Yankees shockingly roll over and die for Pitcher They've Never Seen Before

(AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

The most surprising thing ever happened on Monday night, and by most surprising I mean least surprising thing in American history, as the Yankees got completely shut down by a Pitcher They’ve Never Seen Before™ for the...

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Game Thread and Series Preview | Yankees vs. Indians I: Rick Vaughn would be so proud

Cano hitting one of five Yankee solo home runs in an April 16, 2009, game against the Indians (photo c/o The New York Times)

The Cleveland Indians have been in first place in the AL Central since their sixth game of...

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Yankees finally eke win out over Baltimore in extras following strangest inning ever

Go Bart, go.

So this wasn’t quite “Yankees get shut down by rookie they’ve never faced before,” but it was pretty close, given that the Yankees managed to muster up one measly run against the Orioles across the first fourteen...

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Game Thread and Series Preview | Yankees vs. Orioles III: I can't stand the rain

(Photo c/o Getty Images)

The Yanks and O’s meet for the third time this season, though the teams have only been able to play four of the six games they were previously scheduled for, with the...

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Yankees face inexperienced pitcher for the first time; inexperienced pitcher wins

In his series preview, Larry suggested that the unknown Chicago starter, Philip Humber, whom the Yankees had never faced before, would no-hit the Bombers over nine innings. Larry is prone to exaggeration. Instead, Humber limited the Yankees to one hit over seven innings...

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Negative storylines from the 2010 season

Last Wednesday we took a look at some of the positive storylines that emerged from the Yankees’ 2010 season. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad, and while we’ll try to...

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The 2010 New York Yankees vs. starting pitchers who don't crack 90mph with their fastballs

If there’s one topic I’ve potentially spilled more digital ink on than the Yankees getting beaten by pitchers they’ve never seen before/starters making their Major League debuts, it would be...

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