ALDS Preview: Oakland v. Detroit


There’s a perception out there that the Tigers have an overwhelming offensive advantage in this series. While Detroit will pump out some serious power in the form of Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and Alex Avila it’s hardly an offensive mismatch. Consider the following chart from

Position A 2013 TAv Tiger 2013 TAv Winner
Catcher Vogt .250 Avila .246 A’s
First Barton .297 Fielder .290 A’s
Second Sogard .264 Infante .277 Tigers
Short Lowrie .289 Iglesias .260 A’s
Third Donaldson .321 Cabrera .365 Tigers
Left Cespedes .275 Peralta .286 Tigers
Center Crisp .291 Jackson .271 A’s
Right Reddick .259 Hunter .285 Tigers
DH Moss .325 Martinez .274 A’s

I mean, I’m not making the case that the A’s are offensively superior to the Tigers. From a talent perspective a few things can counter what the 2013 season numbers tell us. A healthy Miggy counts for a lot. Victor Martinez rounding back into form counts for a lot. Prince’s performance can swing the series.…

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2011 ALDS Postmortem

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Following last year’s loss to the Rangers in the ALCS, I did a wrap-up that looked at the contributions of the individual players of both teams. After fully digesting the Yankees’ unbearably awful offensive (and pitching)...

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How the Yankees have fared in playoff series that have gone the distance since 1995

(photo c/o NY Daily News)

The Yankees’ lopsided 10-1 victory in Detroit on Tuesday night ensured that the Bombers would have the opportunity to return home to the Bronx to finish the Tigers off in a...

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A Deeper Look at Duensing

In 2009, Brian Duensing had a respectable debut. He pitched in 24 games, starting nine of them. All told in ’09, he threw 84 regular season innings to a 3.64 ERA, 4.13 FIP, and 4.77 xFIP. The xFIP is a bit high because Duensing didn’t strike many guys out (5.68 per nine), but he did...

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Andy via PFX

Yesterday, I went to work at 4 PM. By the time I got out, the Yankees had already defeated the Minnesota Twins 5-2 to take a two games to none lead in the American League Division Series. (Sidebar: anyone need SAT tutoring?)

What I wanted to see most was Andy Pettitte. He had one good start...

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Yankees fight back yet again, beat Twins 5-2 to take 2-0 ALDS lead

The Minnesota Twins really might want to think about letting the Yankees score first one of these postseason games. The Yankees beat the Twins 5-2 in Minnesota to take a commanding...

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Sticking With The Starter

Of all the moves that a manager makes throughout a game, the one that I think can be attributed most to ‘feel’ rather than pure statistical data is the decision on when to pull the starter. Often, the pitcher’s stuff will give clues that he is losing effectiveness, and it is up to the manager...

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Looking for More Game Two Magic

The 2009 post-season run by the Yankees was obviously fantastic. They swept the Twins ALDS, beat the Angels 4-2 in the ALCS, and then beat the Phillies 4-2 in the World Series. Somehow, it didn’t hit me until last night while watching Game One of the ALDS versus the Twins (moving to the bottom of...

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