Robertson as closer will be just fine

Image Credit During last night’s game, Michael Kay said something that bothered me. Granted, this isn’t something unique and it definitely happened multiple times last night. Can you believe that in 2013, we’ve still got an announcer talking about Adam Dunn through the lens of batting average? Ugh, that bothers the hell out of me. Anyway, I digress. Getting back to the point of this article, Kay said something about David Robertson that he’s said many times before, that he worries about D-Rob as the post-Mariano Rivera closer. At its face, that’s a fair point. Going from Mo, the greatest Continue reading Robertson as closer will be just fine

O’s score two against Mariano, steal 2-1 victory from Yankees

Some losses are tough to get worked up about. Teams shouldn’t win 1-0 ball games. That’s a function of luck more than anything else. For that reason I don’t get too worked up over 2-1 losses when the Yankees only had a 1-0 lead. If you play with fire you’re going to get burned. Continue reading O’s score two against Mariano, steal 2-1 victory from Yankees

A quick glance at Mariano Rivera’s awesome start to the season

Mariano Rivera is so consistently good that he at times gets over looked on blogs such as this one. A writer is probably more inclined to write a Mo post if he’s seeing a bad stretch of play than if he’s being his usual dominant self. I try to do at least one Mariano appreciation post a year, but this year is a little different. Mariano missed most of last year with an injury. This is his swan song season (and unlike other athletes you know he means it). For a time his unreal stretch of play was getting somewhat overlooked, but now that he gotten off to a perfect start in save opportunities to start the season the media hype surrounding his play has picked up. The saves are shiny and nice to have, but to admire them is to overlook all that Rivera is doing. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading A quick glance at Mariano Rivera’s awesome start to the season

Just one more day …

Tonight, the 2013 Major League Baseball season begins, with the Texas Rangers playing the Houston Astros. The most beautiful thing about the baseball season is that it changes how I spend my leisure time. Nothing on TV tonight? They always play baseball. Can’t think of something to do after work? Call a buddy and watch some baseball. Don’t know how to spend time on a sunny afternoon? Upper deck tickets are cheap on Stub Hub and the 4 train moves fast. 162 games plus the playoffs means something to do, something to watch and something to talk about for half the year, and in terms of weather it’s the better half of the year.

After the gift of always having something entertaining to do, my second favorite thing about the baseball season is following story lines. Most Yankee fans are upset because the team enters 2013 in the weakest state that it has been in since 2008. Not only is the team not favored to win the AL East, but many believe the team will miss the playoffs. Win or lose, challenging seasons at least give fans like me more story lines to follow. When the Yankees put a juggernaut on the field and it demolishes its opponents every success was essentially scripted and only the failures make headlines. When the team is predicted to struggle, as it is this year, then new story lines will emerge, not only about failure but also about unexpected success. If the Yankees are going to make the playoffs they’re going to need to get strong performances from a number of players who are not household names, especially while household names Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson are on the DL. Here are some of the story lines I’ll be following during the first month of the season: Continue reading Just one more day …

Countdown to Spring Training: 34

Continuing our countdown today, we’ll be jumping into the Way Back Machine and travelling all the way to…2006. What happened with the number 34 in 2006? Well, one Mariano Rivera saved 34 games. Let’s briefly review Mo’s 2006. He tallied a 1.80 ERA, tied (with 2010) for the fifth best mark of his career. in terms of ERA+, Mo was at 252, one of his six seasons with an ERA+ of 250 or higher. His .960 WHIP–which any pitcher would kill for–is middling for Mo’s career. His K/BB was a sparkling 5.00, but like the WHIP, it’s middle of the Continue reading Countdown to Spring Training: 34

Yankees Finding Undervalued Pieces In Old Players

In Moneyball, Billy Beane uses a number of advanced statistics to find undervalued players on the market. His rival, the New York Yankees, don’t need Sabermetrics, since they have wagons full of cash. While that’s partially true, (the part about all the money) the Yankees were one of the first organizations to implement advanced statistics, well before the story took place in 2002. Now that the Yankees have a budget, we’re starting to see them take a step forward in finding undervalued players. Most recently, the Yankees have signed Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Kevin Youkilis, and Ichiro Suzuki. The Continue reading Yankees Finding Undervalued Pieces In Old Players

Yankees Re-Sign Mariano Rivera

The Yankees have agreed to re-sign closer Mariano Rivera to a one year $10 million deal plus incentives. Last season, Rivera’s year was cut short by an ACL tear in early May while he was shagging fly balls. Rivera should be ready to pitch by spring training. Rivera turns 43 today (Happy Birthday!). Since 1980, only 19 pitchers have relived into their age 43 season. Those relievers put together a cumulated just 10 saves through the last 32 years. Rivera will be the oldest official closer since Hoyt Wilhelm finished 39 games in 1970 at the age of 47. The Continue reading Yankees Re-Sign Mariano Rivera

Joakim Soria Seems Like A No-Brainer For The Yankees

Rafael Soriano will not accept his $13.3m qualifying offer, and the Yankees look destined to bring Mariano Rivera back for at least the 2013 season. The team will lose one great closer, and gain back the greatest closer. Still, they could have used the type of reliable setup man they lost when Soriano was promoted to closer, and Cory Wade was demoted to Triple-A. The outlook for next season has Rivera closing and David Robertson setting up for him in the 8th inning. With Joba Chamberlain and David Aardsma fully recovered from Tommy John surgery, they figure to compete for Continue reading Joakim Soria Seems Like A No-Brainer For The Yankees

The Best Laid Plans

As the blackout last week rolled on, the conversations between my father and me inevitably rolled to baseball. One thing he kept bringing up was how this upcoming Hot Stove season would be the most challenging for Yankee GM Brian Cashman. While I think there may have been more pressure to reload after missing the playoffs in 2008, I’m more or less in league with my dad on this one. With the 2014 budget in mind, it’s hard to know just exactly what the Yankees will do this winter. We know they won’t get younger for the sake of getting Continue reading The Best Laid Plans