Reaffirming My Position On the Rotation

Mark Feinsand had an article last week about Ivan Nova and his confidence about making the Yankee rotation out of Spring Training. Nova was nothing if not confident in the piece:

“I’m going to win,” Nova said. “I don’t worry about if they’re pitching tomorrow or what’s going to happen with them. I...

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Mitre Injury Could Have Domino Effect

From Marc Carig:

Right-hander Sergio Mitre, the scheduled starter, woke up on Sunday with what he described as soreness and stiffness in his left oblique area. It was near the same muscle that he strained last season, an injury that landed him in on the disabled list for about a month.

As a...

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2011 Yankee Second And Third-Tier Prospects Much Better Than 4 Years Ago

Former Yankee prospect Jose Tabata

4 years ago, the Yankee farm system was enjoying its first revival in half a decade. After years of terrible drafts and an overall barren system, the Yankees managed to very quickly add to the top...

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A Rotation for the Bronx and Queens

Yesterday when I got done teaching 9th graders about Chapters 18-20 of the second book of “A Tale of Two Cities,” I hopped in my car and started my drive up to my second job (one I actually get paid for!) tutoring kids for their SATs at Huntington Learning Center (many of my students are...

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On Prospect Hugging

The following was inspired by this tweet from Moshe:

People wouldn’t give Nova for Liriano? Madness.

To hug or not to hug–that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous growing pains
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing trade them.


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Creating A Prospect Rating System

In the past, I’ve toyed with the idea of a prospect rating system with a core structure borrowed from Hockey’s Future’s rating system, with some cosmetics borrowed from Project Prospect. I like the rating system because instead of just giving a prospect an overall rating (Sickels’ grading or Kevin...

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Millwood rejects MiL Deal

Word came down early today from Joel Sherman that Kevin Millwood has apparently rejected the offer of a minor league deal from the Yankees.

Mr. Millwood has been a popular point of discussion here during TYA’s opening week: Mike kicked the tires on Millwood and Edwin Jackson and I posited that Millwood...

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The Case for Freddy,Sergio and Bartolo

I don’t like Sergio Mitre. Anyone who’s read my work for a long time knows that I can’t stand the guy. He gets ground balls, but that’s basically the only plus. He gives up too many homers and he doesn’t strike people out. Every time he gives up a hit, I feel...

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