Triple-R: The Bullpen

Any discussion about the Yankee bullpen starts and ends with this man. Courtesy of UPI/John Angelillo.

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Since I did such a bang up job predicting the rotation that...

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A look at the bullpens of the prospective AL postseason teams

Former Yankeeist readers will recall that last September in the weeks leading up to the postseason we ran a handful of posts that functioned as something of a pre-preview of the playoffs. Rest assured that once we know who the...

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C'Torre, Destroyer of Arms

With Scott Proctor back on the Yankees’ roster, I’ve been looking back at the way the club used relievers at the end of the Joe Torre era. Torre had a reputation for burning through his best arms, leaning on any decent reliever he could find for as long as the player was reasonably effective and...

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Thinking About Noesi's Future

Hector Noesi has had a very solid first season in Pinstripes, working out of the bullpen to the tune of a 3.42 ERA and 3.60 FIP in 47.1 innings. He has actually been more impressive than those numbers reflect, as he had two terrible outings that skew his numbers drastically. In his...

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Yankee Bullpen Thriving Again

Jay Jaffe over at Pinstriped Bible recently took a look at the Yankees’ bullpen and liked what he saw:

Add it all up and the Yankee bullpen now has the AL’s lowest ERA at 3.08, its second-best strikeout rate at 8.1 per nine (the Red Sox are .0024 behind them in that department), and its...

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Yankees Need More Length From Rotation

Tommy Bennett over at BP checks in with a look at bullpen usage through the first 13 games:

Given the workload they have been asked to bear and the skill with which they’ve borne it, it may not be surprising to learn that Padres relievers have thrown a higher percentage of their team’s innings than...

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David Robertson, Fireman

David Robertson got the win yesterday against the Red Sox, pitching 1.2 innings after coming on with two on and one out in the 5th inning. The excellent Chad Jennings caught up with him after the game to discuss...

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Predicting The 2011 Opening Day Roster, Take 2

Joe Girardi is expected to finalize the Opening Day roster tomorrow, so I thought today would be a good time to predict what his roster will look like. Of course, most of the roster has already been announced, so this should be a fairly simple exercise. Here is my first try...

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Predicting The 2011 Opening Day Roster, Take 1

With Opening Day just two weeks away and players being cut on a daily basis, the makeup of the Opening Day roster is becoming exceedingly clearer. Let’s take our first stab at predicting the final 25 that the Yankees will take north with them:

Everyday Players

C Russell Martin
1B Mark...

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