Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 7/24/15

Links.  Many, many links.

– On Monday, Chad Jennings of LoHud broke down Joe’s comments on the Ryan over Refsnyder decision.

– Greg Corcoran of Bronx Baseball Daily unveiled his updated top 50 Yankee prospects list after the draft.  I always like Greg’s rankings simply because he takes the time to rank 50 guys.

– Andrew Felper of BP Bronx analyzed Mark Teixeira’s tremendous improvement against 4-seamers this season and how it’s been the driving force behind his resurgence.

– On Wednesday, Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley touched on the things that might make Mike Leake the perfect type of trade deadline target for the Yankees.

– El duque of It Is High… examined the Yankees’ organizational depth to see where second half injuries could be the most impactful.

– On Thursday, David Schoenfield of ESPN’s Sweet Spot mused on the idea of the Yankees trading for Aroldis Chapman.  That would be awesome, but I can’t see them doing it.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 7/3/15

This time last year, I was bumming because I had to stick around the Milwaukee area and miss out on going to DC for 4th of July with my best friends.  I had to fly to Germany on July 5th to start a work training program, so it was a mostly tame 4th of July celebration.  Not the case this year.  No Germany, no training, and I got into DC on Thursday, so this weekend is already setting up to be a spectacular one.  Hope everybody else has something good planned for tomorrow.  Now onto the links!

– On Tuesday, el duque of It Is High… commented on the Adam Warren situation and the troubling trend that it follows with other less-heralded homegrown guys.

– Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley mused on the possibility of the Yankees trading Carlos Beltran to the Angels.  It’s a major longshot, but there’s a lot about the deal that would make sense for both sides.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 6/26/15

Solid batch of links this week, real good batch.  Let’s get right into them.

– On Tuesday, el duque of It Is High… discussed the Yankees’ never-ending cycle of bullpen call-ups in the context of  how the current schedule/roster system could be changed for the better.

– Andrew Mearns of BP Bronx touched on the overall improvement in Didi Gregorius’ game as the season has progressed.

– On Wednesday, Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY recapped Ivan Nova’s first start back from TJS with thoughts from Nova and his teammates on his performance.

– Mike Axisa of RAB organized and categorized the Yankees’ collection of trade chips as we get closer to the trade deadline.

– Christopher Carelli of Yankees Unscripted reminded everybody to keep their expectations tempered for Ivan Nova.

– On Thursday, Chad Jennings of LoHud listed and analyzed the current roster problems the Yankees are facing.  It’d be nice to see that list get cut down some in the very near future.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 6/12/15

Hot take alert, hot take alert!  TV advertising has gotten really bad.  Pathetically bad in some cases.  The dude in the McDonald’s sirloin burger spots is unbearable.  Could not be more unlikable.  And why Scion still rolls with the hamsters is beyond me.  The hamsters are the engineers designing the new car in the latest commercial.  Am I supposed to want to buy a Scion more because I know it was designed, built, and tested by animated, anthropomorphic hamsters?  Is that the implication?  How is that supposed to inspire a purchasing decision?  If I wasn’t so addicted to television, I’d stop watching.  Today’s TV advertising is surely helping to make our society dumber.  Now onto the links!

– On Tuesday, Chris Mitchell of FanGraphs used his KATOH projection model to analyze the 1st round draft picks.  Worth noting that Kaprielian was the highest-rated pitcher by KATOH.

– On Wednesday, el duque of It Is High… ranted at the Yankees for failing to draft Mo III.

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 6/5/15

Small-ish batch of regular links this week, and a real prospect-heavy batch of Yankee-centric links.  That’s partially just the luck of the draw from what stood out to me as I read and partially due to the fact that I didn’t have time to read as much as I normally do this week.  With that in mind, I’ll officially open this post up to suggestions and tips from any and all readers.  If you ever see something that you think should be in the Palooza, email it to me or tweet me @BradVietro and I’ll do my damndest to make sure it gets in.  Now onto the links!

– On Tuesday, Nicolas Stellini of Pinstripe Alley profiled Double-A lefty Eric Ruth, who has been quietly putting together a solid performance at that level and forcing himself into the fringes of the prospect scene.

– On Wednesday, Adam Lewis of had a small feature on Garrett Jones and how he’s adjusting to his reduced role this season.

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 5/29/15

Rangers Game 7 tonight, flying home to see the family this weekend, so I’ll be mostly out of commish until early next week.  Now onto the links.

– On Tuesday, Mike Axisa of RAB commented on the need for the Yankees’ bullpen and defense to improve.  Never good when your anticipated strengths become your biggest weaknesses.

– Chad Jennings of LoHud got some thoughts from Slade Heathcott, his teammates, and his manager on Heathcott’s strong early showing.

– Matt Provenzano of Pinstripe Alley mused on the potential need for a rotation rental at some point and some ideal targets if the Yankees decide to go shopping on the trade market.

– On Wednesday, Andrew Marchand discussed Alex Rodriguez’s sustained hot start and above-average production.

– On Thursday, el duque of It Is High… wondered if Carlos Beltran could continue to stay healthy and productive or if he’s doomed to eventual injury/regression.

– William Juliano of The Captain’s Blog looked deeper into the “bad contract” perception that’s crept over A-Rod and Teix over the years, and showed how well they’re living up to those contracts.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 5/22/15

No intro this week.  The big batch of links speaks for itself and I’ve already started mentally shutting down for the long weekend.  Now onto the links!

– On Tuesday, Josh Heller of Pinstripe Alley reviewed the offseason Yanks-Marlins trade 2 months into the season to see which side has made out better so far.

– On Wednesday, Derek Albin of Pinstripe Pundits dug deeper into the new contact statistics to see how big a contributing factor they’ve been to Chase Headley’s poor start.

– Chad Jennings of LoHud addressed the biggest questions facing the Yankees after losing Jacoby Ellsbury to the DL.

– William Juliano of The Captain’s Blog crunched the numbers and used some statistical comparisons to point out the biggest problems with Nathan Eovaldi and what the Yankees have in mind for him.

– On Thursday, el duque of It Is High… expressed his feelings of discomfort with Hal’s latest comments on the state of the team and his plans for the trade deadline.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 5/15/15

It’s a good thing the Rangers pulled it out the other night in Game 7.  Not because I no longer have to live with the personal disappointment and shame of knowing I missed my last opportunity to watch them this season, but because now I get the chance to wash my Rangers shirt before the next series.  I went no wash for the first 2 rounds and that made for some moderate funkiness during the last few games of the Caps series.  Fresh wash tonight, clean start for the ECF tomorrow.  Now onto the links!

– On Monday, Andrew Mearns of Pinstripe Alley mused on the need for Jorge Posada to get over himself.  I would have loved to see the version of this that came out today after the rest of Jorge’s nonsense this week.

– On Wednesday, Katie Sharp of RAB dug into Carlos Beltran’s offensive turnaround this month to see how legitimate it’s been.

– El duque of It Is High… declared the Rob Refsnyder countdown clock officially started, and who am I to argue with him?…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 5/8/15

Big weekend for your boy this weekend.  Heading to Chicago on Saturday to go to this year’s American Beer Classic at Soldier Field.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  A whole mess of craft breweries from all over the country setting up shop on Soldier Field and serving up as many beer samples as you can drink.  If the weather cooperates and doesn’t dump rain on me, it should turn into a nice little drunk Saturday.  Now onto the links!

– On Tuesday, Katie Sharp of RAB analyzed the ever-improving Michael Pineda changeup that is helping to push him to the next level this season.

– El duque of It Is High.. continued his hot streak of ideas by proposing some things the Yankees could do to celebrate A-Rod’s 666th home run.

– On Wednesday, Derek Albin of Pinstripe Pundits dug deeper into the wildly productive and statistically mystifying start to Mark Teixeira’s season. I talked about this a little bit on Twitter earlier today (hint hint).…

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