Game Chatter 4/13: Yankees at Rays

The Yankees have their first meeting with the AL Champion Rays tonight, in a game that seems to be a kickoff of the incredible battle for AL East supremacy that will likely ensue over the next few months. CM Wang goes for the Yankees, coming off a terrible start in his first game of the year. Scott Kazmir is the hurler for the Rays, and the Yankees will be sure to try and drive Kazmir’s pitch count up, as he has a knack for ringing up a lot of pitches by the 5th and 6th innings. Here are the lineups, courtesy of Pete Abe:

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Swisher 1B
Posada C
Nady RF
Cano 2B
Matsui DH
Ransom 3B
Cabrera CF
Pitching: RHP Chien-Ming Wang.
RAYS (3-3)
Upton CF
Crawford LF
Longoria 3B
Pena 1B
Burrell DH
Navarro C
Gross RF
Iwamura 2B
Bartlett SS
Pitching: LHP Scott Kazmir.

A few interesting notes. Mark Teixeira is out again, but his MRI came back negative and he may play tomorrow.… Click here to read the rest

Game Chatter #1: Opening Day: The Start Of Something Wonderful

At long last, we reach Opening Day. After the long, barren cold of the offseason, the first pitch of the baseball season heralds the start of spring, signaling a rebirth of the magic, aura, and mystique that accompany our national pastime. This day holds varying significance in different cities. In places like Pittsburgh and Kansas City, it stands as a moment of wishful thinking, a day where everyone is 0-0 and in first place, when each team can still cling to the glimmer of hope that this may in fact be the year that they shock the world. While that dream typically fades rapidly, Opening Day retains that quality of being a moment of hope.

In cities such as New York and Boston, the onset of a fresh season holds an entirely different meaning. It is the start of an exhilarating journey, the means to a hopefully greater end. It is a journey for which the destination remains unclear, which is exactly why it captures our attention and holds it for seven months of fascinating highs and devastating lows.… Click here to read the rest