Addressing the Yankees' areas of weakness: The Bench

Aside from the bullpen, the most frequently maligned aspect of nearly every Yankee team of the aughts was the bench. The excuse was often that the Yankees couldn’t get quality bench players...

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Hairston’s Damon claim

Last night, via the Home Plate channel’s Jim Bowden who spoke with Jerry Hairston Jr., we were told that the Yankees had not offered J-Hair a contract because they are waiting for Johnny Damon’s price to drop. However, the information was reported through Twitter and was influenced...

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The Brothers Hairston

Scott and Jerry Hairston


Since the World Series ended, we’ve spilled a lot of virtual ink on the left field situation. Well, I’m going to throw out more left field scenarios, with one of them spilling into the utility player’s spot as well...

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Hairston A Great Addition

From the NY Times:

Jerry Hairston Jr. started in center field for the Yankees, switched to right field in the eighth inning and finished the game at shortstop. Hairston doubled in the first two runs of the game, and continued to be as versatile as any Yankee.

When Nick Swisher was asked where Hairston’s versatility ranked...

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Yanks get Jerry Hairston Jr.

Joel Sherman has the news. Hairston, 33, was acquired from the Reds, where he hit .254/.305/.397. He can play the OF—all three positions—and some IF (3B, 2B, SS). Hairston isn’t as fast as Gardner (not even close), but he offers some speed and is a good OF defender while his defense in the IF...

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