Keep Calm and Carry On

This is a repost from Rebecca’s blog. Original can be found here.

So that game didn’t go exactly as planned.

You can divvy it up however you want, but the honest truth is that Phil Hughes did not pitch like a Game Two starter is supposed to pitch, and Colby Lewis did–at least enough to keep the Yankees unbalanced and make his pitches when he had to.

So now the Yankees head back to New York City, with the ALCS tied at one game a piece, and Cliff Lee slated to pitch on Monday and AJ Burnett on Tuesday.

Some, such as Ian O’Connor, might argue it’s time to panic.

Here’s why you shouldn’t.

1) Cliff Lee is not unbeatable, even in the postseason.

In Game Five of last year’s World Series, Lee pitched seven innings, allowing seven hits and five runs, all earned. No, the Yankees did not win that game–but that had more to do with AJ Burnett’s poor start than Lee’s good one, which wasn’t actually a good start.… Click here to read the rest

Red Sox to acquire Victor Martinez, per twitter

No word on the price yet, but hopefully the Indians were able to extract some valuable players/prospects from Boston.  The tweet is from Bob Nightengale, a USA Today writer.  Of the big 3 of Halladay, Adrian Gonzalez, and Martinez, V-Mart would likely have had the lowest cost, and is not the same caliber player as the other two.  This is a nice addition to the struggling Boston lineup (depending on the price, of course), but as a Yankee fan, it’s hardly a reason to panic.  I imagine Martinez will spend a lot of  time at 1st base, with Youkillis moving to 3rd.  He will probably catch occasionally as well, to spell the gritty Jason Varitek.

Now let’s see if the Yankees make any moves in the next 2 hours, perhaps to solidify the 5th spot in the rotation (Justin Duchscherer?).  I’m not expecting anything major at this point, and since Boston seems to be out of the Hallady picture with this trade, I don’t see the Yankees overpaying Toronto in a panic to keep him away from Boston.… Click here to read the rest