Yankees shockingly roll over and die for Pitcher They've Never Seen Before

(AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

The most surprising thing ever happened on Monday night, and by most surprising I mean least surprising thing in American history, as the Yankees got completely shut down by a Pitcher They’ve Never Seen Before™ for the...

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Game Thread and Series Preview | Yankees vs. Indians I: Rick Vaughn would be so proud

Cano hitting one of five Yankee solo home runs in an April 16, 2009, game against the Indians (photo c/o The New York Times)

The Cleveland Indians have been in first place in the AL Central since their sixth game of...

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A look at the 2011 Cleveland Indians

The fantastic World of Sports hasn’t been entirely at all kind to Cleveland fans. He-who-must-not-be-named left the now-crippled Cavaliers in decidedly mind-boggling fashion in preference of the weepy Miami Heat. The Browns have enjoyed only three winning seasons over the past two decades resulting in a measly two postseason appearances.  And...

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The Yankeeist Interview with former Yankee catcher John Ellis

I’m extremely honored to present the first player interview in Yankeeist history, as former Bomber backstop John Ellis was generous enough to share some of his time with me to talk baseball.John debuted in the Bigs with the Yankees...
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Yankee offense doubles output of first two games combined in beating Indians 8-0

After averaging two runs per in the first two games of this four-game set, the Yankee bats finally came alive in Cleveland, tagging Fausto Carmona for seven earned runs en...

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Yankees do their thing against starting pitcher making his Major League debut, which is to say, absolutely nothing

Can someone please explain why the Yankees — currently in possession of the best wOBA in Major League Baseball (though maybe not for much longer after tonight’s fiasco), not to mention one...

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