National League wins All-Star Game for first time in 14 years

In a contest with a final score that seemed rather appropriate for the so-called “year of the pitcher,” the National League finally beat the American League in the All-Star Game for the...

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Discussion: Yankee All-Stars

We have had a lot of discussion here at TYU over the last few days regarding the All Star game and whether certain Yankees players should be chosen to attend this year’s contest. I wanted to create a thread where everyone could log their choices for Yankee All-Stars. Simply put, imagine fans did not vote...

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Eliminating All-Star Games

I’ve felt this way for sometime, but let me now state for whatever posterity exists online that the All-Star Game in every American sport needs to be eliminated. These exhibition games are a waste of time.

The NBA All-Star...

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Teixeira beats Youkilis for starting spot

Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel video

Mark Teixeira—not Kevin Youkilis—will be the starting first baseman for the American League in the 2009 All-Star Game. Teixeira narrowly defeated Youkilis in this year’s voting as the deadline approached and will represent the Yankees along with teammates Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. Awesome news...

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Vote for Mark Teixeira

Three Way dvd

Cookie’s Fortune film

Caleb’s Door move Alright everyone, you know the drill. Mark Teixeira is vying for his second All-Star Game start at 1B and Kevin Youkilis is muscling in on his goal, as he surpassed Tex this week in the voting. If...

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