Why Not Flip Sterling and Kay?

Neil Best recently interviewed Yankees radio voice John Sterling, and there were some interesting quotes: In his 21st season as the Yankees’ voice, Sterling remains perhaps the most polarizing figure in New York sports media, a hot-button topic both loved and loathed – sometimes by the same people. What does the man himself have to say about the phenomenon? “What am I going to do?” he said, sitting in an auxiliary booth before Tuesday’s game. “The first time it happens in your life, it hurts. The second time, it hurts a little less. “Now, after the 150,000th time, it hurts Continue reading Why Not Flip Sterling and Kay?

Michael Kay And Steroid Hypocrisy

From Bruce Jenkins: At the height of Barry Bonds’ pursuit of the home-run records, Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow made lively, enthusiastic calls on the Giants’ network. They always loved Bonds as a ballplayer. They knew that whatever the extent of his plunge into steroids, it didn’t tarnish his reputation as one of the greatest and most entertaining hitters of all time. Most of the Giants’ fans knew this, as well, and they cheered their hearts out whenever he went deep. Kuiper’s home-run calls, in particular, go down with the most inspiring of modern-day broadcasting. It seems this didn’t go Continue reading Michael Kay And Steroid Hypocrisy

Chemistry, Pies, And The Idiocy Of Michael Kay

Chemistry is an issue that seems to stir up a lot of discord among sports fans, particularly those that are inclined to focus on statistics and objective data to reach conclusions about sports. Personally, I believe that as fans, it is very hard for us to make judgements on this kind of stuff, one way or another. If everybody who plays the game seems to think that closing takes a special skill and chemistry does matter to teams, who am I to dispute that when we are really talking about the psychology of the game? Meaning, if people in the Continue reading Chemistry, Pies, And The Idiocy Of Michael Kay

MLB: No Fun Allowed

Nick Swisher pitched the 8th inning yesterday, and struck out Gabe Kapler while surviving the inning without allowing a run. He also smiled while on the mound, and saved the ball that he used to strike out Kapler. Apparently he broke some of the Unwritten Commandments of MLB, where fun is not allowed and honor and respect always rule the day. Jorge Posada was not amused, stating that: “No one was laughing,” he said when asked about Swisher’s performance. “Today was embarrassing.” That was obvious. The question is whether it was revealing of what lies ahead for the Yankees. They Continue reading MLB: No Fun Allowed

A-Rod: I've Given Up On Being Liked

Alex Rodriguez recently did an interview with YES Network’s Michael Kay, and had a few very interesting things to say: Alex Rodriguez believes the other 103 positive tests from Major League Baseball’s 2003 survey program should remain anonymous, the Yankees slugger told the YES Network in an interview to be aired Tuesday…. “This is really about my mistake,” Rodriguez told Kay. “You know, many nights I fell asleep thinking about who I can blame, and this guy, or that guy. And when I woke up I kept coming back to the same person; it’s me. I mean, there’s no one Continue reading A-Rod: I've Given Up On Being Liked

Sterling and Kay Among Yahoo's Worst Announcers

Jay Busbee over at Yahoo! Sports put together a list of the 50 worst announcers in sports. Always a contentious topic, the article has gotten 2654 comments to date, with plenty of suggestions for additions to the list. Quite frankly, announcers in the media saturation age have become so overanalyzed by columnists like Mushnick and Raissman that it is difficult for anyone to look good. They spend an inordinate amount of their time speaking to the public, and that just means they will eventually say something stupid or make a mistake. Whereas in the past, those mistakes would go largely Continue reading Sterling and Kay Among Yahoo's Worst Announcers

Moose Points Finger at…Rivera?

Joe Torre’s book seems to be getting a lot of people embroiled in controversy. The latest to be ripped by media personalities (if you consider Michael Kay a personality) is Mike Mussina, for the comments that he made about Mariano RIvera in Joe Torre’s book. From Mike “Tiny” Lupica: “We were up 3-0 and Mo (Rivera) came in again with the lead and lost it. He lost it again. As great as he is, and it’s amazing what he does, if you start the evaluation again since I got here, he has accomplished nothing in comparison to what he accomplished Continue reading Moose Points Finger at…Rivera?