Catching Up With Some Ex-Yankees (Part 2)

Last time we looked at the recent ex-Yankees was already 3 weeks ago, Spring Training is flying by. Jesus Montero– The former Yankee top prospect, and now Mariner top prospect is 11 for 36 in March, with 2 homeruns and 3 doubles. That’s good for a triple slash of .306/.366/.556. The 22 year old and Felix Hernandez appear to be developing a good pitcher/catcher relationship, as well as a friendship for the two Venezuelans from Carabobo. Hernandez pitching to Montero was certainly a dream for us Yankee fans, unfortunately its happening in a different uniform. Also, apparently Montero can catch… Continue reading Catching Up With Some Ex-Yankees (Part 2)

Catching Up With Some Ex-Yankees

We’re only a few days into spring training games and there is already news and stats to catch up on our once beloved Yankees. Jesus Montero– His debut with the Mariners started with a bang and boo-boo. The catcher hit a homerun in his first game, but also took two foul ball ricochets during an at bat and had to leave the game. After missing a game, Montero returned to the field on Sunday where he went 1 for 3 with a double. So far he has his two extra base hits in his first six plate appearances. MLB Network Continue reading Catching Up With Some Ex-Yankees

Nightly Links: Burnett, Soler, Kuroda, Noesi

More A.J. Burnett rumors today! One issue that Yankees have with the current demands, are that the prospects they would receive are considered “marginal”. According to Joel Sherman, the Pirates see the Derek Lowe trade as a comparison to what they want from a Burnett trade. Though it might not seem like it, the Yanks have some bargaining power in a Burnett trade. The Angels, though on his no-trade list, have some interest in him. The Indians also have interest, though the Travis Hafner talks have died out. Rosenthal also noted that some front office people oppose trading Burnett, and Continue reading Nightly Links: Burnett, Soler, Kuroda, Noesi

The Yankees and Pitching Prospects

Before I get into this, my first post at The Yankee Analysts, I’d like to thank everyone here for giving me this opportunity and for welcoming me so fully to the team. I have accepted this position knowing that TYA is not only among the best Yankees blogs on the internet, but among the best team centered blogs in all of baseball, and I hope I have something worthwhile to contribute. I thought I’d introduce myself to the readers by exploring a phenomena I’ve been considering for quite some time now. Given plethora of young arms in the system – Continue reading The Yankees and Pitching Prospects

Watch out for Hector Noesi

As it has been for many offseasons of yore, starting pitching figures to be on the Yankees’ radar as they look to improve their team over the winter.  CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova are shoo-ins for rotation spots, with Freddy Garcia, AJ Burnett, and Phil Hughes in line to compete for the 3, 4, and 5 spots barring an acquisition.  Few observers expect the Yankees plan to go to war with the current quintet of starters, and believe that the Yankees will acquiring a mid-rotation starter or frontline guy on the trade market or via free agency.  The acquisition of Continue reading Watch out for Hector Noesi

Thinking greedily about trades

If there’s ever a time when we can dream on trades, it’s now in the middle of November. There isn’t a ton of exciting news, but the GM Meetings are going on, so we can let our imaginations run wild. Yesterday, there was a fair amount of trade-proposal fodder. Let’s start with the biggest potential prize (and a personal favorite): Cole Hamels. *Author’s note: The Hamels portion of the show ran a little long, so we’re going to break this up with other players later* Ken Rosenthal floated the idea out there yesterday: Would the Phillies, for example, take left-hander Continue reading Thinking greedily about trades

A look at the Yankees’ in-house pitching depth

The Yankee rotation being in flux going into the season is a story we have heard before, and it resolved itself quite nicely in 2011 with the emergence of Ivan Nova and surprising seasons from Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon.  Going into 2012, the back of the rotation will be in a similar situation. CC Sabathia will once again head the rotation, and Ivan Nova has also locked up a spot following an impressive rookie season.  Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett don’t have guaranteed rotation spots, but Phil’s potential and AJ’s salary make it very likely that they will be Continue reading A look at the Yankees’ in-house pitching depth

Who is Trade Bait?

C.C. Sabathia has re-signed. That’s awesome, and gives the Yankees some certainty heading into the free agent period. We’ve discussed at length here quite a bit about those free agent options – Yu Darvish and C.J. Wilson on the high end, Mark Buerhle and Freddy Garcia on the low end. While I find things attractive about each of those options individually, none are without their flaws. I think that if the Yankees want to seriously upgrade their rotation for 2012 and beyond, they will need to swing a trade. There’s a lot of types of guys that we could trade Continue reading Who is Trade Bait?

Could Other Pitchers’ 2011 Seasons Affect Hector Noesi’s 2012?

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod) While the MSM, the blogosphere, and Yankee fans in general all gear up for the the hype surrounding the CC Sabathia opt out storyline and the “Yu Darvish vs. C.J. Wilson” debate this offseason, there is another potential in-house 2012 rotation candidate who could factor into the discussion as well.  That candidate would be Hector Noesi, the 2011 winner of the annual Yankees’ “Top Young Pitching Prospect That We Called Up to Use in The Bullpen Because We Needed a Warm Body” Award.  Larry K did an excellent job yesterday of painting an Continue reading Could Other Pitchers’ 2011 Seasons Affect Hector Noesi’s 2012?