What Do Derosa And Bay Mean For Damon And Left Field

In the last two days, we’ve seen both Mark DeRosa and Jason Bay agree to terms with the Giants and Mets respectively. While the Giants will play DeRosa at third, they could still use him in left field and other places. Bay will obviously play left field for the Mets, earning at least $66MM over at least four years. That leaves two fewer landing spots for Damon than there were this time last week.

What does this mean for the “former” Yankee outfielder? The meaning is a likely return to Pinstripes for Johnny. His options are dwindling rapidly, and the Yankees do not appear to be major players for the other remaining big-ticket position-playing free-agent, Matt Holliday. I’ve already discusssed the option of Jermaine Dye (ugh) and since then, that “rumor” has been thankfully debunked.

This basically leaves three choices: try and bring back Damon at the right price, go get a small-time outfielder to be part of a left-field platoon with Brett Gardner, or just stand pat with Gardner and Jamie Hoffmann as the outfielders.… Click here to read the rest

Derosa, Nady, and Dye All Off The Table?

While today seemed to be a fairly quiet day in the Yankee Universe, a number of reports surfaced suggesting the pool of left fielders being considered by the Yankees is shrinking. First, from Ken Rosenthal, we learn that Mark Derosa is on his way to San Francisco:

The San Francisco Giants are closing in on a two-year deal with Mark DeRosa, according to a major-league source. The Giants are expected to use DeRosa at third base and also as a super-utility man who could fill in at multiple positions.

Then Jon Heyman nixed Jermaine Dye:

#yanks dont appear to be in on jermaine dye. #rangers, #cubs, #giants, #braves, #angels, etc. more likely.

Finally, Bryan Hoch reports that Xavier Nady has priced himself out of the Yankees budget:

Right now, it appears the hold-up would be more financial than physical. General manager Brian Cashman said on Monday that Nady’s price is above the Yankees’ current budget, which explains why they have not been seriously linked to him while some other clubs have.

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I’d Rather Not Dye

Hey, everybody. Before I get started, let me “introduce” myself. For those of you who don’t recognize my name, I’m Matt Imbrogno and I wrote for Bronx Baseball Daily for the last few months. Anyway, thanks to Moshe for bringing me on here and I look forward to writing for the audiences here at TYU. On to the writing…

In a recent article, Bryan Hoch suggested both Mark DeRosa and Jermaine Dye as possible left field options if the Yankees stick to their guns and determine that Johnny Damon is too pricey. There are a few reasons to dislike both players. Let’s roll with DeRosa to start.

First, Buster Olney tweeted today that DeRosa is leaning towards accepting an offer from the Giants for two years and $12MM. It’s doubtful that the Yankees would want to match, let alone exceed that offer. It’s arguable that one year of DeRosa is too much, especially at $6MM. Second, I think DeRosa loses a good amount of his value as a full-time LF.… Click here to read the rest

Yankees Interested In DeRosa?

From Buster Olney:

Imagine Mark DeRosa as a big hunk of tuna, bait on a hook. One of the looming shadows circling below is that of the New York Yankees, who are weighing options and haven’t decided whether to take a shot at the versatile veteran.

Really? DeRosa is a solid player who had a good year last season, but he is almost certain to cost more than he is worth. He has a career 97 OPS+, and his real value comes in his versatility, which really does not fill a need on this roster. Unless something is seriously wrong with Xavier Nady, I cannot see a fit for DeRosa in the Yankees crowded outfield. He obviously will not get significant playing time on the infield, leaving him as a bench bat who is going to require a starter’s return. Cleveland wants MLB ready pitching for him, and the Yankees are not going to be willing to give up Phil Hughes or even Alfredo Aceves in a deal for a bench guy.… Click here to read the rest