No Excuses For Nova’s Disaster

“Bad luck,” Ivan Nova said. “I had a bad day. It was a tough day for me. I threw a lot of good sliders, I threw some good curveballs, I broke two bats and they got base hits. It’s not a good day. … I felt really good and I threw strikes but I...

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More musings on Upton

Yesterday morning, Steve posted about trading for Justin Upton. I’m all for this idea; Upton’s a great talent who’s still under 25 (for about a month or so more) and he’s under team control through 2015. He’d make the Yankees better just like he’d make every other team in the...

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Yankee rally fizzles in the 9th, lose to Angels 10-8

Hey Robbie, do you know who falls for the fake to third pick-off move? You, and no one else.

The Yankees lost a frustrating one against the Angels today. Anytime the offense puts eight on the board you should win the game...

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Is history on New York’s side?

With Friday the 13th not that far in the rear view, superstitious thoughts are on the mind.  When aren’t superstitious thoughts on the mind when it comes to baseball?

Only two times during New York’s eleven pennant years since 1969 have the pinstripes possessed the best record in baseball on July 15th.  In five of the eleven pennants seasons since 1969, the Yankees had the third best record in the Major Leagues.  Maybe the Rangers and Dodgers recent fades are not exactly welcome by the Yankees (would the third best record be better than the top record?).  Despite the frequently talked about issues regarding hitting with runners in scoring position, the Yankees have the fifth rated offense in all of baseball.  They also have hit nine more homers than any other team (on a franchise record pace).  Besides, the Yankees supposedly crippled pitching staff still possesses the fifth best ERA in the game.   As everyone knows, pitching wins championships in the end. …

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Nova fans 10, Yanks win 3 of 4 in Boston

Can every inning be the first inning at Fenway Park? The Yankees scored 14 runs in the four first innings of this series, including two last night to jump out to an early lead against Jon Lester and the Red Sox in Fenway. Derek Jeter, who ended up with three hits, led the game off...

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Yankees get zero hits with runners in scoring position, win anyway

Even Soriano is happy after nine straight wins.

The Yankees extended their winning streak to an impressive nine games in the fashion to which they’ve become accustomed: Unbelievable pitching from starters and relievers, lots of home runs, and no hits with runners...

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Game Thread: Yankees versus Nationals, Sunday June 17th

The Yankees have won eight consecutive games coming into today’s matinee against the Nationals. All good things must come to an end but there is no reason why the team can’t make it nine straight wins. Incredible starting pitching has fueled the Yankee surge. Ironically, CC Sabathia has probably been the team’s worst starter during...

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On Ivan Nova, briefly

If I told you that Ivan Nova would raise his K/9 by three full batters and his K% by seven percentage points while dropping his BB/9 into the two’s and cut his BB% by almost a full percentage, you’d probably think he’d be having a great year. Add in the fact that...

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