Players to Watch: N.L. East

Let’s end our week with an eye towards the Right Coast and the N.L. teams that inhabit it. You know the drill. NL West NL Central Starting, as we so normally do, at the top with the Phillies. Let’s go with t3h 4 @ce$! shall we? No. The obvious choice here is Dominic Brown. He’s the Phillies’ top prospect and is the likely replacement for the departed Jayson Werth. Brown struggled in a brief 70 PA stint in the bigs last year, wOBAing just .259 and striking out 38.7% of the time. Brown will be 23 when the season starts Continue reading Players to Watch: N.L. East

Message to Yankee fans: Redirect the vitriol (a preemptive strike at crazy comments)

Earlier today, Larry contemplated the unlikely possibility of a third reunion between Nick Johnson and the Yankees. Now I’m fairly certain that my pal is going to take some flack for this, so I’ve thrown together a quick piece rant imploring our readership to consider musings such as this objectively, before proceeding to tear my fellow writer a new one. Anyway, the formula is simple: Nick Johnson at a very discounted rate equates to inexpensive-quality OBP. Inexpensive-quality OBP outweighs both the potentiality of player frailty and feeble production of some of the current alternatives (i.e., Ramiro Pena). Now, given our Continue reading Message to Yankee fans: Redirect the vitriol (a preemptive strike at crazy comments)

The Worst Players in Baseball, Part II (pitcher edition)

Last week, Mike wrote an entertaining segment on baseball’s worst position players over the past five seasons. I figured I’d contribute to this de-motivational, anti-productive, albeit slightly hilarious if not fairly whimsical line of thinking by comparing the worst starting pitchers in similar fashion. Before breaking down the contributions of our “champions-of-nothing,” let’s just take a moment to discuss the criteria utilized in assigning this inglorious prestige. For the sake of comparison, I’ve considered only starting pitchers with at least 100 innings pitched (or approximately 20 or more games started). While this method eliminates historically “ideal” candidates such as the Continue reading The Worst Players in Baseball, Part II (pitcher edition)

On the Arbitration Offers (Or Lack Thereof)

Yesterday, the Yankees declined to offer arbitration to all of their free agents (Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Lance Berkman, and Kerry Wood) except for Javier Vazquez. We can quite easily say that offering to Vazquez was the riskiest thing the Yankees could have done. He had, by far, the worst year of the five and made a good chunk of change. Had he accepted, the Yankees probably would’ve been on the hook for a good deal of money and a (probably) unproductive player. But, Vazquez and the Yankees had an agreement, and Vazquez turned down arbitration. So, he’ll give the Continue reading On the Arbitration Offers (Or Lack Thereof)

News Day: Pettitte, Arbitration Decisions, MVP, Cashman (Update)

Today was a day loaded with news, so let’s dive right in. 1) Ken Davidoff is reporting that Andy Pettitte is leaning towards a return to the Yankees in 2011. This is fantastic news, as it makes the Yankees a bit less reliant on signing Cliff Lee and means that they are likely to be at least as good in the rotation this coming year as they were last season. 2) The Yankees are going to offer arbitration to Kerry Wood and Javy Vazquez, but not Derek Jeter. The Jeter decision likely stems from a fear that he would accept Continue reading News Day: Pettitte, Arbitration Decisions, MVP, Cashman (Update)

Offer Arbitration to Vazquez?

The Yanks have until Tuesday, November 23rd to offer arbitration to their free agents. I would expect them to offer it to Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, given that the Yanks would absolutely love for them to accept 1 year deals. I’d think they won’t offer to Andy Pettitte, knowing he only wants to play for the Yanks and thinking they can do better by negotiating with Andy than they can with an arbitrator. Most of the rest of their other free agents (Berkman, Wood, Johnson, Kearns) are either too old and/or overpaid to offer arbitration to, fearing they’d accept Continue reading Offer Arbitration to Vazquez?

2010 Season in Review: Javier Vazquez

The late ’90s Yankee dynasty was awash in pitching. Whether it was David Cone, David Wells, Orlando Hernandez, Andy Pettitte, or Roger Clemens, from 1996 to 2000 the Yankee rotation was stacked with excellent starting pitchers who excelled in the postseason. Unfortunately, only one of those players was homegrown. The rest were imported, and therefore old. As Larry pointed out on Monday, by the time the 2004 season began the once mighty pitching staff had crumbled away, mostly due to age, and in the case of Pettitte, bad business decisions. This also exposed the basic risk of importing any players, Continue reading 2010 Season in Review: Javier Vazquez

Defending Brian Cashman’s offseason moves

The Yankees held their end-of-season press conference yesterday. From Cliff Lee to Derek Jeter, most of the conference’s subject matter was to be expected. One thing surprised me, though. Brian Cashman confessed that he felt he had a poor offseason heading into 2010. The results of Cashman’s efforts may have been subpar, but let me state it clearly: Brian Cashman and the Yankees had an excellent offseason between 2009 and 2010. Cashman is confusing inputs with outputs. At worst, Cashman was too self-deprecating in the press conference, but it was wiser to say he’d had a bad offseason than to Continue reading Defending Brian Cashman’s offseason moves

A busy news day: Lee, Jeter, Rivera, Joba, Montero, Pettitte, Crawford, Werth, Greinke, Dunn and more

Apologies for not being further out in front of all of the news that broke today, but our friends at RAB have already done yeomen’s work in covering everything that came out of the end-of-season press conference held by Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi at the Stadium today, so be sure to check that out (as if you haven’t already). You’ve likely already heard about Dave Eiland getting the boot and Andy Pettitte pitching through injury in the playoffs, but Cashman also talks about the Yankees’ not having an answer for the Rangers despite steamrolling the Twins; Girardi asserts that Continue reading A busy news day: Lee, Jeter, Rivera, Joba, Montero, Pettitte, Crawford, Werth, Greinke, Dunn and more