Is Defense Undermining The Yankee Pitching Staff?

Yankee starting pitchers have a 6.08 ERA, almost a full run worse from the terrible Boston Red Sox. Given the personel on the staff, this should be a surprise. Kiroda, Nova, and Sabathia were reasonable good bets entering the season, and are still reasonable good bets going forward, to be very strong contributors to the...

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On Framing Pitches, Revisited: Looking At Russell Martin

A few weeks ago, I highlighted a fascinating bit of ongoing research from Max Marchi of THT regarding framing pitches. Today, he released updated leaderboards for the last 3 seasons as well as some more explanations regarding his work, and some of the names therein should be interesting to Yankees fans:
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Links: Injured Players, Defense, Posada, Logan, and "Pitchers They've Never Seen"

There are a bunch of of stories and blogposts that I wanted to highlight today, so let’s do a link-around:

1) Larry Rothschild watched Phil Hughes throw a bullpen session yesterday, and sounded encouraged by the results:

“There was a clear difference with the way the ball was getting to the plate,” Rothschild said. “Now it’s...

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On Framing Pitches

Max Marchi of THT posted a fantastic bit of research this week that could go a long way towards quantifying one of the more difficult to measure elements of catcher defense:

According to this analysis the top catchers can win a ballgame per season (even playing fewer than 100 games) only with the skill of...

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The Informational Divide Between Fans And Teams

In his excellent interview with John Sickels, Mark Newman made a passing remark that caught my eye:

I don’t worry about his glove, Romine can really catch. He turns bullets into marshmallows. His arm is strong and accurate. By the internal defensive metrics we use, Romine rates as a very strong defender, and Montero isn’t...

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Measuring Catcher Defense: Framing Pitches

One area of sabermetric analysis that is still very much in its “rough draft” stage is the effort to measure defense. Even popular statistics such as UZR have plenty of detractors, and it seems that little agreement will be reached...

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Manuel: Montero Can Be Adequate Defensively

John Manuel of Baseball America recently did an interview
with NoMaas, and made a number of interesting statements over the course of his remarks. The one I found most compelling was his opinion on Jesus Montero’s defense:

The consensus is (and frankly has been for the last two years) that Montero has improved, but...

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Jeter’s Gold Glove translates into another philosophical debacle

Last night, several members of the Yankeeist faithful were discussing (and subsequently torn on) the legitimacy of Derek Jeter’s defensive evaluation. Evidently, Jeter’s peers (comprised of managers and players) felt his defensive performance on the field...

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Addressing Defensive Metrics And Derek Jeter

Ever since Derek Jeter was handed another Gold Glove award yesterday, the old debate about fielding metrics and their value has once again come to the forefront of baseball discussion on the internet. The statheads have decried Jeter being awarded the honor, pointing to practically every available metric to show that Jeter is an awful...

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