Wil Myers Could Be Heading To The AL East

We’ve already witnessed the Blue Jays go from an average team to a playoff contender in the matter of one day, and now we’re hearing that the Royals want to drop their top prospect in the AL East. They’ve traded for Ervin Santana and signed Jeremy Guthrie already, but they’re still looking to obtain an ace on the trade market. For the Yankees, what happens to the Royals and how they actually perform in 2013 means very little, but what we’ve heard in trade rumors could send more competition to their division. The Royals are currently eyeing Tampa Bay’s James Continue reading Wil Myers Could Be Heading To The AL East

Trade Musings: Outfield Targets

“I haven’t been looking,” Cashman said. “That doesn’t mean that (it’s out of the question). Now you’ve passed the draft, people will be more interested in having conversations. I have not had any conversations with anybody about anything.” Almost immediately after we heard of Brett Gardner‘s setback last weekend, we had word from Brian Cashman on a possible replacement. Unsurprisingly, Cashman claimed that he’s been quiet on the outfield trade market, although he left the door open for future moves as the trade deadline comes to fruition. In the coming days we’ll learn more about Gardner’s injury, but that doesn’t Continue reading Trade Musings: Outfield Targets

Comparing the Yankees To Other Likely Top-6 Farm Systems

[image title=”jesus_montero” size=”full” id=”24033″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]Yesterday, we learned that Jim Callis regards the Yankees as a top-6 farm system in baseball. Accompanying them are probably going to be Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Cleveland and possibly two of  Minnesota, Atlanta and Oakland. Among this group, how to the Yankees rank? At the top of each organization, the Yankees probably have the best prospect. Jesus Montero’s main competition for the title probably includes Jeremy Hellickson in Tampa and the Kansas City trio of Eric Hosmer, Wil Myers, and Mike Moustakas. I think Montero is a pretty clear choice  over that group Continue reading Comparing the Yankees To Other Likely Top-6 Farm Systems