If the A's were really smart, they'd start Chad Gaudin tonight

It occurred to me that the last time the Yankees were in Oakland they kicked their series off against old friend Brett Tomko, who was none too happy about being DFA’d by the team a month earlier. I remember cackling with glee at the thought of the Yankees getting to tee off on Tomko the starter, who had been horrendously ineffective as a Yankee reliever. And of course, Tomko rewarded my enthusiasm by throwing five scoreless innings en route to a 3-0 Oakland shutout. So far Oakland has only used Gaudin out of the bullpen, and I haven’t read any Continue reading If the A's were really smart, they'd start Chad Gaudin tonight

"Carrying" a limp bat

I’m not looking for an all-star at every position, but I believe that, as a fan of the team with more resources than anyone else in baseball, it is fair to critique the areas that could use improvement. I know Melky’s our #9 hitter, etc., but that’s a dangerous line of thinking — just because he’s our number nine hitter we can afford to carry his bat? Maybe in the National League, but given how competitive and cutthroat the AL is, teams should always be looking to get as much offense out of every slot in the lineup as possible. Continue reading "Carrying" a limp bat

Always trust your instincts

After the Yankees went feebly down in order in the top of the 6th, the outcome of the game seemed predetermined, and nothing aggravates me more than staying up until 1am only to see the team lose on the west coast, so I decided to cut my losses and hit the sack. After waking a few hours later to go the bathroom, a quick check of the final score on my Blackberry proved that I made the right decision. I know the team has a 7-game lead in the division and all, but really, they can’t score any runs off Continue reading Always trust your instincts

Thoughts of a 10.5-game lead are causing pain in my salivary glands

I have to say I’m pretty disappointed the Yanks weren’t able to sweep this past weekend. I know we’ve been playing spectacularly well, and we were due for a letdown at some point, but the greedy Yankee fan in me wants them to win every single game, especially when playing a team as pathetic as the Mariners. Seattle looked dead to me all weekend; it’s pretty embarrassing that we gave 10 runs up to such a putrid offense. The Yanks need to take care of business against the sorry-ass A’s and fly into Boston on a tidy 3-game winning streak. Continue reading Thoughts of a 10.5-game lead are causing pain in my salivary glands

Tomko Upset At Yankees

From Pete Abraham: He went out firing, saying he would not return to the Yankees even if he cleared waivers and was offered a spot with Triple-A Scranton. The Producers move The Alamo dvd “I don’t think I got a fair shot,” he said. “I pitched great in spring training and didn’t make the team. I pitched great in the minors, got called up and didn’t get much of a chance. I understand other guys are pitching great. But it could have been different. I can’t see the point in coming back.” Brett Tomko has been around a long time, Continue reading Tomko Upset At Yankees

Tomko Gone For Mitre, Melancon Stays

The In-Laws film Little Fish hd The General’s Daughter movie download The Safety of Objects Young, Single & Angry movie download According to Peter Abraham, the Yankees have DFA’d Brett Tomko to get starter Sergio Mitre on the roster. This shows some confidence in Mark Melancon, which suggests that the Yankees feel that he will be able to give them some solid innings out of the back of the pen for the next few weeks, as well as some length in blowouts. Being that he was throwing multiple inning outings in the minors, this should not be an issue for Continue reading Tomko Gone For Mitre, Melancon Stays

Yankees Walk Off Again As Damon Homers In 10th

I’m too amped up to put my thoughts down in a rational manner right now, so I’m going to bullet point it again. A.J. was pretty awesome until the 7th, as he shut the Twins out for 6 innings and matched zeroes with Kevin Slowey. In the 7th, he allowed a two out RBI to Matt Tolbert that was made possible by a walk to Nick Punto. He then walked the next two hitters and threw in a wild pitch and a passed ball by Kevin Cash, and suddenly another run was in and the bases were juiced. Albaladejo came Continue reading Yankees Walk Off Again As Damon Homers In 10th