Catching Up With Some Ex-Yankees (Part 2)

Last time we looked at the recent ex-Yankees was already 3 weeks ago, Spring Training is flying by.

  • Jesus Montero– The former Yankee top prospect, and now Mariner top prospect is 11 for 36 in March, with 2 homeruns and 3 doubles. That’s good for a triple slash of .306/.366/.556. The 22 year...
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The Yankees and Pitching Prospects

Before I get into this, my first post at The Yankee Analysts, I’d like to thank everyone here for giving me this opportunity and for welcoming me so fully to the team. I have accepted this position knowing that TYA is not only among the best Yankees blogs on the internet, but among the best...

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Watch out for Hector Noesi

As it has been for many offseasons of yore, starting pitching figures to be on the Yankees’ radar as they look to improve their team over the winter.  CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova are shoo-ins for rotation spots, with Freddy Garcia, AJ Burnett, and Phil Hughes in...

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Thinking greedily about trades

If there’s ever a time when we can dream on trades, it’s now in the middle of November. There isn’t a ton of exciting news, but the GM Meetings are going on, so we can let our imaginations run wild. Yesterday, there was a fair amount of trade-proposal fodder. Let’s start with the biggest potential...

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Who is Trade Bait?

C.C. Sabathia has re-signed. That’s awesome, and gives the Yankees some certainty heading into the free agent period. We’ve discussed at length here quite a bit about those free agent options – Yu Darvish and C.J. Wilson on the high end, Mark Buerhle and Freddy Garcia on the low end. While I find things attractive...

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Could Other Pitchers’ 2011 Seasons Affect Hector Noesi’s 2012?

Hector Noesi: Professional Pitcher. Courtesy of The Daily News

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

While the MSM, the blogosphere, and Yankee fans in general all gear up for the the hype surrounding the...

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