If Tex has to hit the DL…

Good morning, everyone. Nothing like some good old Panic Button hitting to wake you up, huh? Anyway, Mark Teixeira left last night’s game with an apparent wrist injury, but thankfully, the x-rays were negative. Still, it makes sense to plan for the worst (even if our plans won’t necessarily be implemented) so let’s talk about what happens if Tex has to hit the DL with a wrist injury.

The first thing that ran through my head seems a bit unconventional, but I think it’s worth a shot. If Tex has to miss time, why not call up one of the outfielders at AAA? The Yankees could purchase the contract of either Chris Dickerson or Kosuke Fukudome and slot one of them into the outfield. This could help the team in a few ways. First, it gives them another left-handed bat, which obviously helps since most pitchers are right handed. Both Dickerson–.341 wOBA/104 wRC+/11.2 BB%–and Fukudome–.341/105/14.2–have shown the ability to handle righty pitching at the major league level.… Click here to read the rest

Nightly Links: Williams, Dickerson, Old People

  • Over the weekend, Anthony McCarron of the Daily News had a great piece on Mason Williams. The article goes into detail about his upbringing, but also has a quote from Williams saying that he’s gained a considerable amount of weight during the offseason. While I hope this has an impact on his power, his work ethic stands out even more.
  • Cliff Lee once said the Yankees were too old for him, Mike Axisa talked about the aging stars on the 40-man roster, coming to the conclusion that it would take a lot more than injuries to the older guys to create a disaster this season.
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Manipulating the DH situation

Pardon me if you’re exhausted from it, but the Yankees’ DH situation is about the only thing left to talk about as the Hot Stove (thankfully) enters its final stretch drive and we (finally) approach Spring Training. Off the top of my head, I’d venture a guess that each author here has at least touched on it, and I did for sure yesterday, as did MJR.

With Carlos Pena unfortunately off the market, the DH options aren’t all that plentiful. There are guys like Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, but they’re on the wrong side of hill at this point (hell, so is Raul Ibanez). We’ve heard little about anyone else and it appears that the talking has all been done by agents, not the Yankees. In fact, it’s been called a low priority for the team.

Because of this, I’ve been trying to think of ways that the Yankees could avoid the “rotating DH” based on their internal options (Eric Chavez isn’t signed, so I’m considering him an out of organization option).… Click here to read the rest

Yankee Contract Issues

I touched on this briefly at different points throughout the offseason on stuff like this, but now that MLBTR has released their Yankees 2012 contract issues post, I figured I’d expand my thoughts.

They have six players eligible for free agency: Luis Ayala, Eric Chavez, Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, Andruw Jones, and Jorge Posada. I will pretty surprised if any of these guys are back with the team in 2012. Posada’s on the retirement track and despite their successes, I don’t think the Yankees will take on the risk of another year with Colon or Garcia. Hell, it’s still May; there’s definitely a non-zero chance that either Colon or Garcia doesn’t last the entire season, and the same goes for Chavez and Jones, though I’d put their chances of staying higher than the pitchers. Even if they do stay the entire year—and it this point it looks like Colon is intent on doing that—the Yankees are unlikely to bring them back.… Click here to read the rest

Yankees Trade Sergio Mitre For CF Chris Dickerson

When the Yankees agreed to a deal with Kevin Millwood last night, most Yankees fans took it to mean that Bartolo Colon would make the Yankees and that Sergio Mitre was on his way out. With Colon being a health risk, Millwood seemed like an insurance policy to protect the club’s depth should Bartolo go down after they released Mitre. This thought was confirmed today as the Yankees agreed to send Mitre to the Brewers for 28-year-old centerfielder Chris Dickerson. Here are Dickerson’s numbers, as well as some 2011 projections for him, courtesy of Fangraphs:

[table id=20 /]

As you can see, Dickerson was terrible in 2010, as his plate discipline abandoned him and any semblance of power disappeared. However, Chris is an excellent defensive center fielder and he projects fairly decently as an offensive player, as his minor league career and his first two seasons suggest that he should at least be able to reach base at a solid rate and steal some bases.… Click here to read the rest