How about Angel Pagan?

In one of our daily email correspondences, Steve brought up the idea of signing Torii Hunter, and he, Moshe, and Mike E. were discussing the pros and cons. Out of no where, Dom brought up the idea of recent World Series winner Angel Pagan as an option. Admittedly, I had no idea he was even a free agent and his name would certainly get lost in conversations about higher profile outfielders like Josh Hamilton, Nick Swisher, B.J. Upton, and Torii Hunter. After a quick glance at some of the particulars, I like Pagan a lot more than I thought I Continue reading How about Angel Pagan?

The Best Laid Plans

As the blackout last week rolled on, the conversations between my father and me inevitably rolled to baseball. One thing he kept bringing up was how this upcoming Hot Stove season would be the most challenging for Yankee GM Brian Cashman. While I think there may have been more pressure to reload after missing the playoffs in 2008, I’m more or less in league with my dad on this one. With the 2014 budget in mind, it’s hard to know just exactly what the Yankees will do this winter. We know they won’t get younger for the sake of getting Continue reading The Best Laid Plans

Yanks Have Interest In Torii Hunter And So Do I

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod) It was nothing more than a basic report from the infamous unnamed source that the Yankees are interested in free agent to be Torii Hunter, but when it’s coming from Mark Feinsand you can put a little extra faith in it.  The Yanks don’t appear to be wasting any time in seeking out a replacement for Nick Swisher in right field, and if they aren’t going to get seriously involved in any kind of trade discussion for Justin Upton, Hunter would be an ideal 1-year stopgap signing.  Even at age 37, turning Continue reading Yanks Have Interest In Torii Hunter And So Do I