Weekend open thread: Wash out

Today was a wash out down in Tampa which means everything that was supposed to happen today will happen tomorrow. That includes Michael Pineda throwing live batting practice, among others. Manager Joe Girardi had planned an intrasquad game for tomorrow but that will be pushed back to Monday.

Other than that it was a quiet day because media is not allowed in the indoor batting cages which is where guys were because of the rain. Maybe that was a good thing? No more questions about Al from Miami.

Anyway, here is your open thread. Feel free to discuss whatever you like. Oh, and since Brad likes these so much, here’s another picture for you to caption.

(Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.)

(Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.)

I’ll start it off, “You put your left foot in and you shake it all about.”


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Friday afternoon and evening open thread: 2/20/15

Good afternoon. This will be your open thread for all things Yankees, if you so choose.

Earlier today, Joe Girardi addressed the media and answered a whole bunch of questions about the upcoming season. The final tally, courtesy of Jack Curry of the YES Network: 35 questions and seven of them were about Alex Rodriguez. Not bad. I was expecting much worse.

So what did Girardi say? Well, he said the word excited many times:

  • He’s excited to see how the season plays out.
  • He’s excited about the new guys.
  • He’s excited that the team has a bunch of younger guys.
  • He’s excited to see if Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran will be healthy and have bounce back seasons.
  • He hopes to see a bounce back season from Brian McCann as well.
  • He also hopes that the offense won’t be so dependent on Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner.
  • He said the middle of the lineup is important.
  • He’s excited to see what the rotation does.
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Presidents’ Day Open Thread

Happy Presidents’ Day!

In case you hadn’t heard the news, Josh Pettitte, son of Andy, announced on Twitter that the Yankees will be honoring his dad on August 23rd. Pettitte’s number will be retired and he will receive a plaque in Monument Park. We’ve heard rumblings that Jorge Posada and Bernie Williams will be next so pretty soon, the Yankees will only have players with numbers higher than 50. Maybe they’ll start using fractions and/or decimals.

Not everyone had the same reaction to the Pettitte news. Ex-Yankee Chuck Knoblauch tweeted this gem after the news about Pettitte’s number retirement began to spread:


As you may recall, Knoblauch was named in the Mitchell Report and seems to be lashing out about how Pettitte’s admission of HGH usage has been swept under the rug while Knoblauch, who also admitted to using, is viewed as a pariah.…

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Thursday Night Open Thread: 1/29/15

Another slow day in Yankeeland as we click them off on our way to pitchers and catchers reporting.  The prospect thing is still going strong though, and today’s big news was Keith Law’s top 100 MLB prospects list on ESPN.  I still haven’t decided whether I think Greg Bird being ranked 80th or Luis Severino not at all is the bigger mistake, but they’re both pretty bad.

Feel free to continue to discuss Severino, Bird, the top 100, the Yankee farm system in general, how very, very good the starts to the new seasons of “Archer” and “Justified” have been. or anything else that tickles your collective fancies here.  And for members of the Greg Bird Fan Club, official or unofficial, you’ll be happy to know that I made some major progress on my quest to get his name updated on his Baseball-Reference page.  B-R actually tweeted back at me today and I politely explained the problem to them.  So far no dice on the update, but if you’d like to help that cause, feel free to join the fight and let them know how critical it is that the name be updated.…

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Monday Night Open Thread: A-Rod Gossip And Snow

Sorry for the slow day on the site today, gang.  For some reason I could never get my brain to start getting into blog mode, and every time I got close something came up at work.  Blogging equivalent of an 0-5 day at the plate with 2 inning-ending GIDPs and 6 runners left on base.

Not that anybody was short on reading material today.  A lot of local papers were running with more anti-A-Rod stories instead of actually reporting on something that matters.  I’m not going to give any site the pageviews they so desperately want.  If you want to go find the stories on your own, more power to you.  The long and short of it is that A-Rod met with Rob Manfred to try to put last year in the rearview and focus on moving forward.  He reached out to do the same thing with the Yankees and got turned down, and now the team is supposedly gearing up to try to fight having to pay him the HR bonus money that they included as part of his contract that he signed.  …

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Wednesday Night Open Thread: Where Would You Rank ManBan?

I hope everybody has had a chance to fully read and digest Part I of the IIATMS Top 30.  If not, please stop reading this and go back to that.  Shame on you.

For those who have, tonight’s open thread topic is simple, where would Manny Banuelos have been ranked in your top 30, 20, 10, whatever, if he wasn’t traded to Atlanta?  There was a bit of a back-and-forth in the comment section of another blog today, and engaging in the back-and-forth actually got me thinking about where I had ManBan a few weeks ago before he was traded away.  I know the Yankees were down on him and the talk was starting to turn towards his shift to the bullpen eventually, but I still had some hope for him as a starter as he got further away from TJS and I still had him ranked 9th in my personal top 30.

So what about everybody else?  Was ManBan still a top 10 prospect in your eyes?  …

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Tuesday Night Open Thread: Yoan Moncada Works Out For The Yankees

That was the biggest prospect news and Yankee news in general of the day today.  Yoan Moncada had reportedly started holding his private workouts very recently and this tweet by Ben Badler makes it sound like the Yankees didn’t waste any time getting in on that action.  I haven’t seen any follow-up reports on how many Yankee reps were in attendance or who they were, but this keeps the “aggressive on Moncada” storyline going.

Here’s your open thread for tonight.  Feel free to discuss the Yankees’ international signings and who you’re most excited to see, the group of players who were left out in the cold of this year’s IIATMS Top 30, the final season premiere of “Justified” that’s on tonight, or anything else your hearts desire.

P.S.- Follow

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Monday Night Open Thread: Your First Prospect Crush

Day 1 of Prospect Week 2015 is in the books, and I know my opinion is heavily influenced by my position here but I think it was damn good.  EJ highlighted Miguel Andujar as a breakout candidate for 2015, I caught up with the group of former prospects who won’t be appearing on this year’s top 30, and commented on the potential opportunity awaiting Ramon Flores and Tyler Austin this season.

If you’d like to discuss those articles, other prospect-y topics, or anything else tonight, here’s your open thread for that.  If you’re looking for a topic of conversation, here it is: Who was your first big prospect crush?  Mine was Phil Hughes.  A bit of a cliche pick, sure, but I used to be smitten with him when he was coming up.  Big body, good fastball, great curveball, lotta strikeouts, not a lot of walks.  He was the #1 pitching prospect in the game before he broke in full time and if things would have gone according to plan, he’d be the #1 or #2 guy in the Yankee rotation right now.  …

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Winter Meetings Day 1 Recap: 12/8/14


It wasn’t a huge day by any means, but the first day of the 2014 Winter Meetings was anything but slow or unproductive.  If you haven’t caught up yet, here’s all you need to know from Day 1:

– The biggest news of the day was the Indians and A’s completing the Brandon Moss trade.  Moss goes to Cleveland for 2B prospect Joe Wendle.  The tear down has set in for Oakland.  I’d really like it if the Yankees would call Billy Beane up about his starting pitchers.

– The biggest FA signing of the day was Jason Hammel going back to the NL and back to the Cubs on a 2-year/$18 million deal.  He was a fringe candidate to be pursued by the Yankees, probably something around a Plan C or D.

Jon Lester did not sign, but like Andrew Miller last week he did get the deadline put on him.  Multiple reports have Lester making a decision by the end of the day tomorrow, and the Giants, Cubs, and Red Sox are the leaders in the race to land him.…

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