Trade Deadline News And Notes: 7/27/15

Deadline’s right around the corner.  Here’s the latest:

– The big weekend trade was Johnny Cueto going to the Royals for a trio of lefty arms.  From what I read, it sounds like the return for Cueto wasn’t that great.  Makes you wonder what the Yanks could have done if they had a full complement of healthy pitching prospects.

- Via George King, the Yanks scouted Cueto for 5 weeks and at one point had “limited discussions” with the Reds about a deal involving Ivan Nova.  King says the Yanks are now waiting to see what the Tigers do with David Price.

– One pitcher they don’t seem interested in pursuing is Cole Hamels.  According to Joel Sherman, they aren’t interested in trading top prospects (Judge, Severino, Bird, Mateo) or taking on big money, both of which they would have to do to acquire Hamels.

- Via Jon Heyman, the Yanks “have discussed just about every available top starter and reliever”, so Cash is definitely doing his due diligence.  …

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Trade Deadline News And Notes: 7/24/15

Well it happened.  The trade deadline activity finally kicked into gear yesterday.  With a week to go now, things should really start to pick up now that the first moves have been made.

– The first notable trade was Scott Kazmir going to the Astros for a pair of low-level prospects.  I was a little surprised to see him go for that little in return considering the way he’s been pitching, but maybe leaving that start with an arm injury killed some of his value.  I would have liked him in the Yankee rotation.

– The other major move was Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez going back to Pittsburgh, where he started his career, to get a shot at chasing a ring before he retires.  He was never a target for the Yankees.

– As for the home team, they will reportedly “listen to offers” for Gary Sanchez, according to Buster Olney.  I’m not sure how many teams are going to be calling up and proactively asking for him so much as making him a required piece in a trade package for one of their players, but this isn’t a surprising stance considering the Major League catching depth in Big Mac and JRM.  …

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Tuesday Morning News And Notes: 7/21/15

Yesterday was an off-day and I’m staring down the barrel of another long day of professional development training today, so the creative juices aren’t exactly flowing.  Here are some updates on the goings on around Yankeeland instead.

– The early trade deadline target rumors are in, courtesy of Jon Heyman, and they’re what you would expect them to be for the Yankees: a starting pitcher, a righty bat, and a righty reliever.  I have to imagine reliever is lowest down on the priority list with the return of Adam Warren to the ‘pen, but the Yanks have been good at finding and acquiring undervalued relief talent over the years.

Via Chad Jennings, top prospect Aaron Judge has missed the last few Triple-A games with what Cash called “some minor stuff”.  Take that news however you want.

– On the positive side, Mason Williams has started playing catch again and it sounds like his shoulder has finally started getting better.  …

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Friday News And Notes: 7/17/15 (UPDATED)

Carlos Beltran played right field for 5 innings last night and went 1-3 with a single and a K for High-A Tampa.  Via Nick Flammia, he’s slated for 7 innings in right tonight, so it doesn’t sound like Beltran will be activated until this weekend at the earliest.

– Keith Law released his midseason top 50 prospects list yesterday over at ESPN.  The full article is IO of course, but the pertinent information for Yankee fans is Aaron Judge coming in at 13 just like he has on multiple other lists recently.  Law did not have Luis Severino in his top 50, although he did come in on the list of honorable mentions.  Law still sees Severino as a reliever long-term.

- Via George King, Brian Cashman said he thinks Slade Heathcott will be able to return to game action this season.  He isn’t so sure about Mason Williams, however, saying “if the rehab doesn’t go well he might need surgery” in reference to Williams’ recent 60-day DL transfer.…

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2015 Draft Update: Kaprielian Signs And More

Tomorrow is the deadline for all 2015 MLB draft picks to sign.  Here’s an update on the Yankees’ latest signings and a final recap of their haul from this year.

- As Jason reported earlier, the Yanks have officially signed 11th round pick Josh Rogers to an above-slot $485,000 bonus plus additional money to complete his college education.  I liked the Rogers pick when it was made and I’m really glad the Yanks were able to sign him.

- As first reported by Jim Callis, the Yankees also agreed to sign their 1st round pick James Kaprielian yesterday.  The final bonus figure was $2.65 million, slightly over slot money for the spot.  Now that we know he’s in, it would be awesome to see Kaprielian get a little game action before the MiL seasons end.

– Also signed to above-slot bonuses were 12th round pick Terrance Robertson (170k) and 20th round pick Isiah Gilliam (550k).  Gilliam is already playing in GCL games and has a .400/.450/.500 tripleslash in 25 PA.…

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Injury Updates 7/16/15: Beltran, Headley, Ryan, Williams, Bailey

It’s the Yankees’ last day off before the start of the second half.  Let’s catch up on where the roster’s walking wounded stand (or sit).

Carlos Beltran played in a MiL rehab games with the Tampa Yankees last night, going 2-2 with a BB in 3 plate appearances as the DH.  He’s been playing sim games down at the team complex during the break and is supposed to be activated soon after the second half starts.

Chase Headley said he was feeling fine and wouldn’t need any extra rest coming out of the break after he got back into games last weekend, and there have been no follow-up reports on his calf so I’m assuming he’s good to go.

Brendan Ryan continues to bounce from team to team to get his rehab work in.  Since he hasn’t played much this season, he needs all the time he can get.  He’s gotten work at shortstop and third base recently and should be ready to be activated soon after Beltran, but he could end up as a roster casualty if the Yankees need 40-man space.…

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Quick Hit: Brett Gardner Named To The AL All-Star Team

This became a strong possibility when Alex Gordon went down with a serious groin strain last night, and it became official today.  Brett Gardner has been named as Gordon’s replacement on the American League All-Star roster.  It’s a well-deserved selection, as Garder was hitting .298/.378/.478 coming into today and has gone 3-4 with a homer in the current game.  It’s also one that’s been a long time coming for a guy who walked on to his college team, was never a highly-touted prospect after being drafted, and worked for years to build himself into an everyday player and a complete, all-around good player.

Congrats, Gardy.  Well done.

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Roster Moves: Ellsbury And Miller Activated; Flores And Rumbelow Sent Down

Well there you have it.  Not what I called, but Flores goes down instead of Petit and the Yankees will roll with Jones and Young in the outfield while Beltran heals.  Petit gets to stick around while Chase Headley deals with a sore calf, whatever.  The important thing is they get 2 very important roster pieces back tonight just in time to rattle of 5 straight wins heading into the ASB.

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Saturday morning news and notes: 6/13/15

Good morning.

The Yankees lost, the game was awful to watch and now we have to wait until 7:15 for tonight’s game. Ugh.

Here are a couple of new items for you:

  • Esmil Rogers was cut from the team after last night’s game which means he can choose to go to Triple A or asked to be released so he can explore free agency. It’s about time. The Yankees will name his replacement before tonight’s game.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury (remember him?) is alive and may be returning to the team before the All-Star break.

Mason Williams got his first major league home run which cut the deficit to 5-3 and it was probably the only good thing about last night’s game.

I had turned off the game before Chase Headley’s unfortunate incident happened in the third inning. In case you missed it, he was hit in a place that, well, I’m not familiar with having, but plenty of you are!…

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