MLB’s Advanced Media Strategy: What Strategy?

Although I think about this all the time, I got set off on this ironically by something on Twitter. Bill Simmons offered to have the head of MLB’s advanced media on his podcast to explain their “media strategy”. This was after MLBAM apparently removed a video of a NESN reporter choking on a sandwich...

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Media Thoughts: Taking Advantage Of Twitter

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Time Magazine recently released its list of the top 140 twitter accounts, and there were a number of accounts listed under the “sports” heading:

Old Hoss Radbourn
Eric Stangel
Dara Torres
Brian Wilson
Rory McIlroy
Apolo Ohno
Steve Nash
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About MLB and Twitter

[Moshe asked me to share this with you, so I have]

[Caveat:  This story is still developing.  Recommend reading this post from Fang’s Bites for background info, and updates.]

This evening, news broke that is now preventing their writers from tweeting anything non-baseball related.

I wish I could adequately put into words how much that...

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Granderson's New Handset

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Twitter is an amazing tool for fans and bloggers, in that it provides access to people with expertise that many fans would not have had the ability to speak with in the past. Last night, I was...

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Discussion: What Do You Expect From Baseball Writers On Twitter?

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Twitter has entirely changed how baseball reporters and writers deal with the information that they collect and how they interact with their readership. Ken Rosenthal chimed in on this topic last night (h/t @crashburnalley):

Early in my career, I would lose sleep if I reported something inaccurately, even...

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Some lazy Saturday afternoon links

If you read Yankeeist you probably also already Fangraphs, so even though you don’t need me to tell you to go there, I’m going to anyway. Matt Klaasen’s post from yesterday...

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Red Sox to acquire Victor Martinez, per twitter

No word on the price yet, but hopefully the Indians were able to extract some valuable players/prospects from Boston.  The tweet is from Bob Nightengale, a USA Today writer.  Of the big 3 of Halladay, Adrian Gonzalez, and Martinez, V-Mart would likely have had the lowest cost, and is not the same caliber player...

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