Does Colorado want Dexter Fowler back? Astros 3, Yankees 1

Dexter single-handedly beat the New York Yankees on Wednesday night. He hit a lead off home run in the first inning, then, the speedy center fielder scored again in the third after hitting a triple. It may have seemed the Yankees starting pitcher was in trouble again, but Fowler was the only player to do any damage against Yankees starter Hiroki Kuroda.

The Yankees had a chance in the eighth when Carlos Beltran led off with a double. However, Houston reliever Matt Albers sent down the next three batters by striking them out. After 10 team strikeouts and leaving eight runners on base, Yankees didn’t seem to have the offensive energy to win this one.

The Good Stuff

– The Brians had nice nights: McCann went 2-for-4 and Roberts 3-for-4 (edited for correction).

– Kuroda had a solid first outing. He gave just three hits (two from Fowler) and two runs through six innings.

Jacoby Ellsbury got on base with a walk and showed off his speed with a steal of second base.… Click here to read the rest

Who should start a big game for the Yankees?

Texas Rangers v New York YankeesSince 2009 the answer to the question who should start a big game for the Yankees has had only one answer: CC Sabathia. Since 2009 CC has been dominant in pinstripes, earning his spots in big games. Except this year. Sabathia is essentially putting up his worst season – not as a Yankee, ever. Sabathia has currently put up 2.2 fWAR. His rookie season he managed just 2.8. Right now the big guy projects to come up short of the mark he managed as a rookie.

Given the fact that down the stretch the Yankees are going to play significant baseball, and may very well find themselves in the single game Wild Card playoff, it is worth asking if CC should get the ball in a must win situation. Right now the answer has to be no. Sabathia isn’t the best Yankee pitcher this season. Hiroki Kuroda is. (For what its worth, according to Fangraphs, Andy Pettitte and Ivan Nova have also both been better than CC.) In a pinch, on the merits, the Yankees should give the ball to Hiroki, not CC.… Click here to read the rest

Game Thread: Red Sox at Yankees, Sunday September 8th

Are you ready for some Football! I know I am, mostly because the Yankees have scored 175 (my unofficial tally) runs in the last three games and have exactly zero wins to show for it. When did this Boston team turn into an offensive juggernaut? Normally this is the part of the game thread where I pump up the team for today, but I’ve got nothing. After these last three gut punches I’m spent. Hiroki Kuroda faces off against Jon Lester. Use this as your game thread. Enjoy?… Click here to read the rest

Game Thread: Orioles vs Yankees, Sunday July 7th

What a difference a week makes! A week ago the Yankees were in free fall. They were in the middle of a five game losing streak and flirting with fourth place in the AL East. Today they are in the middle of a six game winning streak and have a 1/2 game hold on the last AL playoff berth. The timing couldn’t be more perfect either. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are now both in the middle of their rehab assignments. They could provide a strong burst of energy just as the team is playing well once again. But, first, it’s important to beat the Orioles today. More than continuing the winning streak, a win today puts a full game of daylight between the Yankees and the Orioles for second place in the AL East. Hiroki Kuroda comes back from injury to get the ball for the Yankees. The O’s counter with Jason Hammel. Use this as your game thread.… Click here to read the rest

Kuroda, Cano and Wells combine to beat Royals 4-2

Hiroki KurodaThe Yankees swept the Royals today, winning 4-2 on Mother’s Day. The real star of the game was Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda didn’t strike a lot of batters out, fanning just one, but he only walked one as well, limiting the Royals to six hits over 7.2 innings. With that kind of control, you don’t need a lot of strike outs. Kuroda was efficient as well, throwing just 98 pitches. He got into some trouble in the eighth inning, and even got into a verbal spat with the home plate umpire, but none of that was enough to undo a solid performance.

The Yankees got their runs off the long ball, remember that thing the Yankees weren’t supposed to have this season. The Bombers were down one to nothing in the third inning when Robinson Cano put a ball into orbit, sending it 406 feet to right center. Chris Stewart was on at the time. The shot gave the Yankees a 2-1 lead.… Click here to read the rest

Game Thread: Yankees at Royals, Sunday May 12th

Guess who’s in first place? Not the Toronto Blue Jays. Not Tampa Bay either. None other than your New York Yankees. While it is early in the season yet, this is a good sign. It is also evidence of how fickle the baseball media is. Remember just before the season began when the new look Blue Jays were going to be the jewel of the AL East? Me neither. But it was obvious that the Jays weren’t built to last. What was less obvious was how the Rays would start a bit slowly in the division. That said, it’s tight atop the AL East and at least three, and probably four, of the team’s are going to have winning records. That’s a crowded field.

The Yankees come into today’s game winners of seven of their last ten. Hiroki Kuroda faces off against Ervin Santana. Kuroda has come into form and is once again giving the Yankees quality performances. Santana, meanwhile, is also off to a solid start.… Click here to read the rest

Game Thread: Orioles vs. Yankees, Sunday April 14

The Yankees and Orioles have split the first two games of their series, in a snapshot of what the entire season will be like in the AL East, with no one team in a position to dominate the others. The Yankees don’t need to win today’s rubber match, but it would be good if they did. A win will move them back above .500, and it will also defend their home field. Hiroki Kuroda takes the mound for the Pinstripes. Kuroda has yet to have a good start this year. Now would be a good time for him to get into a groove. Baltimore will counter with Wei-Yin Chen, who has pitched decently in his two starts this year. Use this as your game thread. Enjoy!… Click here to read the rest

An IIATMS/TYA Public Service Announcement: Line Drives Up The Middle

Attention, pitchers.  Has this ever happened to you?


That’s Hiroki.  He’s 38 years old and he pitches for the New York Yankees.  Last night he found himself in the most perilous position a pitcher can be in.  He had a line drive coming right at him, and as he ducked out of the way he put up his bare hand to try to stop the ball.  In doing so, he made an already dangerous situation potentially more dangerous, both for him and his team.  Hiroki could have seriously injured his pitching hand trying to make a play like that, and in the process seriously injured his team’s chances of maintaining a strong starting rotation and winning baseball games.  Hiroki’s not the first pitcher to do this, but his case brings about the perfect opportunity to remind all pitchers out there about the safe, correct way to handle this situation.

What Hiroki should have done was not even bother trying to put any hand up in the first place.  … Click here to read the rest