New transfer rule interpretation goes against how players are taught

Has anything been more annoying in baseball this season than the new interpretation of the transfer rule?

We’ve had pine tar issues, catchers can’t block the plate, and replays galore.

However, the most universally hated “new rule” has been the interpretation of the transfer rule. Essentially, after a player catches a ball – whether it be turning a double play or catching a fly ball – when he takes it out of his glove to throw it, if he drops the ball, the play is safe.

It goes against everything every single baseball player has ever been taught starting from the days of Little League.

The ball is caught. It’s in the glove. That moment should have registered as an out. That’s not the case anymore, and a number of teams have been hit hard by this new rule. The New York Yankees benefitted from it in Thursday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox. In the second inning, Brian Roberts hit a ball to Boston third baseman Brock Holt who threw it to Dustin Pedroia in hopes of turning a double play.… Click here to read the rest