his velocity after last night’s game. Feinsand noted that despite CC’s diminished velocity to start 2013, the pitcher remains confident:

“I’m hoping some more velocity comes back,” Sabathia said. “If not, we’ll work with this.”

He’s also accepted the reality of pitching:

“It’s reality,” Sabathia said. “I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

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Lunchtime links: Last game in Tampa, improving baseball, picking fantasy pitchers & more

Good afternoon! It’s March 28, 2012 and we are only three days away from the official start of the season. Hooray!

Today, the Yankees are taking on the Pittsburgh Pirates in Tampa and according to Bryan Hoch, two former teammates, Russell Martin and A.J. Burnett were heading over to the Yankees’ weight room to say hi to their old friends.

Hiroki Kuroda is making his final spring start and will be matched up against Jeff Locke.

Today’s lineup:
Ichiro 8
Wells 7
Cano 4
Youkilis 5
Rivera 3
Francisco 0
Boesch 9
Nix 6
Cervelli 2

The game is not on TV, unfortunately (at least not according to my FiOS guide).

It’s the last game in Tampa because tomorrow, the Yankees will be in Washington D.C. to take on the Nationals in an exhibition game at Nationals Park and on Saturday will be playing the West Point Black Knights.

Some links for you to take a gander at:

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Lunchtime links: Martin, Overbay and Wells, oh my!

Good afternoon, it’s Wednesday March 27 and we’re only five days away from Opening Day at the Stadium.

Usually, Yankee fans would be ecstatic about the start of a new season, about the pagentry of Opening Day, the excitement of seeing the team lined up along the first base line as their names are introduced, only this year, most of those names will be new and most fans will be thinking of what could have been before the first pitch even leaves CC Sabathia‘s left hand. Did that depress you to read as much as it depressed me to write?

Speaking of names that make you go, “Him??” the Yankees signed Lyle Overbay to a minor league deal yesterday after he was dropped by the Boston Red Sox. As Forrest Gump used to say, “Stupid is as stupid does,” or in this case it’s “desperate is as desperate does.”

Let’s backtrack a moment to talk about a player whose departure in a way, helped the Yankees get to this desperate state they’re in right now, Russell Martin.…

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Lunchtime links: Burying the Yanks, Stubhub nonsense & so much more

If it’s Tuesday, it must be bury the Yankees before they play a second of meaningful baseball day!

Brandon Tierney, formerly of The Wheelhouse on SNY and who is now a radio host out in San Francisco wrote a eulogy for the Yankees this morning. He called “Decaying With Dignity.” He goes on and on about the Yankees and how awful they’ll probably be this year. He talks about how lucky we are as a fan base to have experienced the past 20 years or so, and he’s right, we are but what really gets me is this passage:

Truthfully, the easy thing to do is pile on, to kick dirt on the Yankees grave before the first meaningful pitch of the season, to attempt to be ahead of the curve on the inevitable demise of the Yanks.

That’s the easy way out.

Exactly. And that’s what he ultimately ended up doing.

The Yankees could be absolutely awful this year. They could be mediocre this year.…

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Lunchtime Links: Vernon Wells, more Vernon Wells and last place predictions

No, you weren’t dreaming and no, this isn’t shared nightmare by Yankee fans that we will all wake up from, sighing in relief and wiping the sweat from our brows, it is very real and it is not spectacular.

Vernon Wells is really going to be a Yankee – Bud Selig just has to approve the money exchanging hands – and this offseason has now officially hit rock bottom. (At least I hope so, there are six days left and anything can happen…)

As you can imagine there were a ton of articles, blog posts, rants, etc. written about this move. Most of them were of the negative variety. It even got so bad at one point that a well-known blogger/podcaster who happens to be a Kansas City Royals fan was making fun of the Yankees on Twitter. For a fan of a team that hasn’t sniffed the playoffs since I was in elementary school to make fun of the Yankees so viciously, the move has to be terrible, right?…

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