Jorge Posada’s HOF Case

Since Jorge Posada‘s retirement after a distinguished 17-year career, a consensus has emerged on his Hall of Fame case.  Most people will probably place Posada in the “Hall of Very Good” with other Yankee legends such as Don Mattingly and Bernie Williams (presumably), and as a small hall supporter in general, I understand this viewpoint. The anti-Hall case for Posada was articulated in a recent article on Fangraphs by Marc Klaasen.  Klaasen argued that Posada’s career fWAR of 47.6 is well below the standard set by Andrew Dawson, a “baseline” hall-of-famer, who had a career WAR of 62.3.  Klaasen also Continue reading Jorge Posada’s HOF Case

Jorge Posada as a prospect

The recent retirement of Jorge Posada after a phenomenal 17-year career has led to many heartfelt tributes and retrospectives, analyzing what he has meant to the Yankees throughout his tenure.  Yesterday, John Sickels over at Minor League Ball took a look at Posada’s progression through the minors, and how scouts and prospect evaluators looked at him.  It’s a great read that is definitely worth checking out. Jorge’s minor league trajectory was unusual because he was not considered a top prospect at any point in his minor league career.  He was drafted in the 24th round out of high school in Continue reading Jorge Posada as a prospect

A retired number measuring stick

Yesterday, all of our rooms got a little dusty between 11 AM and noon as Jorge Posada announced his retirement from Major League Baseball. There is no doubt that Posada was a great Yankee. He gave us so many incredible memories and I cannot wait for the day when Jorge is brought back to Yankee Stadium and given the honor of a plaque in Monument Park. As I was driving to lunch, my iPod died (as it usually does) so I flipped on sports radio (yes it sucks, but it’s better than FM) and Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts were Continue reading A retired number measuring stick

Jorge Appreciation

Selfishly, I guess I could say I’m glad that Jorge Posada is retiring. It’s too bad to see a favorite player go, but I’m glad that we’ll never have to watch him play for another team. All of the memories we have of him will stay “pure,” in a way, because he’ll never wear anything but the pinstripes or the road grays. There were times when Posada was frustrating, mostly on defense, but we loved him nonetheless. He wore his baseball heart on his jersey sleeve each and every game and while at times it looked like he was taking Continue reading Jorge Appreciation

Jorge Posada to Retire

According to Sweeney Murti on Twitter, Jorge Posada is not going to try to continue his career outside of New York, and will retire after a long an arguably Hall of Fame caliber career. I’m 24 years old. I became a die-hard baseball fan during the 1998 season,when Jorge Posada received his first real playing time. This means that I quite literally can’t remember a Yankee team without Jorge Posada on the roster. He stuck with his one true team for the entire career, and was productive almost up until the end. He was perennial underrated, receiving MVP votes in Continue reading Jorge Posada to Retire

The Yankees and Pitching Prospects

Before I get into this, my first post at The Yankee Analysts, I’d like to thank everyone here for giving me this opportunity and for welcoming me so fully to the team. I have accepted this position knowing that TYA is not only among the best Yankees blogs on the internet, but among the best team centered blogs in all of baseball, and I hope I have something worthwhile to contribute. I thought I’d introduce myself to the readers by exploring a phenomena I’ve been considering for quite some time now. Given plethora of young arms in the system – Continue reading The Yankees and Pitching Prospects

Post DH All-Yankee Lineup

Though I didn’t watch the show, it did get me thinking. All three of the outfielders mentioned in that article, Reggie Jackson; Bernie Williams; and Paul O’Neill, are some of the finest the Yankees have had in the post DH era. Back when this blog was still (partially) The Yankee U, I ran the run scoring projections of an all time Yankee team that included the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and what not. To limit the ridiculousness (even the worst configuration of that lineup would break the run scoring record), I decided to go to the post-DH era Continue reading Post DH All-Yankee Lineup

Why Jorge Posada may not be finished

As Marc Carig reported on Wednesday, Jorge Posada’s days in pinstripes are likely numbered, a fact that the longtime Yankee seems well aware of.  Many Yankee fans feel similarly, due to Posada’s subpar 2011 season (89 WRC+, -0.4 WAR) and the emergence of superprospect Jesus Montero as his likely replacement in the DH/emergency catcher role.  Since Posada seems finished in New York (at least on this side of town), many fans are hoping that he will call it quits, ending a distinguished 17-year career entirely in the uniform of one organization.  I share some nostalgic hope that Jorge will be Continue reading Why Jorge Posada may not be finished

Cashman Notes Commentary

Last night, MLBTR posted some stuff courtesy of Maric Carig. I’ll offer my commentary: The Yankees were aware that Jonathan Sanchez was on the trade block, but Cashman said the team did not have discussions about acquiring him. The Giants traded Sanchez to the Royals for former Yankee Melky Cabrera earlier this week. I always had a soft spot for Sanchez, but the fact that the Yankees didn’t go out and grab him isn’t upsetting or surprising. That walk rate is scary and his GB% isn’t high enough for me to be comfortable with him making an NLW-to-ALE transition. Clubs Continue reading Cashman Notes Commentary