Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 10/17/14

The guy who cuts my hair is from New York.  I’ve been going to him for a while, mainly because I was still a snotty tri-stater when I moved out to Wisconsin and felt much more comfortable letting a fellow tri-state member handle my hair than a mouth-breathing midwesterner.  It really doesn’t make a difference because I get my head buzzed, but that’s neither here nor there.  The point is I’ve been a regular customer of his for years now, and because of this he usually hooks me up with a beer or 2 or a free hair wash or whatever when I come in.  And I gotta tell you, there’s a certain power move feeling that comes with strolling across an entire salon full of women getting their hair and nails done with a beer in hand to get a hair wash they know you’re not paying for.  For that handful of seconds, I’m the belle of the ball.

I’m getting my hair cut after work this afternoon and I can guarantee you that feeling that feeling today will be the highlight of my week.  …

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Season Review Recap: The Best And Worst Of The 2014 New York Yankees

This past week was 2014 season review week at IIATMS.  We reviewed the 162-game results roster group by roster group to highlight the best and worst things that each group did.  Not only were the worsts more plentiful, they were also the more impactful happenings of the season for the Yankees.  That’s how you spend half a billion dollars in the offseason and finish with a worse record than you did the year before.  If you missed any of those review posts this week, here’s your chance to catch up.

- The Infield

- The Outfield

- The Rotation

- The Bullpen

- The Bench

Tomorrow we start shifting the focus forward, to the upcoming offseason.  Dom’s going to continue to evaluate the team’s biggest positions of need, I’m going to break down the qualifying offer candidates in greater detail, and Stacey will be making her long-awaited return to the rotation.  We’re also introducing a new writer tomorrow, so make sure to be around for that.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 10/10/14

My car has one of those electronic gas tanks that tells you how many more miles you’re capable of traveling with what’s left in there. Pretty fancy stuff, I know.  Since completing the move, I’ve been logging more miles to and from work and I’m going through a tank of gas much faster than I used to.  I’ve also started a new thing where when I get down to a quarter tank or less, I pretend I’m a NASCAR driver and try to conserve fuel, saving as much as I can to get the most out of what’s left.  I coast up to stop signs and red lights, I try to be easy on the brake, and I don’t accelerate any more aggressively than I have to.  I’m also staring at the mileage display the whole time I’m doing this, so if you’re ever out in the Milwaukee area, there’s a good chance I’ll crash my car into you.  Now onto the links!…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 10/3/14

Caught my first cold of the year on Wednesday.  That’s way early for me.  Definitely not a good sign.  Whatever.  Gives me an easy excuse to spend all weekend on the couch watching football.  Now onto the links!

– On Monday, SJK of NoMaas wondered if there was something impairing Cash’s judgment when it came to Beltran and Teixeira.

– On Wednesday, Derek Albin of Pinstripe Pundits compared Dellin Betances’ 2014 season to Mo’s 1996 to see who had the better year.

– El duque of It Is High… revealed his 11-point plan for next season.

– Mike Axisa of RAB began the always-fun process of looking at next year’s payroll.  I don’t care what the final number is next year.  I just want a greater return on investment.

– On Thursday, Bryan Brunati of Pinstripe Alley mused on which big contract player the Yankees could trade before his deal is up.

– On Friday, Chad Jennings of LoHud previewed the upcoming 40-man roster flexibility the Yankees can create heading into the offseason.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 9/26/14

So how’s everybody’s energy level today after last night’s theatrics.  Imagine if the game would have been delayed by rain to get to that ending?  I won’t be paying attention to the Yanks-Sox series at all this weekend.  It’s like the random 90-something seconds of dead air before you get to the last secret track on a great album.  Instead I’ll be celebrating the girlfriend’s birthday tonight and attending my last wedding of 2014 tomorrow.  Hope you all have some good plans for your weekends as well.  Now onto the links!

– On Monday, Mike Axisa of RAB broke down Masahiro Tanaka’s first start back from the DL and all the positive signs there were in the outing.

– On Tuesday, Daniel Burch of The Greedy Pinstripes mentioned a recent success story as a reason to be optimistic about the future of Tanaka’s elbow.

– SG of RLYW brought up the idea of J.J. Hardy as the next Yankee shortstop and what it might take to sign him in the offseason.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 9/19/14

I’ve smashed my left elbow like 2 or 3 times this week.  On a doorknob, a door frame, and a high island desk in the span of maybe 2.5 days.  I have no explanation for why this has happened, but it has left my elbow in some discomfort.  To deal with it, I’ve started pretending I’m a left-handed MLB starting pitcher and the soreness is from a long season’s workload.  It’s stiff, hurts to move, and I’m probably pitching with something torn in it, but my team’s in the Wild Card race and I have to keep gutting it out and going out there every 5 days for them.  Also I’m an adult.  Now onto the links!

– On Tuesday, SJK of NoMaas released their nominees for 2014 Yankee quote of the year.  I gotta say, that’s a tough pair of quotes to pick from.

– On Wednesday, el duque of It Is High… used a small, surely unnoticed moment in Tuesday night’s bench clearing session as a reminder that we might not be seeing anymore of Hiroki Kuroda after this season and we should be showing him some love as well.…

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Sunday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 9/14/14

Belated ‘Palooza this week due to the doubleheader on Friday.  Series finale isn’t on until later as the ESPN Sunday night game, so if you’re not an NFL fan, here’s the best links of the week to get through your afternoon:

– On Monday, Mike Axisa of RAB showed how Betances and D-Rob have become a new (and better) version of ’96 Mo and Wetteland, and argued that the tandem should be kept together.

– On Tuesday, Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley reviewed the biggest highlights of the 2014 MiL season.

– Greg Corcoran of Bronx Baseball Daily listed the top organizational second base prospects.  It’s a slightly deeper list than the one for first base.

– On Thursday, Daniel Burch of The Greedy Pinstripes called for Kevin Long to be fired.  Have to thank that’s a call that’s going to get real loud once this season is over.

– Chad Jennings of LoHud mused on the depth problem in right field that Carlos Beltran’s injury has caused and how it could continue into next season.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 9/5/14

Big week in the Yankosphere, lotta good stuff out there.  Let’s get right to it.

– On Tuesday, SJK of NoMaas was saddened by Derek Jeter’s dip below the positive WAR line.  I think that’s a feeling all of us have in some way, regardless of how we feel about his farewell tour.

– Andrew Mearns of Pinstripe Alley watched the Trenton Thunder in person on 8/29 and offered up some firsthand scouting reports on Luis Severino and some other top prospects.

– On Wednesday, Bryan Brunati of Pinstripe Alley wondered who would get the ball in the event the Yankees make it to the 1-game Wild Card playoff.

– On Thursday, Chris Mitchell of Pinstripe Pundits compared some key numbers from last year to this year to show how Stephen Drew hasn’t been as bad as some are making him out to be.

– Jed Weisberger of Pinstriped Prospects rattled off the list of good performances in the Yankee farm system this season, effectively silencing those who say the system is “depleted”.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/29/14

No time for pleasantries this week.  Gotta keep the move going if I’m going to spend all day on the couch tomorrow.

– On Monday, el duque of It Is High… lamented the decision to trade for Martin Prado rather than sign Rusney Castillo.  That’s actually a pretty good point.  I’d much rather have Castillo.

– On Tuesday, William Juliano of The Captain’s Blog investigated whether spending big was still the smart organizational strategy in today’s parity-based MLB landscape.

– On Wednesday, Mike Axisa of RAB explained how and why the Yankees are at their best with Derek Jeter at DH instead of shortstop.

– Chris Mitchell of PInstripe Pundits wondered if Francisco Cervelli had a future with the Yankees beyond the rest of this season.

– On Thursday, Chad Jennings had some video of Masahiro Tanaka’s latest sim game.

– Today, Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley astutely pointed out that Francisco Cervelli is often at fault for the injuries he’s suffered.

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