Comparing the 2014 Betances to the 1996 Rivera

We at IIATMS have written a lot about Dellin Betances thus far. And why not? Doing so is certainly more palatable than talking about the too many starts Vidal Nuno is getting and an offense that makes Hector Noesi look good. We’ve talked about Betances’ maturation, we’ve gushed at his strike zone charts, we’ve wondered if he was overworked and we have wondered what makes him so good. Me? I was thinking about a comparable for what Betances is doing this season. I instantly thought about Mariano Rivera and 1996.

Rivera, like Betances was deemed to be a better option in the bullpen than as a starter. And it was a Hall of Fame-making decision for Rivera. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Betances is heading for the Hall of Fame based on eighteen appearances, but he sure is bursting on the scene much as Rivera did in 1996.

One difference between the two seasons is that Joe Torre quickly saw what Rivera was doing in the early part of 1996 and quickly moved him into high leverage situations.…

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Brett Gardner and weird plate discipline numbers

Matt Wieters, Brett Gardner

Joe Girardi made a lot of people happy yesterday by placing Brett Gardner at the top of the lineup. Unfortunately, he struck out in three of his four plate appearances. His lone contact of the game was a first...

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Yankee bats are cold…literally

My overwhelming impression of the Yankees’ season thus far has been players with red noses blowing on their hands…or putting pine tar on their persons to get a grip. Ahem. This is not to say that the Yankees are the only team dealing with the elements. The entire country east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon Line has been well below normal in temperatures. I wanted to see if I could see any correlation with the cold weather and the way the Yankees have hit so far this season. I believe I have discovered anecdotal evidence of the weather hurting the Yankees at the plate.

In my thinking, ideal baseball weather is higher than seventy degrees. The Yankees have played one non-dome game where the temperature was over seventy at game time. They have had three home games where the start-time temperature was over 60, the highest being 66 degrees. All the other games over seventy degrees have been in domes or parks that can be at least partially covered.…

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Yankees Month In Review: April

After starting the season losing two of three to the Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park, some Yankee fans were already questioning the team’s ability to do anything but they recovered well by winning five of their eight series in April. A big key to their successful April was winning five of their first seven games against the Red Sox, splitting a four-game series in Tampa, which has been a house of horrors for them lately and winning two of three from the Angels this past weekend.

So now, the Yankees find themselves atop the American League East standings with a 15-11 record on May 11. Their pythagorean W-L is record 12-14 which means they’re performing better than they should be and so far, they have scored 110 runs while allowing 121 runs. Not helping their run differential were their three blowout losses in April:

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Over/Under: 2014 Statistical Predictions

I’ve got a pretty bad cold going right now, so I wanted to keep this as simple as possible.  There are a lot of high expectations for new players this year and just as many uncertain expectations for some of the holdovers.  I want to set an over/under line for some of the more important players on the roster to gauge what kind of seasons people are expecting from them.  Let’s get into it.

CC Sabathia- Over/Under 4.00 ERA

The big fella came in at 4.78 last year, a full run over his career ERA coming into the season.  It wasn’t only the first time he’d posted an ERA over 4.00 since 2005, it was the first time he’d posted an ERA over 3.50 since 2005.  The hope was that another season removed from elbow surgery would get CC back on the right track, but so far his early ST results have left some to start wringing their hands over his velocity.  …

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The case for youth at second base

Back on February 6, Brad imagined a world where Brian Roberts suddenly stayed healthy and regained some of his old form and beat all current projections. The very entertaining and well written article surmised that such a scenario could net the New York Yankees a 2.3 WAR season from Roberts. Toward the end of the piece, the author talked himself out of such a thing happening. If such a season for Roberts is as long shot as it is, why not invite both Jose Pirela and Dean Anna to Spring Training and let them fight for the position?

Brian Cashman himself hinted at such a thing happening and stated that second base is open to a “cast of characters.” Let’s make a case for the younger guys. According to MLB Depth Charts, Pirela has a Spring Training invite but Anna does not. Anna should be there in camp to see what he can do.

As Brad pointed out in his piece, most projection systems (if not all) give Roberts no shot at being anything more than a 0.2 to 0.9 WAR player.…

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Nova better beat his projections

I was thinking about starting a series called, “Things that have to go well.” The idea was to talk about certain Yankees players and how they have to stay healthy and play well if the Yankees are to compete in 2014. But you can probably see the obvious problem with such an idea. EVERYTHING has...

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How bad was Sabathia in 2013?

There are times when I wish our readers could see the great conversations the writers here have in our e-mail threads. Every day there are fascinating conversations. Recently, the topic of CC Sabathia has come up and the chances he has to bounce back to be some semblance of his old self as...

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The Yankees’ offensive offense

The 2013 New York Yankees season is winding down and the glimmer of hope for a wild card spot is much like that sad flower in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. And after losing two of three to a Toronto Blue Jays team, even saying that sounds overly optimistic. The series in Toronto typified this season’s version of the Yankees. This team simply cannot hit.

The Yankees make guys like Todd Redmond and J.A. Happ look like All Stars. It is easy to blame the poor offensive season on injuries. But you also have to question approach. When a third or more of your lineup engenders an infield shift every game, that might tell you something. The injuries might save batting coach Kevin Long’s job. But he does not get off the hook so easily here.

Consider how bad this offense really is. Only two positions on the field, second base and center field, have an OPS over .700. The catching position only makes J.P.

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