Heyman: Yankees Looking Closely At Stephen Drew

The Yankees said they were in on Stephen Drew, then they were out, and now Jon Heyman says they’re back in. If you believe that the team was at any point trying to get below $189 million, the reasoning for being back on the Drew bandwagon again is because they no longer have to worry about staying below the luxury tax threshold.

If the Yankees front office believes that Drew can handle an everyday utility infielder type job, Drew is the perfect signing for the club. Drew has only played shortstop over his professional career, but there is some consensus that he could handle third base. Drew’s ability to cover both infield spots on the left side fits in perfectly with Alex Rodriguez absent and Derek Jeter in injury-limbo. He’s a left-handed bat that could re-blossom in Yankee Stadium, perhaps returning to his 20+ home run glory from 2008.

Last season, Drew played in Fenway where he hit .253/.333/.443 while playing an excellent shortstop.…

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Monday Night Open Thread 1/13/14

I don’t even have to suggest anything to you, do I?

You can talk about A-Rod or A-Rod, or even A-Rod. Maybe you could talk about A-Rod and A-Rod. Oh and there’s A-Rod along with A-Rod and don’t forget about A-Rod.

In all seriousness, you can discuss whatever you want as long as you are respectful to your fellow readers.

Here are some links and info from around the baseball world in case you missed them:

  • Graham Womack penned a story over at Sports on Earth about the fight to save a baseball treasure before it’s too late. It tells the tale of Bill Weiss who collected historical material over 70 years.
  • Apparently a Yankee fan decided to be a dink to Matt Harvey on Twitter and instead of ignoring it, Harvey engaged with the dude and this is the result.
  • The Brian Roberts deal was finalized and manager Joe Girardi said he was hoping Roberts would play the whole season at second base.

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Happy New Year!

Manhattan NY

2013 is almost over, and with that, a season of Yankee baseball that should probably be forgotten. We have another year ahead of us to look forward to, one without Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, or Robinson Cano. Instead, we’ll have Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Brian McCann to join the future core of the team. Yankee baseball will be quite different in 2014, but hopefully they’ll return to their winning ways.

We’d like to thank all of you for making 2013 a great year for the community here at IIATMS/TYA. Have a safe and happy New Years!

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Merry Christmas!


For everyone that celebrates, the staff here at IIATMS and TYA wish you all a very merry Christmas. It’s been a big year for us, with the merger and all, and we’ve pleasantly expanded our community and family. We’re so thankful for all our commenters, and we like to think that the discussions we start here enhance everyone’s love of baseball. So from the IIATMS/TYA family to yours, enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas.

If you came here looking for baseball, I wouldn’t count on much this week, though we’ll be back with some posts for you as soon as we finish our roast beast and who hash. For everyone that doesn’t celebrate, go see a movie! The theater is loaded with great films for awards season.

Anyway, whatever you celebrate, enjoy your holiday!

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Jose Abreu Finalizing 6 Year $68M Deal With White Sox

I’ve thrown around the idea of the Yankee acquiring Jose Abreu this offseason. The right-handed slugger has spent his career in Cuba, so you know there’s some risk in trusting his numbers, but he could end up being the best bat of the offseason. Scouts love his swing, and some have even said he could be the best hitter in the world. I won’t go that far, but there’s definitely huge upside there.

Anyway, I thought the Yankees might have some interest, despite Abreu having just one true position, first base. Even with his defensive inefficiencies, the team desperately needs young players, power, and some thrifty signings. For the potential, Abreu could be a huge bargain, he won’t cost a draft pick, and I’ve already gone over his upside.

News broke today about some of the negotiation. Supposedly, the suitors have been narrowed down to the White Sox, the Red Sox, and the Astros. It looks like the Red Sox have the third lowest bid, followed by the Astros, and finally the White Sox are the highest at $70 million.…

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Thursday Night Open Thread: Another night, another Game 5

Good evening!

It’s Thursday October 10 and the Oakland Tigers and Detroit Tigers are once again paying in a Division Series to see who will get the chance to play in the League Championship Series. This time, whoever wins will be facing the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. Lucky them!

So who do you think will win? Who do you think should win? And which team has the best chance against Boston in a seven-game series?

I don’t think it matters. As much as it pains me to say this, it is Boston’s year. I think they’ll be winning the World Series. Ugh, life was so much better when Boston was the perennial hard luck loser – or at least it seemed that way. Can we go back to that time?

elduqueSpeaking of going back in time, 15 years ago tonight, ‘El Duque’ Orlando Hernandez won Game Four of the American League Championship Series against the Cleveland Indians. Remember?…

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Wednesday Night Open Thread: 10/9/13

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

There is a Game Five tonight in St. Louis which means after it ends, the world will know the National League Championship Series matchup. The Dodgers are waiting to find out who their opponents are while the Pirates and Cardinals are vying for the positions.

The Pirates are looking to get into the NLCS for the first time since 1992, when I was a freshman in college and the Cardinals are looking to get in for the third year in a row. Gee, guys, give someone else a chance, would ya?

It should be an exciting night of baseball.

Enjoy the thread if you choose to actually use it.


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Thursday night open thread: 10/3/13


There are two baseball games on TV tonight.

In the first game, former Yankees abound in the matchup between the Pirates and Cardinals and in the second game, one of the most beloved former Yankees will be trying to lead the Dodgers to victory over the Braves.

And I know that because the Yankees are out of it, most of you feel like baseball season is over but if you want a place to hang out tonight, feel free to do it here.

Have fun!


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