Minor League Baseball Starts Tonight!

Our long national nightmare is over, finally, with the return of minor league baseball.  All four of the Yankees’ full season affiliates will be in action tonight, so it will be an opportunity to see a plethora of Yankee prospects in action.  We will certainly have more in depth minor league discussion throughout the season, but today I just want to give a broad overview of tonight’s action, a few players to watch (on both teams), and the starters for the game. AAA Scranton will be facing the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (one of the great minor league team names) the Continue reading Minor League Baseball Starts Tonight!

The Hiroshima Carp are my favorite squadron

While perusing MLBTR, I came across a mention of Japanese baseball club The Hiroshima Carp. Eager to find out more, I promptly Googled the Carp to see if they had a sweet- and or crazy-ass logo a la many a minor league team, but instead came across this gem of a team information page. Truly, this has to be the most honest description of a professional baseball franchise on the Internet. To wit: “Partly owned by the City of Hiroshima and Toyo, a car manufacturing company, the Carp may be one of the poorest ball clubs in Japan. Because the Continue reading The Hiroshima Carp are my favorite squadron