Discussion: Rooting For The Uniform?

Yesterday’s Bobby Jenks – Oney Guillen brouhaha spurred some discussion about Jenks’ character, and brought a 2005 ESPN article about Jenks and his upbringing to my attention. The article suggests that Jenks is lacking in terms of intelligence, and that he is a “backwoods” guy with a drinking problem. The following anecdote caught...

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Bullpen Notes: Boston Adds Jenks, Yankees Eye Soriano

The Red Sox made an excellent move today, signing Bobby Jenks to a 2 year, 12 million dollar deal. While some have suggested this means Jonathan Papelbon is on the trading block, I do not see how they would get nearly enough value for him in a trade for it to make sense. He is...

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Trade Target: Bobby Jenks

Time for a bit of speculative fun.

From Phil Rogers (Chicago Tribune):

Teams looking to add pitching in midseason trades could be disappointed. There’s not a lot on the market, which could play to the White Sox’s advantage if they decide to deal Jose Contreras. They have a decision to make on Bobby Jenks...

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