Replays slowing the pace of baseball games; is it worth it?

Replay was used in Thursday’s Yankees game to check if a count was accurate.

New York’s Yangervis Solarte was at-bat in the ninth inning when there was discrepancy if the count was 3-1 or 2-1. The umpires initiated a review, got on the headphones and went over the count with the replay center.’s, Bryan Hoch wrote: “The challenge was initiated after Astros catcher Carlos Corporan asked home-plate umpire Brian Knight about the count.

“I asked the umpire, ‘What’s the count?'” Corporan said. “And he said, ‘I don’t know, I’ve got 2-1.’ I said, ‘I’ve got 2-1 as well.’ I kind of forgot about the pitchout that we made. [Solarte] was like, ‘No, it’s 3-1,’ and [the umpire] said, ‘Of course you’re going to think it’s 3-1.’ They wanted to make sure, so they took a little time.”

Replay was expanded this season to incorporate many aspects of the game, and has been used a handful of times during in this season’s infancy.…

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NL Central Race Could Be Important To Yankees Season

The Yankees probably have just enough starting pitching right now to make the postseason. They have 3 starters who should give them reasonably good performance and a few options who could surprise out of the last two slots, which should give them enough to contend...

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Yankees sweep Houston; pull into tie for both first place in the AL East and best record in baseball

The Yankees won 9-5 on Sunday, completing the sweep of the sad Houston Astros this weekend and pulling into a tie with the Tampa Bay Rays for both first place in...

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Yankees vs. Astros series preview and historical results

Interleague play is back, and the Yankees continue their tour of the dregs of Major League Baseball this weekend with what feels like a gift three-game set against the Houston Astros.

I am...

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Houston signs Pudge

The Houston Astros and Ivan Rodriguez have agreed to a 1-year deal worth $1.5 million. Pudge, who will start for the Astros (I guess J.R. Towles still isn’t ready), could possibly make another $1.5 million in bonus incentives.

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