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While we’re on the topic of current/former Angels who may be a good fit for the Yankees, let’s talk about Dan Haren.  The Angels made some waves yesterday announcing that they were “interested” in trading both Ervin Santana and Haren, 2 members of their rotation with expensive 2013 contract options who both experienced some serious decline in their performance in 2012.  Santana has already been shipped to Kansas City in a deal, which is just fine with me because he absolutely sucks, but Haren is a much more interesting case.  And the more I’ve let the idea of Haren in pinstripes simmer in my head for the last day or so, the more I think the Yankees pursuing a trade for him makes sense.

For starters, he’s a damn good pitcher who’s still in his prime.  Haren turned 32 in September, hardly the age to be put out to pasture despite a down year this season. … Click here to read the rest

Inside Weaver's outing against the Yankees

The righthanded Cliff Lee? (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

Both Jered Weaver and Dan Haren put on respective pitching clinics last weekend while facing the Yankees, combining to hold the vaunted Bomber lineup to one run over 18 innings, whiffing 17 men and allowing only seven hits. While there’s something to be said for the fact that neither hurler faced the Yankees’ “A” lineup due to assorted injuries and fatigue — though Weaver more or less faced the best the Yankees have to offer — the fact remains that both pitchers still utterly dominated their competition.

Haren of course pitched the first complete-game shutout of the season against the Yankees, racking up a Game Score of 86, second among all starters that faced the Yankees this season to Josh Beckett‘s 87 back on April 10. Weaver was right behind him with an 81, tied for third-best on the 2011 season with Max Scherzer, who notched his 81 back on May 4.… Click here to read the rest

Slumbering bats no match for brilliant Haren in first complete-game shutout against Yankees this season

You are not hallucinating. (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

What do you get when you mix several players simultaneously slumping, with injuries to what feels like half the lineup, combined with facing two of the top four pitchers in the American League at the outset of a week that featured a game that ended at 2am along with a flight to the west coast and having to play three games in three cities within a three-day span? Apparently something that looks like the current iteration of the rather bruised, exhausted and pretty-hard-to-watch-right-now Yankees, who lost to the Angels 6-0, dropping their fourth game in a row.

Not to take anything away from either Jered Weaver or Dan Haren, who have both had exemplary seasons, but they really got the Yankees at basically the best possible time. That’s not to say they wouldn’t still have been able to contain them, but I’m pretty sure a fully healthy and rested Yankee offense manages more than one run and seven hits over 17 combined innings.… Click here to read the rest

TYA Game Thread: Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank god for baseball. Could you imagine if this were football and Yankee fans would have to stew over Sunday’s awful loss for an entire week? Me neither. Unfortunately, the Bombers may be about to lose three in a row. Dan Haren takes the mound for the Angels tonight while the Pinstripes counter with A.J. Burnett. Haren is having a career year while A.J. has done nothing since, like, June. Here’s the lineup:

Brett Gardner – LF
Derek Jeter – SS
Curtis Granderson – CF
Mark Teixeira – 1B
Robinson Cano – 2B
Nick Swisher – RF
Eric Chavez – DH
Russell Martin – C
Eduardo Nunez – 3B

On a final note, this one may have a late start time. ESPN just reported that the game is now scheduled to start at 8:05pm Eastern.… Click here to read the rest

The 2007 Dan Haren deal as a comp for Ubaldo

It’s pretty rare that a top-flight pitcher who is signed to team-friendly contract for multiple years becomes available, as is the case with Ubaldo Jimenez. The most common comp I’ve seen bandied about by the guys who do this stuff for a living has been the 07 Dan Haren deal. So I wanted to look at the two deals and see how they match up.

First, let’s look the focus of this deal in Haren and see how he matches up with Ubaldo, to see how comparable they are as pitchers.

Ubaldo Jimenez

Year              Age    Tm    Lg    IP  GS   R Rrep Rdef aLI RAR  WAR  Salary        Awards
2006               22   COL    NL   7.2   1   4    5    0  .8   1                        0.1
2007               23   COL    NL  82.0  15  46   48    5  .9   2                        0.2
2008               24   COL    NL 198.2  34  97  128   -4 1.0  31  3.1                392000
2009               25   COL    NL 218.0  33  87  136   -1 1.1  49  5.1                750000
2010               26   COL    NL 221.2  33  73  145    1 1.1  72  7.2 1250000 ASCYA-3MVP-23
2011               27   COL    NL 110.1  18  57   77   -1 1.0  20                        1.9

Dan Haren (up to 07)

Year                  Age     Tm     Lg     IP  GS   R Rrep Rdef aLI RAR  WAR   Salary  Awards
2003                   22    STL     NL   72.2  14  44   40    1 1.0  -4                  -0.4
2004                   23    STL     NL   46.0   5  23   25    2  .8   2                   0.1
2005                   24    OAK     AL  217.0  34 101  131    7  .9  30  2.9           323500
2006                   25    OAK     AL  223.0  34 109  146   -2  .9  37  3.6           550000
2007                   26    OAK     AL  222.2  34  91  141   -4 1.0  50  5.2  2250000      AS
Click here to read the rest

Series Preview | Yankees vs. Angels I: You'd be surprised at what Dan Haren and Phil Hughes have in common

One of these things is not like the other...

(Note: As of this writing it’s possible Dan Haren may be scratched from his start on Saturday. That being said, I spent a lot of time writing about him below, and everything I mentioned still applies, so please make sure you read it all).

As several have noted, the Yankees’ current west coast swing has pitted them against many of the top pitchers in the America League, and, rather incredibly, the best have been yet to come. At least until this weekend, as the Yankees face arguably their most annoying foe, the Los Angeles Angels.

The Angels are currently in second place in the AL West, and despite a weaker offensive attack than we’re used to seeing from the Halos, the reason they’ve outperformed expectations thus far is due to the outrageous performances of two pitchers: Jered Weaver and summer-2010-Yankee-trade-target Dan Haren, both of whom are currently tied atop the AL starting pitcher leaderboard, with 2.7 fWAR apiece, and both of whom the Yankees get to face this weekend.… Click here to read the rest

Would trading for Dan Haren have changed the outcome of the Yankees' season?

On Wednesday, commenter Phil raised what I thought was a pretty interesting notion, one that I really hadn’t thought about at all since July — what if the Yankees had consummated the rumored trade for Dan Haren, and how might that have altered the outcome of the season?

Now, the idea of going back and tossing out all of the crappy Dustin Moseley/Javier Vazquez, etc. starts and inserting what Haren did with the Angels, while tempting, has a spectacular amount of flaws. There are so many presuppositions that need to be made, and obviously the rotation would have continued to evolve and adapt based on how well/poorly certain guys were pitching, so it’s impossible to know exactly whose numbers he’d be replacing. There’s also obviously no way of knowing whether Haren would’ve pitched exactly the same way he pitched for the Yankees in his Angels’ outings, and also whether the Yankee offense would’ve performed the same way it did in the Moseley/Vazquez/Nova starts.… Click here to read the rest

Granderson hits two bombs as Yanks blast KC 12-6

Though not quite on par with last year’s eight-game winning streak, the 2010 Yankees have acquitted themselves quite nicely since coming out of the All-Star Break, going 6-3 over their last nine games.

The homestand was capped by a 12-6 win over lowly Kansas City yesterday. Phil Hughes was slightly better this time out, throwing 5 1/3 innings of three-run ball in a rain-shortened appearance, although surrendering a home run to light-hitting Scott Podsednik is borderline unacceptable. That Podsednik would go on to hit a second home run off of Joba Chamberlain in the eighth is absolutely disgraceful on the Yankees’ part. There’s been a lot of virtual ink spilled on Joba and his struggles of late, and at this point I’m not sure what the Yankees should do with Chamberlain. Thankfully the Scotty Pods home run came after the Yankees had padded their lead, but it would’ve been insanely frustrating had it tied the game. I still believe that Joba is too talented to continue having such poor results, but at some point he’s going to need to start showing all of his supporters that we’re not crazy.… Click here to read the rest

Breaking down the Dan Haren trade

When  most fans look at trades, they generally only consider the talent levels of the players involved. The most important factor in trades that gets overlooked is contract. More specifically, the difference between what you have to pay a player and what he earns. That’s his residual value, that’s what you typically have to make up for in a potential deal. That’s why players earning good money tend to go for far less in terms of talent than one would expect, and why Alex Rodriguez was recently ranked the most untradeable player in Baseball, despite the fact that he’s still a top performer. Of course, sellers will always try to get as much as they can and be happy if someone is willing to overpay, but that doesn’t happen all that much. GMs that overpay in trades usually don’t get to make that mistake twice.

With that in mind, here’s Harens net trade value:

5 year Dollar value





2010-$15.1 (est)

Total-$107 mil (21.4 annual average)

His contract going forward pays him 12.75 mil over the next two seasons  and 15 mil for 2013 (3.5 buyout).… Click here to read the rest