Players to Watch, NL Central

On Monday, I widened my scope on baseball and listed some players to watch for the NL West. Today, I’m gonna run down the not-too-highly-regarded National League Central Division. Despite producing a World Series winner recently–the 2006 Cardinals–fans, especially those of the AL East tend to think of the NL Central as one of...

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Jonny Gomes is still out there

As Spring Training approaches, the Yankees’ 2010 lineup, as I see it, is not yet complete. Currently, a pair of of the team’s starting outfielders – Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner – could potentially encounter issues with left-handed pitching this season. If we, for a moment, forego sample size criticism...

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Reds sign Chapman for $30M

Via MLBTR, from Jeff Passan (Yahoo! Sports) we learn that Aroldis Chapman has signed a 5-year, $30 million deal with an NL Central club. Passan speculates that the Reds, who have never really been linked to Chapman outside of today, might be the team, as Chapman is actually on a flight...

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Did the Yankees miss out on Arroyo?

When Jeff Flecther (AOL Fanhouse) inaccurately reported that the Yankees were working on a Bronson Arroyo deal with the Reds, just prior to the trade deadline, I wrote the following:

I think this would be a terrible trade for the Yankees. Arroyo has been bad on the road and at home for the Reds...

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Yanks get Jerry Hairston Jr.

Joel Sherman has the news. Hairston, 33, was acquired from the Reds, where he hit .254/.305/.397. He can play the OF—all three positions—and some IF (3B, 2B, SS). Hairston isn’t as fast as Gardner (not even close), but he offers some speed and is a good OF defender while his defense in the IF...

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Yanks discussing Arroyo with the Reds

From Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fanhouse:

The Yankees are in serious discussions with the Reds about acquiring Bronson Arroyo, although right now the deal may be hinging on how much of Arroyo’s remaining contract the Reds are willing to eat, major league sources told FanHouse on Monday. “It will get done,” one source said.


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