The ridiculously good starting pitching of the 2010 Toronto Blue Jays

As we’ve seen over 12 games thus far against the Blue Jays in which the Yankees have gone 5-7, this year’s Toronto team has some astoundingly good starting pitching. Which got me...

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Jays continue to out-hit and out-pitch Bombers, beat Yanks 6-3

Raise your hand if you’re getting tired of losing to Toronto. I know I am. With a 6-3 victory, the Blue Jays have now beaten the Yankees seven times this year,...

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Jose Bautista hits two more Jose Bautistas, spoils Nova's debut start as Blue Jays beat Yanks 3-2

Do we really have to play this team eight more times?

Jose Bautista hit two more home runs — or Jose Bautistas, as they have now been rechristened by...

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Series Preview: Yankees vs. Blue Jays IV

The Yankees head to Canada to play the Toronto Extra Base Hits for the fourth of six times this season. I for one am not looking forward to this series at...

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A-Rod blasts 600th career home run as Yanks halt three-game skid with 5-1 victory

The Yankees finally made a two-run home run in the first inning count, as Alex Rodriguez‘s 600th career blast (three years to the day he hit his 500th, natch) gave...

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The Toronto Extra Base Hits continue to extra-base-hit the very much not extra-base-hit Yankees into submission in 8-2 drubbing

So that Ricky Romero is a pretty good pitcher, huh?

After allowing a shocking leadoff walk to Derek Jeter (not to worry, he grounded out in each of his...

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