Boston's Payroll Inching Upwards

[image title=”153036_brewers_cardinals_baseball” size=”full” id=”15410″ align=”center” alt=”Julio Lugo scores for the Cardinals while being paid by the destitute Red Sox” linkto=”full” ]
NoMaas did a post this morning about Boston’s “little engine that could” attitude and their 2010 payroll, which is slated to be about 170 million dollars. When I first saw that number, I thought that it was mistaken, and that it was simply the luxury tax number, which is based upon average annual value rather than actual salaries. However, Mike Axisa of RAB pointed me towards a Cot’s Contracts spreadsheet that puts Boston at about 166 million before pre-arb contracts are set, meaning they should finish at about 170M. They will almost certainly be paying the luxury tax, and will be forced to consider that when making moves during the season.

With the Yankees coming in at 212M at this point, that makes for a fairly sizable gap of 46 million dollars. However, the Red Sox have closed on the Yankees significantly this offseason, as the 2009 difference was 85 million (207 vs.… Click here to read the rest

Olney On A-Rod, John Henry

Late last week, I brought up Buster Olney’s article on A-Rod’s struggles and the possible link to steroids. In the comments, I noted the following:

There is no reason to assume Alex just went off steroids. Either he went off in 2003, or he is still on some undetectable stuff. Why not treat a slump like a slump? They had no such questions when he started off with three hot weeks. Did he go off steroids 3 weeks ago?

In his chat earlier today, Buster was called out on his story and tried to defend himself:

Alfredo (New York City): You wrote a recent article citing scouts that claimed A-Rod was declining rapidly. Shortly afterward, he got two days of rest and has been on a tear ever since. Perhaps reports of his long-term decline are premature?
Buster Olney: Alfredo: I did not write that he was declining rapidly. What I wrote was that as A-Rod struggled, a question that was being asked increasingly was whether he is going to be a lesser player since he presumably doesn’t use steroids any more.

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Larry Lucchino and The Little Team That Could

Once upon a time, there was a scrappy baseball team from a little, hardworking town called Boston. They did their best to scrape by, piecing together a team with a payroll of under 150 million dollars. Although they desperately needed a new first baseman to replace the All-Star they had at the position for the previous season, they could only offer a meager 170M, no match for the evil corporation who came in and snatched the player from their grasp. The team president, little Larry Lucchino, was disappointed, but realized that he still had to push his little gutty team to contend. What was his plan for doing so, you ask? He spoke to the MetroWest Daily News and boldly proclaimed:

“We’re going to outwork and outsmart them,” but he conceded that with New York’s deep pockets, “It won’t be easy.”

Wow, what moxie!!! Little Larry has vowed that his little engine that could will defeat their corporate oppressors by outworking and outsmarting them.… Click here to read the rest