Quotes from Cash-Part 2

I just never tire of this picture.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa interviewed Yankee GM Brian Cashman yesterday on his afternoon drive radio show. As always Brian was verbose, and made some interesting statements as well as clearing up some things in and around Yankee...

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Our Knowledge Of Prospects

From LA Observed:

So the other day I’m listening to 710 AM, and I hear Andrew Siciliano ask several times: “If Clayton Kershaw is untouchable, then who is touchable?” Siciliano genuinely didn’t know, and his partner Mychal Thompson couldn’t answer the question, probably because the only thoughts in head were “Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe…”


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The Joba Debate Rages On


Bryan Hoch comes through with a detailed, quote-laden piece on the never ending Joba Chamberlain debate, chock full of snippets from Joba, Jorge Posada, Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi, and…..Mike Francesa:

The plan had always been that Chamberlain would be returned to starting duty, and eventually he was. Few suggest that Phil Hughes, who is...

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Discussion: The State Of Sports Media

Someone I work with asked me an interesting question today: “Do you know more about baseball than Mike Francesa?” My answer was very simple: “I probably do not know as much about the history of the game as someone like Mike, but I (and many other fans) know significantly more about today’s game than Francesa...

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Joe Torre On Mike'd Up

Joe Torre was on with Mike Francesa this afternoon, and the master media manipulator did a nice job of defusing the hoopla over his tell-all tome. You can find the interview here, and I just wanted to run through the major points that he made.

1) Joe said that he was surprised by the reaction...

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