Wednesday Night Open Thread: 6/24/15

Here is your open thread for the evening.

Feel to discuss how awesome Ivan Nova was today or how awesome Brett Gardner has been this past week. Or, you can even feel free to discuss the fact that the song I’m about to post is nearly 21 years old and how it makes feel like an old fart now.

Enjoy your evening!

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Weekend open thread

Welcome to your open thread which will be up until the game thread is posted at 6:30 which leads me to this…

I know, I already complained about it in the morning news and notes post but I’m going to do it again. What’s with the 7:15 p.m. starts on Saturdays? I don’t like them. Weekend baseball should be played earlier in the day.

Oh, and the Yankees made a move:

Feel free to discuss this move, last night’s game, the beautiful weather, etc.

Have a nice afternoon!

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Thursday night open thread: 6/11/15

Happy Thursday night.

This is the last off day for the Yankees for the next three weeks. They are about to enter a stretch of 20 straight games and with the injury to Andrew Miller, those 20 games will be interesting to say the least.

In case you missed it, today was a big day for content on IIATMS.

EJ started things off with a post wondering if the Yankees are the best team in the American League. If they start to slump, you can blame him.

Then Brad kicked into high gear with a recap of Days 2 and 3 of the MLB Draft, he posted about the David Carpenter trade and he wrote about Joe Girardi’s bullpen usage.

Next, EJ wrote about Mason Williams’ promotion and how he should be platooned with Chris Young while he’s up here.

Then Susan wrote about the challenges Girardi will be facing without Miller in the bullpen.

And finally Scott wrote about short players and how many of them make it big in the Majors.…

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2015 MLB Draft Night 1 Live Blog/Open Thread

Draft Logo 2015

Welcome to the first night of the 2015 MLB Draft, sports fans!  As mentioned earlier this morning, the Yankees have 3 picks in tonight’s first 2 rounds: the 16th, 30th, and 57th overall.  Neglected to mention it this morning, but that 16th pick is the highest the Yanks have picked in the 1st round since 1993, so it’s fair to say this night is a little bit bigger deal than usual.

If you’re trying to get some last-minute draft prep in, here are the latest mocks from Keith Law, John Sickels, Jim Callis & Jonathan Mayo, and Kiley McDaniel.  I think any of the guys mentioned in any of these mock drafts would be fine picks.

We’re going to let this serve as the update-able live blog to cover the Yankees’ picks and any other news that may come up during the draft as well as the open thread for the night.  If we’re lucky, some of our more draft-knowledgeable IIATMS staff members will join the discussion and offer some insight.  …

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Weekend open thread: 6/6/15

Welcome to your open thread.

Tonight’s game isn’t until 7:15ish (Thanks Fox!) and it’s the weekend and people have things to do so use this thread to discuss whatever you’d like to discuss as long as you aren’t cursing, yelling at others or yelling in general. All caps comments are a big no-no around here. They will be deleted because no one wants to read them.


By the way, this happened nine years ago tonight:

Enjoy your day!

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Off day open thread: 6/4/15


Welcome to tonight’s open thread.

20 years ago this afternoon, the Yankees beat the California Angels, 11-3.

The Yankees scored eight runs in the first against Mark Langston. The winning pitcher was Melido Perez and the hitting star was Paul O’Neill who was 3-4 and hit a single, double and a home run. Rookie (!!) Derek Jeter was 2-4 with three RBI. Both O’Neill and Jeter hit run-scoring doubles in that big first inning. Robert Eenhoorn also had a double in the first and Randy Velarde, Mike Stanley, Jim Leyritz and O’Neill all had singles.

Yes, Paul O’Neill hit a double and a single in one inning.

Poor Langston lasted only a third of an inning and gave up eight runs on six hits with two walks. Woof.

The Yankees scored all of their runs in the first three innings and the only starter without a hit was first baseman Dave Silvestri. The win improved their record to 14-19 and they were 8 1/2 games back in the Division.…

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Evening Open Thread: 6/2/15


Good evening!

As we wait for yet another west coast night game to begin, I figured an open thread was in order.

I went to Baseball Reference’s website to look at this date in Yankee history and, if you know me well, you know I was only looking at years that ended in a “0” or a “5.” Well, guess what? I looked at four different years and the Yankees lost three out of the four games. The lone victory came on June 2, 2000.

The Yankees were playing the Braves in Turner Field, El Duque made the start (and got the win) and the hitting star of the night, was none other than Ricky Ledee.

He was 2 for 3 with a home run, a double and a walk. He scored once and had four RBI.

Good for him.

Anyway, you know the drill. Discuss whatever you’d like, be respectful and enjoy your evening. The game thread will be up at 9:30.…

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Quick hit: The Yankees on stage at Radio City

Earlier today, the Yankees Twitter account posted a video of Liza Minelli singing “New York, New York” with some members of the New York Yankees.

It’s from a show was called, “Night of 100 Stars” which aired on ABC on March 8, 1982. It was taped a few weeks prior and featured people from Minelli and Lionel Richie to Princess Grace (Kelly) and Howard Cosell.

I am pretty sure I watched this program as a kid because my mom was really into this sort of thing but I barely remember it.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty hilarious to watch guys like Bob Watson, Ron GuidryWillie Randolph and Jerry Mumphrey perform on stage with Liza Minelli.

You can treat this as an open thread until the Game Thread goes up at 9:30. Enjoy!

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Afternoon Open Thread: 5/30/15


My face while watching this series against Oakland

We have a long way to go until the game at 10:05 tonight so here’s an open thread for you. Oh, and, by the way, what the heck is with the game being on so late on a Saturday? Schedule it for 4 o’clock west coast time, dill holes. Freakin’ Fox screwing everything up.

Here are a few random thoughts about the season and this series up to this point:

  • It is highly amusing that Alex Rodriguez, who according to the experts, was going to be embarrassing himself nightly at the plate is one of the best players the Yankees have, and that Chase Headley and Didi Gregorius, who were going to be the greatest left side of the infield defensively since the dawn of time, are stinking up the joint. I guess you really can’t predict baseball, Suzyn.
  • What is up with Brett Lawrie and can one of the Yankee pitchers keep him in the park this weekend?
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