On the lack of signings

This week, the Yankees did next to nothing at the winter meetings. They did win the rights to Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, but that’s nothing overly significant. While the Marlins and the Angels went absolutely nuts, the Yankees sat back contently and didn’t do anything.

Some wondered aloud if the Yankees were...

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An offer they could refuse

It’s a cliche to say that actions speak louder than words, but cliches have to come from somewhere. And, like it or not, they do have at least a kernel of truth to them. Yesterday, we saw one of those kernels get popped.

We’ve heard Brian Cashman say that C.J. Wilson is...

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On devils

Read and listen.

There have been and there will be a lot of things written about what strategies the Yankees should employ when signing free agents this offseason. To discuss this further, I’ll use a concept I’ve said a bunch of other times. There are two devils when it comes to contract negotiations:...

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What about Roy Oswalt?

When we’re discussing Yankee free agent starting pitcher targets, we’re prone to talking about three names: CC Sabathia, Yu Darvish, and C.J. Wilson. One that hasn’t come up much is Roy Oswalt.

There are two reasons for this: Roy Oswalt is old and...

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Which free agent starter should the Yankees pursue, Part II: Yu Darvish edition

(Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

For Part 1 of this two-parter in which we discuss C.J. Wilson, please click here.

Ah, Yu Darvish. I first wrote about Darvish at length last January at Yankeeist, in a...

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Which free agent starter should the Yankees pursue?

(photo c/o The AP)

Following the CC Sabathia contract drama, the second-most important issue facing the Yankees this offseason is whether they decide to pursue one of the big-ticket free agent starting pitchers, and if so, which one.

It’s no...

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Girardi’s season ending press conference

Yankee manager Joe Girardi met with the media yesterday for his season ending press conference. So, allow me to react to some of the things he said (all quotes from the afore-linked Feinsand piece).

On the season: “We all know what the goal is here. We didn’t reach our goal, that’s the bottom...

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"Who would you rather face?"

I hate this question. However, it’s an inevitable one that baseball fans will continue to ask because until you know who your team’s postseason opponent is there isn’t really much else one can do aside from debate whether one team would be “preferable” to the other.

The reason I hate this question is because there’s no...

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