2011 WFAN Brian Cashman Breakfast (extended version)

"Soriano? If he stinks or gets hurt, he’ll be a Yankee for 3 years"

I attended the WFAN ‘Breakfast with a Champion’ with Brian Cashman on Tuesday morning, and as always, Brian didn’t disappoint one bit. I’ve attended these functions for 3 years running, and if anything Brian only seems to get more open, more verbose, and more honest with each event. You may have read some recaps on some other blogs, but I took extensive notes and can provide some context to some of the utter garbage that’s being spread around the MSM about what he did and didn’t say. I’ll use this post to fully recap his comments and I will have a follow up post tomorrow clarifying the Jeter/CF nonsense you’ve probably been reading elsewhere. There are no plans to move him now or in the future. If you’ve read some other Yankee blogs some of this stuff will be familiar, but there are other parts that I haven’t seen elsewhere that I found very interesting.… Click here to read the rest

Quotes from Cash-Part 2

I just never tire of this picture.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa interviewed Yankee GM Brian Cashman yesterday on his afternoon drive radio show. As always Brian was verbose, and made some interesting statements as well as clearing up some things in and around Yankee land. Here’s the link, I transcribed the parts I found most interesting:

On Derek Jeter-

Francesa-“..you were very straightforward about making this a cut and dried negotiation..did he take umbrage with anything you said?”

Cashman-“Yes. I think he did, understandably. And I took umbrage with being in the position to have to respond to the commentary that came out from their perspective.. ”

Francesa-“So you were annoyed with his agent”

Cashman-“Well, no Casey is terrific. Believe me, Casey and I go way back. Bottom line is, when you have the New York Yankees and you’ve got Derek Jeter, and its the media capitol of the world, all the eyes are watching, what you say, what you think, what you do.Click here to read the rest

Our Knowledge Of Prospects

From LA Observed:

So the other day I’m listening to 710 AM, and I hear Andrew Siciliano ask several times: “If Clayton Kershaw is untouchable, then who is touchable?” Siciliano genuinely didn’t know, and his partner Mychal Thompson couldn’t answer the question, probably because the only thoughts in head were “Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe…”

Now, I normally like Andrew Siciliano. He does a terrific job hosting the Red Zone Channel on Sundays for DirecTV. And when he fills in for Jim Rome or when he did his old show for Fox Sports Radio, he usually constructs well-thought arguments that I respect, even if I disagree with them. I was pleased to learn recently that he would have a regular local show on KSPN 710 (even though it is with Thompson).

But I think Siciliano asked the question because he doesn’t really know who is good in the Dodgers farm system. In fact, I don’t think anyone in the LA media really knows which Dodger prospects are good, and who the team could legitimately give up for Roy Halladay.

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The Joba Debate Rages On


Bryan Hoch comes through with a detailed, quote-laden piece on the never ending Joba Chamberlain debate, chock full of snippets from Joba, Jorge Posada, Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi, and…..Mike Francesa:

The plan had always been that Chamberlain would be returned to starting duty, and eventually he was. Few suggest that Phil Hughes, who is excelling in a similar role, should spend his career in the bullpen. Yet the Chamberlain talk continues; Cashman cannot understand the situation, and he has given up trying.

“Who knows? I’ve got no idea,” Cashman said. “I really don’t have a rational explanation, because I don’t necessarily agree with the opinions out there. Anybody who is a good starter is going to be a hell of a setup guy, I promise you. Anybody who has a plus fastball and a plus secondary pitch would make a great setup guy or closer, in theory. But it’s not the same.”

Now 23, Chamberlain has made 26 Major League starts, going 7-3 with a 3.32 ERA, accompanied by a mildly swelled 1.362 WHIP.

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Discussion: The State Of Sports Media

Someone I work with asked me an interesting question today: “Do you know more about baseball than Mike Francesa?” My answer was very simple: “I probably do not know as much about the history of the game as someone like Mike, but I (and many other fans) know significantly more about today’s game than Francesa does.”

The reasoning is very simple. In the last 15 years, new ways to measure, explain, and predict what goes on on the field have come into wide use. Anyone interested in understanding the game better and honing their grasp of the sport can easily gain some measure of understanding of these newer metrics in a matter of hours. Yet, the dinosaurs like Francesa have shown a general unwillingness to change while their profession has changed. Most of the teams are utilizing the numbers and the metrics, and some enterprising clubs have actually begun developing their own metrics. Statistics are not the be all and end all, and if you feel that things like heart, grit and chemistry are important elements of the game and are ignored by most of the stats, that is a fair criticism.… Click here to read the rest

Joe Torre On Mike'd Up

Joe Torre was on with Mike Francesa this afternoon, and the master media manipulator did a nice job of defusing the hoopla over his tell-all tome. You can find the interview here, and I just wanted to run through the major points that he made.

1) Joe said that he was surprised by the reaction to the book, as he wrote the book to celebrate his time in NY and show people that winning did not come easy. It It was important to him not to be the primary voice of the book, but he stands behind everything Verducci wrote. Joe also said that there were things that he held back, and that he had no control over what Verducci wrote. The book was not intended to be an expose or a negative tell-all type, it was not written out of bitterness, and would have been written even if he was still managing the Yankees.

2) In regard to Mussina’s comments about Rivera, Joe responded as I did- “Is any of this stuff not true?” He said that it was not a knock, just stating facts, and that Mo was so perfect, it was tough to live up to himself.… Click here to read the rest

Sterling and Kay Among Yahoo's Worst Announcers

Jay Busbee over at Yahoo! Sports put together a list of the 50 worst announcers in sports. Always a contentious topic, the article has gotten 2654 comments to date, with plenty of suggestions for additions to the list. Quite frankly, announcers in the media saturation age have become so overanalyzed by columnists like Mushnick and Raissman that it is difficult for anyone to look good. They spend an inordinate amount of their time speaking to the public, and that just means they will eventually say something stupid or make a mistake. Whereas in the past, those mistakes would go largely unnoticed, today they are placed onto YouTube within minutes.

Regardless of my opinion on the issue, the Yankees’ TV and radio play by play men were both recognized as being among the worst at their professions. WCBS Radio’s John Sterling came in at number 17, with the caption reading “Catch-phrases flop to the ground like beached marlin; “Thaaaaaa Yankees win!” is the worst victory cry ever.” I disagree with this assessment of Sterling, as I find him entertaining when the game is on the line.… Click here to read the rest