Rafael Soriano To The Nationals

Last year’s Yankees closer has just agreed to a two-year $28 million deal with the Washington Nationals, that includes a third year option. Though there was a bit of speculation that Rafael Soriano was desperate for a contract, the reliever certainly got his money.

With Nick Swisher...

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Soriano not a necessity, but a reunion should be welcomed

Yesterday, we heard news that Scott Boras, agent for free-agent reliever Rafael Soriano, approached the Yankees about a one year contract for the righty pitcher. Boras and Soriano were apparently, “flatly denied” per Bob Klapisch. Buster Olney hinted that the Yankees are choosing the draft pick/draft pool money...

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The Best Laid Plans

As the blackout last week rolled on, the conversations between my father and me inevitably rolled to baseball. One thing he kept bringing up was how this upcoming Hot Stove season would be the most challenging for Yankee GM Brian Cashman. While I think there may have been more pressure to reload after missing the...

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The 2013 bullpen

First off, how is everyone? I know a large portion of our readership is certainly in the Tri-State Area and I hope you and yours are doing well. Now, let’s get onto some baseball matters as a nice distraction.

As you probably could’ve guessed by midseason, Rafael Soriano has officially...

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The Replacements

All five AL East teams have lost significant pieces, many for a majority of the season. On paper, the Red Sox were supposed to be neck and neck with the Yankees in August. I’ve heard an innumerable amount of injury excuses for teams this year, but 12.5 games now stand between the first place Yankees...

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But I Thought The Yankees Always Lost To The Angels?

For a while now, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have been a thorn in the side of the New York Yankees. We all remember the early playoff exits in 2002 and 2005 and we were elated when the Yankees finally beat them in 2009 to advance to the World Series. So even though it’s...

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Beat writing at its best

The relationship between the blogosphere and members of the traditional sports media has historically been a strained one.  Among many old-school journalists, contempt existed toward bloggers who hadn’t paid their dues by going to journalism school, often wrote in a more informal (and sometimes profane) fashion, and made no attempts to feign objectivity toward the...

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Correction coming for Soriano?

Rafael Soriano has a 2.01 ERA in 24 appearances. (Photo: Getty Images).

Rafael Soriano, interim closer with Mariano Rivera out for the season, blew his first save of the year on Sunday. Entering a 4-3 game in the top...

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