Thurman Munson's Place Among Yankees' Catchers

32 years ago today, Thurman Munson died tragically when the plane he was piloting crashed during an attempted landing at an Ohio airport. Let’s take a look at his place in the Yankees catching annals, ranked using bWAR (Note: this portion of the post initially ran in May 2010):

1. Yogi Berra (61.8 WAR as...

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The Development Dilemma Posed By Jesus Montero

Ben Lindbergh of Baseball Prospectus ran an interesting post this week regarding the promotion of prospects. I strongly encourage that you click through and read it, as it provides some interesting data on how many innings or at-bats teams give to prospects before calling them up, and begins to examine whether prospect advancement strategies...

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Callis On The Yankee Catching Depth

Jim Callis answered a number of questions regarding Yankee catching prospects in his ESPN chat today, and made some interesting points. Let’s break them down by player:

Jesus Montero:

I like the Piazza comp. That’s a lot to put on Montero, but he has that potential impact bat and that lackluster defense behind the plate...

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The Premium Position?

In this inaugural year of the new Yankee Stadium, I can’t help but have my thoughts run in a more historical direction than usual.  With Jorge coming back strong from his injury, it made me analyze how important he is to what the Yankees do and, more abstractedly, how important catchers have been to the...

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