Breaking News: CC Sabathia to miss the playoffs, checking into rehab for alcohol abuse

So this is the sort of news no one expected this afternoon.

CC Sabathia released a statement saying that he will be entering alcohol rehab and will be missing the playoffs:


Our best wishes go out to CC and his family during this time.

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Quick Hit: Rodriguez is a Finalist for Comeback Player of the Year

As per Mark Feinsand:

Alex Rodriguez’s comeback season has been a major storyline around the Yankees all season. The rest of baseball took notice, apparently.

A-Rod is one of three finalists for the American League Comeback Player of the Year in this year’s Players Choice Awards, the MLB Players Association announced Thursday.

Prince Fielder of the Rangers and Kendrys Morales of the Royals are the other two finalists.

It is certainly exciting to see Rodriguez up for any award, let alone one that is determined in part by his peers. Heading into tonight’s game, he’s hitting .252/.356/.492 with 33 HR and 86 RBI, good for a 130 wRC+ – and this on the heels of missing all of 2014, and the majority of 2013.

Had Mark Teixeira‘s season not ended prematurely, one has to wonder if he would have been up for the award, as well.

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Quick Hit: The Reigniting Of Rob Refsnyder’s Existence

By all accounts, it sounds like Stephen Drew is done for the season with post-concussion symptoms.  I honestly can’t remember a play in the first half of September that would have given him a concussion, but that’s really here nor there.  His recent absence, combined with Brendan Ryan‘s general terribleness, has opened up some opportunities at second base in this final month as the Yankees try to lock up a playoff spot.

The greater opportunity has been seized by Dustin Ackley, who’s been swinging a hot bat since coming off the DL and has essentially taken over the “starting” second base job with Drew on the shelf.  The smaller opportunity has gone to Rob Refsnyder, the once future greatest second base prospect in the history of baseball and the recently forgotten man in the second base organizational depth chart.  It’s been a long, strange trip up and down the prospect hype curve for Refsnyder this year, but he’s getting a chance to contribute in important late-season games and he’s showing a few things that might bring a little luster back to his name and perceived future potential.…

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Quick Hit: Severino’s Changing Approach?

In the recap this morning, I hinted at a potential change in Luis Severino’s approach over his last few starts.  He’s been much lower on strikeouts and higher on GB contact, and he made a comment about being more of a pitcher than a thrower before his last outing against Toronto in reference to that one bad outing earlier in the month.  It all adds up to a guy who’s starting to realize the differences between what does and doesn’t work when you go from Triple-A to the Majors and adjusting his approach accordingly.

A quick look at the differences in pitch usage provide some supporting evidence to this theory.  Here’s the breakdown of pitches over Severino’s first 8 Major League starts, courtesy of Texas Leaguers (Brooks hasn’t added their pitch data from yesterday’s start):

Severino Pitch Breakdown 8-9-15

TL reads more cutters and 2-seamers than Brooks, but it’s a real heavy dose of fastball-slider with a small side salad of changeups.  Compare that to his pitch usage in his last 2 starts:

Severino Pitch Breakdown Last 2 Starts 15

That’s a little more balanced.  …

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Quick hit: #GREGBIRD!

Just in case you missed it, #GREGBIRD hit a huge home run in the 10th inning to help the Yankees secure the win against the Jays:

Brad will have the full recap in the A.M. but I wanted to post this video because boy oh boy, did the Yankees need this after that ninth inning.

Have a good night!

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Quick Hit: Yankees Testing Jorge Mateo at Second Base

This article from George King of the New York Post about the Yankees possibly giving top prospect Jorge Mateo second base reps during the Instructional League is pretty intriguing,

This makes all the sense in the world with Didi Gregorius looking more and more like the shortstop of the future. That’s probably a big...

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Quick hit: Nova is out of the rotation and Citi Field match ups are announced

Ivan Nova has been removed from the Yankees’ starting rotation.

He gave up six runs over 1 2/3 innings in his start on Saturday against the Blue Jays. That raised his season ERA to 5.11.

And the Yankees also announced this weekend’s rotation against the Mets at Citi Field and the match ups are as follows: Tanaka vs. Matz on Friday, Pineda vs. Syndergaard on Saturday and Sabathia vs. Harvey on Sunday. Nova will be available out of the bullpen.

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Quick Hit: Now It’s Tanaka Time

The Yankees face the Rays in a very important rubber match tonight.  The Yankees will be sending 21-year-old Luis Severino to the mound to start the game, fresh off his first real bad MLB outing against the Blue Jays over the weekend and with a potential quasi-calf issue.  The Rays will be sending their ace and noted Yankee dominator Chris Archer to the mound.  Advantage Rays.

While the Yanks won’t have that ace advantage tonight, they will have it when Masahiro Tanaka toes the rubber next, most likely on Friday against the Mets.  This would line him up to make a start against the Blue Jays in next week’s crucial final series, and it would require him to make both starts on regular rest.  That’s something the Yankees have gone out of their way to avoid as much as possible this season, but as Mike Axisa clearly and correctly explained this morning at RAB, the time for that arm protection is over.  …

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Quick Hit: Jacoby Ellsbury Stinks

Were it not for Slade Heathcott‘s incredible timing, the big talking point from last night’s 9th inning would have been Jacoby Ellsbury and his potentially back-breaking GIDP.  On the first pitch from Brad Boxberger after Dustin Ackley singled to start the inning, Ellsbury rolled a grounder over to the first baseman to start a double play and clear the bases.  After a night of precious few offensive chances, Ellsbury took what looked like the last good one the Yankees would get and flushed it.

If you haven’t been playing close enough attention, Ellsbury has been doing a lot of that lately.  He’s slumping about as badly as anybody on the team has at any point this season, and it climaxed with that GIDP in the 9th.  Ellsbury wakes up this morning with a .254/.315/.354 batting line that is, quite simply, pathetic.  That .660 OPS is almost 30 points below Didi Gregorius‘ season line and a mere 3 ahead of everyone’s favorite Twitter punching bag Stephen Drew.  …

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