Coming Soon: The IIATMS Podcast Strikes Back

That’s right, folks. Stacey, EJ, and I will be back in your ears and in your hearts in the not-so-distant future. We are hoping to record this coming Monday – and we need your help.

With so much time having passed since the last time we recorded, there is a significant amount of ground that needs to be covered. We’ve had streaks of the winning and losing variety, injuries aplenty, and a slew of surprising performances (good and bad), and we want to tackle as much of it as possible. Instead of jumping right in, however, we’re asking our loyal readers and listeners to chip in with questions, all of which we shall do our best to answer. That way, we can distill our thoughts into a semi-coherent, quasi-linear fashion.

If you would like to contribute (and become very famous), you can submit your questions in three ways:
1. Right here, in this very post, in the comments section;
2. Via e-mail, at; and/or

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IIATMS Episode 31: World Series, Yankee Coaching and Front Office, 2015 Infield

Guess who’s back? (After some technical difficulties)

That’s right, Domenic, EJ, and yours truly actually recorded a podcast last night! We discussed the improbable World Series matchup and revealed who we were rooting for to win said matchup. (And we’ll never be… you know the rest) We also talked about the changes that have happened this past week or so within the Yankees organization, whether those changes were warranted or not and EJ and Domenic talked about what the Yankees infield could look like in 2015 and beyond while I listened intently.

Here’s a direct download link to the entire podcast.

And here is a diagram we mention during the World Series discussion. Don’t click on it until we get to it in the podcast. We want your mind to be blown like ours were while we were recording. Think of it as listener participation.

As usual, you can tweet all three of us (@domeniclanza, @ejfagan, @stacegots) with questions and/or suggestions or leave them in the comments below.…

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IIATMS Podcast Episode 30: Past, Present, and Future

Domenic, Stacey, and the resurrected E.J. deliberate the fate of Brian Cashman, prognosticate the rest of the season and the upcoming off-season, begin to scratch the surface of the farm system, and reminisce (at least a little bit) about Derek Jeter.

And, as promised, here is the glorious sequence of errors from the Dodgers-Padres game earlier this week. I suggest that you open this musical number in a background tab and let the entire experience enfold you.

Keep the question coming! Tweet us @DomenicLanza, @StaceGots, and @ejfagan.

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Coming Soon: The All Questions Answered Podcast

Hosting this blog’s podcast is far and away my favorite part of writing for It’s About the Money, as it gives me an opportunity not only to riff freely on anything and everything in the world of baseball with some of the most knowledgeable Yankees fans around, but a chance to interact with our equally intelligent listeners and readers. As the podcast has become more and more engrained with the blog, we have garnered more and more questions and thoughts from our audience, and those comments have become essential to our agenda. And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And now, it’s time for an episode of the podcast that is all about you.

We will be podcasting on Thursday, July 31, after the smoke has cleared from the trade deadline – and we want to hear from you. The goal is to have an episode almost entirely dedicated to answering listener questions, sprinkled with whatever noteworthy news develops in the interim.…

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Coming Soon: Episode 21 of the IIATMS Podcast

Due to some unforeseen circumstances – mostly involving the perils of that fickle mistress known as the real world – the next episode of the podcast is being delayed for a couple of days. In the meantime, we are looking for some input from our loyal readers and listeners. Is there anything you’re dying to hear us talk out of our backsides about? Has anyone put something out there that you’d like us to tear apart as viciously as possible? Have we missed any ludicrously obvious topics that we should be flogged for ignoring? Let us know, and there’s an excellent chance that we’ll consider the possibility of talking about it at some point in the not too distant future … probably.

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