This could be an interesting week for the Yankees

I feel like we have been here before. The last couple of the seasons the Yankees had a solid start with different players coming through in the clutch.

And, then, things fell apart – or more that it just stays even.

New York has lost 7 of its last 8, and won just two games on its recent nine-game road trip. These two days off this week may very well be needed as it starts a six-game home stand followed by a seven-game West Coast road trip tomorrow. Their next day off is not until June 4.

This coming week could be an important one in the Yankees season. Two months in, and things start to potentially show how the Yankees are going to play for the rest of the season.

In 2013, the Yankees were 30-18 on May 31. Starting on June 1, they finished the season 54-53, a mediocre team.

Last season, New York was just average the entire time with a few moments where it looked better than just OK.…

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Pedro Martinez for Mariano Rivera; imagine that

One of my favorite baseball bloggers, Jonah Keri, is in the process of writing (what I assume to be) another fantastic book which is scheduled for release in 2014. He’ll be focusing in on the history of the Montreal Expos — a team I often find...

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A brief reflection

I find it’s particularly easy at times to get lost in the vastness of baseball. The regular season goes on seemingly forever; all the while, it supplements our daily routine in a way no other sport is capable. As the months go by, injuries, hot streaks, heart breaking extra-inning losses and walk off wins all...

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Game Thread: Tigers vs. Yankees — Game 1 Cont’d, 10/1/2011 (8:37PM EST on TBS)

The rain came along and disrupted baseball last night. Let’s see if we can give this another go today in the continuation of Game 1.  Go Yankees!

Tonight’s Lineups:
1. Austin Jackson (R) CF
2. Magglio Ordonez (R) RF
3. Delmon Young (R) LF
4. Miguel Cabrera (R)...

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2011 ALDS Preview, Part 6 | Game 2 1 Cont’d Starters: Ivan Nova vs. Doug Fister

What do they say about baseball? Oh, right Suzyn.

Well, this series has already taken a turn for the unexpected thanks to monsoon-like conditions in the Bronx (and basically everywhere else in the North East). In any event, Game 1 will resume tonight at 8:37pm EST in...

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Transitioning into the postseason; some observations

Over the past few days, we’ve been privy to some pretty enthralling baseball. As the final days of the season come to an end, the Sox, Rays, Cardinals, and Braves having taken center stage as they desperately fight for October admittance. With all of this added mania, I’ve found myself watching even more baseball than...

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Game Thread: Yankees vs. Blue Jays, 9/16/2011 (7:07PM EST on MY9)

The Yankees have crossed the border and are primed for yet another series against their northern neighbors.  At this point, the magic number is down to seven and the Yankees odds for reaching the postseason are listed at 100%.  Be sure to read TYA’s series preview if you haven’t already. 

On an unrelated note,...

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Game Thread: Yankees vs. Angels, 9/9/2011 (10:05PM EST on YES)

Friday night! Late night baseball (if you’re on the east coast that is). Let’s do it.

Today’s lineup (compliments of

1. Derek Jeter (R) SS
2. Curtis Granderson (L) CF
3. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B
4. Alex Rodriguez (R) 3B
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