Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 10/2/15

October is back, longsleeve weather is back, October baseball is back!  It’s all good in the hood on this Friday afternoon.  Missed the Palooza last Friday because I was busy duck boating around in enemy territory, but we’re back this week and we’ve got a solid batch of links.  Let’s get right to it.

– On Tuesday, SG of RLYW had an absolutely BRUTAL stat to sum up Jacoby Ellsbury’s season.

– Owen Watson of JABO broke down Ellsbury’s season pre- and post-injury. Doesn’t spell great things for the postseason.

– El duque of It Is High… warned of the eventual Red Sox return to competitiveness, which could be coming too.  Good thing the Yankees have a good crop of young players coming up now too.

– On Wednesday, Andrew Mearns of Pinstripe Alley gathered up the candidates for best Yankee moment of the season.  Totally unbiased, #ARod3K all the way.

– Mike Axisa of RAB put together his version of the WC game pitching staff.

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 9/18/15

Long week.  Looking forward to sitting down in my armchair and watching Tanaka dominate tonight.  Gotta stop those pesky Mets from taking back the city again.  Now onto the links.

– On Monday, Chris Mitchell of FanGraphs ran his KATOH projections on Gary Sanchez to see how he stacks up as a Major League hitting prospect now that he’s reached the highest level.

– On Tuesday, Nick Ashbourne of BP Bronx commented on Brett Gardner’s scary consistency over the last few seasons.

– On Wednesday, William Juliano of The Captain’s Blog went back in time and looked at how things would have played out if the Yankees re-signed Cano and C-Grand instead of signing Ellsbury and Beltran.

– Mike Axisa of RAB analyzed the decline in effectiveness of Chasen Shreve’s splitter recently and identified that as the potential source of his struggles.

– Daniel Burch of The Greedy Pinstripes mused on what the Yankees should do with Ivan Nova this coming offseason.

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 9/11/15

Long week, busy week.  Probably had to work harder at my real job this week than I ever have since I started this job.  And I really don’t even think I’m doing the job all that well, although I have all but mastered the art of talking too much to make up for the fact that I have no clue what I’m doing/talking about.  Sometimes it takes a massive effort just to reach the ground floor of satisfactory.  Now I know what Stephen Drew’s 2015 season feels like.  Onto the links.

– On Tuesday, el duque of It Is High… used Nathan Eovaldi’s elbow injury as a way to reignite the discussion on shortening the MLB season.

– On Wednesday, Mike Axisa of RAB discussed CC Sabathia becoming a much more important piece of the Yankee puzzle down the stretch, for better or for worse.

– Greg Corcoran of Bronx Baseball Daily recapped the season for the newly formed Pulaski Yankees.

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Lunchtime Links: 9/8/15


My name is Stacey and I am blocked. I was attempting to write about A-Rod and the words just would not come to me so because of that, you’re getting a midday link-around on a Tuesday. Fun stuff.

Anyway, there are some interesting and odd links in here.

Oh, and how wrong was I yesterday when I said that I didn’t the Red Sox had a shot in hell against the Blue Jays? I like being wrong about that sort of stuff. Can they win another one tonight? That would be cool.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 9/4/15

Football’s back, baby!  It’s finally back!!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still fully in on baseball.  But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super stoked for the start of the college football season tomorrow.  First beer is being cracked just before the 11 AM kickoffs and the night will end with a ton of Three Floyds and a Wisconsin victory over Alabama.  Probably not on that last point, but whatever.  Onto the links!

– On Tuesday, William Juliano of The Captain’s Blog took a look at how the Yankees’ poor team baserunning has hurt their offensive production this season.

– Katie Sharp of RAB dug into the numbers to show the true impact of losing Mark Teixeira in the lineup.  Very timely post to read given today’s earlier new.

– Greg Kirkland of Pinstripe Alley offered up some real talk on Rob Refsnyder after his “meh” season.  It’s sad but true.  Dude’s prospect shine is almost completely worn off in just a year.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/28/15

I’m supposed to be going to an all-weekend party on Saturday.  I also might have to be kinda, sorta on call for work this weekend.  The whole situation is up in the air, but however it falls I probably won’t be watching much Yankee baseball this weekend.  That stinks.  But oh well, onto the links.

– On Monday, Enos Sarris of FanGraphs examined the development of Nathan Eovaldi’s splitter and how he’s used that to make his fastball a more effective pitch.

– On Tuesday, Mike Axisa of RAB looked for signs of an offensive turnaround within the current slump.  We haven’t seen any of that turnaround yet, but maybe tonight’s the night.

– Harlan Spence of Pinstripe Alley mused on the possibility of the Yankees retiring A-Rod’s number when his career is over.  I didn’t have much interest in seeing Jorge or Andy this year, but I’d make damn sure I was at the A-Rod ceremony.

– On Wednesday, Christopher Carelli of Yankees Unscripted pointed out how the offensive slump is putting added pressure on the depleted rotation.

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/21/15

By the time this posts, I’ll most likely be napping.  Sleep cycles have been abysmal this week.  Let’s get right to the links, shall we?

– On Tuesday, Mike Axisa of RAB looked at A-Rod’s recent slump to see if there was a root cause.  Hopefully the last few games are a sign that he’s coming out of it.

– Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley used Luis Severino’s SSS results to show how he’s been better than any other trade option the Yankees could have pursued to help the rotation.

– On Wednesday, David Laurila of FanGraphs interviewed David Cone and got his thoughts on a variety of pitching topics.  Cone is the best of the YES broadcast lineup and a friend of the blog, so naturally this is a must-read for any intelligent Yankee fan.

– On Thursday, William Juliano of The Captain’s Blog used his disastrous June 16th outing as a dividing point for Nathan Eovaldi’s season and broke down the changes and improvements he’s made since then.

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/14/15

Free beer day at work is a rare day, but a great day.  Today that meant 3 12-pack bomber cases of assorted New Belgium stuff.  Now this is beer that’s been sitting in our shop for a while, so the heat probably hasn’t done it any favors.  But anytime you can get almost 800 oz of beer for free, you’ve got to take that chance, right?  Now onto the links.

– On Tuesday, William Juliano of The Captain’s Blog compared the recent division lead loss to previous ones in team history and commented on the front office’s role in the loss.

– On Wednesday, Mike Axisa of RAB broke down Luis Severino’s second start and compared to his first to see where he made improvements.

– Greg Corcoran of Bronx Baseball Daily unveiled his hypothetical version of the 2018 “All-Homegrown” team.

– On Thursday, SG of RLYW updated his CAIRO projections for Greg Bird to get an idea of what he could contribute to the lineup.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/7/15


With no trade deadline to muck up the plans, we’re back to the regularly scheduled weekly linkaround this week.  Also I’m really excited for this weekend’s series.  It’s going to be so sweet when the Yanks take 2 of 3.  Now onto the links.

– On Tuesday, Mike Axisa of RAB broke down the changes made by Nathan Eovaldi and Brendan Ryan to help their respective games.

– On Wednesday, Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY talked to Garrett Jones about his quick return to the Yankees after the Dustin Ackley injury.

– Nicolas Stellini of BP Bronx updated his top 15 Yankee prospects list.

– On Thursday, el duque of It Is High… touched on the importance for the Yankees to learn something from Wednesday night that can help them against R.A. Dickey this weekend.  They looked ugly against the knuckler the other night.

– Scott Davis of Pinstripe Alley analyzed the changes Carlos Beltran made to his approach that helped turn his season around offensively.…

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