Yankees Still Generating Plenty Of Catching Depth

J.R. Murphy

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There was a time not too long ago when the Yankees looked like they were going to be set at catcher for a long time to come.  They had Russell Martin as the immediate replacement for Jorge Posada, top prospects Jesus Montero and Austin Romine waiting in the wings at the upper levels of their farm system, and an 18-year-old kid named Gary Sanchez raking down in A-ball.

Fast forward to the present day and the catcher position is basically a wasteland.  Lifelong backup Francisco Cervelli is on the DL with a broken hand, which cruelly befell him just as he finally seemed to be nailing down the starting job.  His backup Chris Stewart is who we thought he was and who he’s always been as an all field/no hit player whose defensive reputation always seems to outweigh what he actually does on the field.  And Romine, now forced into the backup role for Stewart, has looked awful in his real Major League debut, posting a .151 wOBA and -17 wRC+ and striking out 17 times in 61 PA.…

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A Talented Charleston Roster Struggles To Find Playing Time For Prospects

One of the pleasant surprises early in the 2011 season is the Low-A Charleston Riverdogs’ roster. They have the most talented group of hitters that we’ve seen in Charleston in a long time (at least dating back to the summer when Montero, Romine, Brandon Laird, and Bradley Suttle were all playing together in 2008, but...

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KLaw Chats Montero, Yankee Prospects

Keith Law held his weekly chat this Thursday, and had some nice things to say about Jesus Montero:

Q: Which current hitter would you compare Jesus Montero to? If he goes to a different team any chance he stays behind the plate?
Klaw: Physically and in his swing, he reminds me of Frank Thomas. And...

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PP – Top 20 Yankee Prospects Averaged List

Sean over at Pending Pinstripes did what I was thinking about doing but too lazy to pull the trigger on: he averaged the top-20 prospect lists of every major prospect pundit out there, including my list, and merged it in to one list. Austin Jackson and Arodys Vizcaino were eliminated the the lists were adjusted.

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Callis On The Yankee Catching Depth

Jim Callis answered a number of questions regarding Yankee catching prospects in his ESPN chat today, and made some interesting points. Let’s break them down by player:

Jesus Montero:

I like the Piazza comp. That’s a lot to put on Montero, but he has that potential impact bat and that lackluster defense behind the plate...

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King: Heathcott and Murphy Have Agreed To Terms

From George King:

The only hurdle left for outfielder Slade Heathcott and catcher John Murphy, the Yankees’ first- and second-round picks in the June MLB Draft is to pass their physicals.

The high-schoolers have agreed to terms and if they pass the physicals, they will choose the Yankees over LSU and the University of Miami, respectively...

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Yankees Confident at Draft

Draft week is always my favorite week of the year. I picked this week to go camping before realizing what I was interfering with. After a week of monitoring the draft on my tiny little cell phone, I’ve got a lot to get out.

Slade Healthcott was a pick from confidence. They could very easily have...

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