Scouting The Free Agent Market For An Andruw Jones Replacement

Yesterday, we covered the possible left handed DH options for the Yankees in 2013, and today we’ll look at the right handed options.

Unlike the possible re-signing situation we have with Raul Ibanez, there is really no chance that Andruw Jones gets an offer to remain in pinstripes. As I pointed...

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The outfield, left and right

Perhaps the title of this piece is misleading. I want to talk about something left and something right relating to the Yankee outfield, but it has to do with batting, not fielding. First, let’s talk about the “left” side of this equation: Raul Ibanez.

The Yankees have had preliminary discussions...

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A look at some of the players the Yankees let go of or passed on last winter, and who they might pursue in the 2010-2011 offseason

While waiting for the Yankee-Twin game to resume last night (which obviously didn’t end up happening) I caught some highlights from the Cardinals game on MLB Network and it reminded me...

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Tuesday Yankees Hot Stove, interest in Sheets

After a ridiculously busy Monday that saw the signing of the top pitcher on the market, a blockbuster 3-team deal, and the news that the Cardinals may offer Matt Holliday an 8-year deal, the hot stove is still burning.  While Boston made some big acquisitions yesterday in the form of John Lackey and Mike Cameron...

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Predicting free agent contracts, pt. 1

Jon Heyman, along with an unnamed agent and general manager, offered a few contract predictions regarding the top 24 free agents for 2010. In the following mini-series, I’ve highlighted some of the more interesting names, including players that the Yankees will likely be interested in, and Yankees that will be granted free agency at...

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