"Who would you rather face?"

I hate this question. However, it’s an inevitable one that baseball fans will continue to ask because until you know who your team’s postseason opponent is there isn’t really much else one can do aside from debate whether one team would be “preferable” to the other.

The reason I hate this question is because there’s no...

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Yankees blow Rangers out 12-4 for second straight game

See Robbie, good things happen when you take the first pitch of an at-bat. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

For the second straight evening the Yankees won a 12-4 laugher against the Rangers, although unlike Tuesday night it...

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Series Preview | Yankees vs. Rangers III

(photo c/o Getty)

The Yankees and Rangers meet for the third and final time of the 2011 season tonight, squaring off for a three-game set in the Bronx. The Yankees have won four out of the...

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Yankees recall joys of winning; 4-1 over Rangers

After “enjoying” the cold spacious confines of Comerica, the Yanks were definitely in need of a win. Fortunately, last night provided just such an occasion. Let’s break it down.

It’s only appropriate to quote a cliché Sterling-ism. “The Grandyman can, ohh, the Grandyman can!” Curtis smashed...

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Yankees vs. Rangers II: Deep in the heart

This weekend, the Yankees and Rangers meet for the second of three times this season — this is the Bombers’ only trip to Texas — with nearly identical pitching match-ups as the two teams’...

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