This Offense Is Offensive

There’s no need to sugarcoat it anymore.  It’s a scientific fact at this point, why try holding out hope that it’s going to turn around?  This offense sucks.  It sucks and it sucks hard.  Whether you want to blame ownership, Cashman, or both, we can all be unified in agreement that this performance from the lineup night in and night out is just pathetic.  Each game brings a new low, and the numbers and anecdotes to prove it are starting to get frightening.  Reid Brignac isn’t OPSing CC’s playing weight.  Vernon Wells may have inadvertently started the takeover of the machines.  Francisco Cervelli is the team wOBA leader right now, by a wide margin, and he hasn’t played a game since April 26th.  Alberto Gonzalez is statistically the team’s best offensive shortstop.

The rest of the roster hasn’t been holding up its end of the deal as well as it was earlier in the season, but this lineup is so inept that the team is basically done as soon as they give up 3 runs these days.  … Click here to read the rest

Keeping The Good Ship Yankee Afloat

The Yankees picked up a win yesterday afternoon, salvaging a small piece of pride from this West Coast trip and giving themselves something to build on for the next homestand.  As was the case during their recent losing streak, they won in rather frustrating fashion, getting out early and coasting through 8 innings before watching their bullpen aces almost give away a 6-run lead in the 9th.  Had they lost that game we’d be looking at a threat level red meltdown this morning, so it was nice to avoid that.  It’s also nice to know that, despite the brutal offensive performance and continued injury problems, the Yanks come home just 2 games back in the loss column in the AL East and tied for the 2nd Wild Card spot.

The “just tread water until the regulars come back” plan has fallen apart rapidly with the return trips to the DL for C-Grand and Kevin Youkilis and Teix’s latest setback with his wrist, and now the Yanks are looking at Francisco Cervelli as the new earliest guy back sometime after the All Star Break.  … Click here to read the rest

First Rough Stretch Officially Reached

Nix E vs NYM

Well here we are.  The low point of the season to date has been reached.  The Yankees wake up this morning losers of 4 straight games, games they were outscored 21-9 in, and 6 of their last 8.  They’ve looked absolutely putrid in those 4 games, on the mound, at the plate, and in the field.  For the first time this season they have the appearance and accompanying performance of the cobbled together, replacement-level mess they were expected to be.  The quick gust of wind that was blown in the team’s sails when Curtis Granderson returned to the lineup has been snuffed out by his re-injury, and tonight the boys will try to wake up out of their funk in time to not get swept out of town by the effing Mets.

The results aren’t even as frustrating as the level of play that’s created them.  When a team, even the Mets, beats your best pitchers for 1-run wins you just tip your cap and move on.  … Click here to read the rest

The Yankees’ Wild 2013 Ride Keeps Rolling Along

Nix Overbay vs KC

Today should be fun, huh?  After starting off their “8 in 7” road trip with a 2-1 series win in Colorado and a 3-game sweep in KC, the surging Yankees will stop off in Cleveland today on their way back home for a doubleheader to make up for last month’s rainouts.  They were 2-4 when they first came to Cleveland 5 weeks ago and used the first 2 games of that series to kickstart their season, winning both by a combined score of 25-7.  Since then the Yanks have gone 19-9, ascended to the top of the division, and silenced nearly all the critics who said they’d be done after suffering their rash of ST injuries, this extended stretch of success being driven by some of the players most expected to flop as full-time injury replacements.  Now they’ll come back to where the season really started, even more injured and worn down than they were last time, and they’ll do it with a 5-game winning streak in their pocket.… Click here to read the rest

Buster Olney’s Keys To The Yankees’ Season Are Accurate, Surprisingly Predictable

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I’m a Buster Olney fan.  I think he’s one of the best baseball reporters in the business, if not the best, and take his information and thoughts on the Yankees more seriously than probably any other beat writer or MSM reporter.  That’s why I was a little surprised to find that Olney’s “What Yankees need to go right in ’13” Friday morning blog post (Insider Only) was so ordinary.  It’s not that anything he said was wrong or untrue, it’s just that a lot of it seemed so obvious and so basic that it didn’t feel like a true Yankee-centric post to me.   Have the Yankees really become this boring this offseason?

1. CC Sabathia needs to be healthy enough to provide a lot of innings — and be good in those innings.

Well yeah.  He’s the unquestioned ace of the staff.  What team doesn’t need their ace to be good?… Click here to read the rest

Did Having To Play All The Way Through The Regular Season Hurt The Yankees?

Ain't no lineup changes that fix tired. Courtesy of the AP

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Yesterday The other day I made a comment on our daily TYA email chain that it seemed like most of the blogopshere was caught in a no man’s land when it came to Yankee coverage now that the season was over.  The combination of such a one-sided postseason exit with what was otherwise a very strong season seems to have put everybody in a situation where they aren’t quite ready to go back and fully review 2012 and also aren’t quite ready to let it go and start looking towards this offseason and 2013.  Well if that’s the case then I’m just as guilty as everybody else, because I’ve had this idea jotted down for a couple weeks, even going back to the start of the postseason against Baltimore.

The general consensus was that playing hard through the end of the regular season would benefit the Yankees because they would still be mentally locked in and would not lose any momentum by having guys sit and rest down the stretch like they would if the division was already locked up. … Click here to read the rest

How Are We Supposed To Feel As Yankee Fans Right Now?

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I was really looking forward to this post.  I was fully prepared to write a Kate Hudson in “Almost Famous”-style, “it’s all happening” post about the recent turnaround and positive momentum the Yankees were building at the right time as they headed into the final handful of regular season games against their 2 divisional doormats.  They had won 13 of 19 games, maintained sole custody of the AL East lead, shaved their playoff magic number down to less than a hand’s worth of digits, and were getting healthier by the day.

CC was back and looking like the version of himself that everybody has been waiting for months to see; A-Rod was back, looking healthy, and helping to lengthen the middle of the batting order; Ichiro had turned back the clock to the mid-2000s and earned himself a spot at the top of the order thanks to his hot hitting. … Click here to read the rest

Some Stretch Run Concerns

September hasn't been nearly as kind to Hiroki as August was. Courtesy of the AP

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I’ve already thrown a Grade-A AB4AR jinx on the Yankees’ playoff hopes once this season, and I’ve learned my lesson.  I’ve been taking very careful steps to not mention the “P” word like its a foregone conclusion again as we come down the homestretch of the 2012 regular season, even as the Yankees have turned things around, and I’m certainly not going to do that here.  What I am going to do is touch on some things that the Yankees should be monitoring as they make their final sprint to the regular season finish line.

Hiroki Kuroda‘s Gas Tank

A little over a month ago, I commented on the possibility of Kuroda getting overworked down the stretch after the incredible job he did putting the team on his back doe over the summer.  Kuroda finished the month of August strong, but September has been a different story. … Click here to read the rest

Let’s Take A Minute And Reset The Landscape

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July was a bit of an eventful month, huh?  The Yankees ended it on a very rough 3-9 streak that saw them lose 6 games by 1 run right after starting the month 10-4 and looking like they were going to run away and hide with the division title sometime in early August.  They blew early leads, they blew late leads, and they made a couple comebacks that fell just short, all adding to a growing sense of frustration amongst the fans and some of the more pot-stirring writers.  Things have gotten a tad bit frazzled over the last 2 weeks.  I know I’ve been a bit more emotional and vocal with my displeasure this week, and the folks I write with for TYA can attest to that.  But as we rip another page off the calendar and put July in the rearview, I think it’s important to take a step back and look at the overall landscape of Yankeeland heading into the stretch run of the season.… Click here to read the rest