YES Censors Affiliated Blogs Over Rafael Soriano Criticism?

When news of Rafael Soriano’s signing filtered onto Twitter on the evening of January 13th, many Yankees fans were aghast at the length of the deal and the fact that the club had sacrificed a draft pick to obtain an 8th inning man. A number of those fans used their platforms as bloggers to criticize the signing. In particular, Mike Axisa and Joe Pawlikowski expressed displeasure with the move over at River Avenue Blues (RAB), while Steve Goldman penned a critical column entitled, “What the Heck Are the Yankees Doing?” that ran at his Pinstriped Bible blog. What happened next Continue reading YES Censors Affiliated Blogs Over Rafael Soriano Criticism?

YES Right, Raissman Wrong On Clemens

Bob Raissman, as his wont, fired off a rant against the YES Network’s treatment of the Roger Clemens indictment. Here are the key passages: Seriously though, why would the brainiacs running YES, or suits in the Yankees front office, offer Clemens a cloud of media cover by initially blacking out news of his indictment? Maybe they don’t want their voices discussing the possibility of Andy Pettitte having to testify at a Clemens trial. Or the fact that any other current Yankee who was around Clemens when he was with the club could be subpoenaed. Beyond that, the franchise has distanced Continue reading YES Right, Raissman Wrong On Clemens


I’ve been holding a lot of this back, so if this seems like nit picking, I’m sorry. These feelings on the Yankees’ behemoth of a regional sports network have been welling up inside me since the beginning of the season. But, since I’m generally a nice guy, I’m gonna start with some positives. Generally, YES does a good job presenting the game. There are rarely picture quality issues and aside from the occasional close-up-that’s-too-long, the camera work is solid and acceptable. They may not try anything bold, but they keep it simple and there’s something to be said for that. Continue reading On YES

Help say "See ya!" to Michael Kay

Hey Yankee fans, For those of you who may have missed it — and let’s face it, most of you probably did, given another gorgeous, if slightly muggy, weekend in the City — Yankeeist created a Facebook group page dedicated to ousting Michael Kay as the YES Network’s play-by-play announcer and replacing him with the inimitable Bob Lorenz. Lorenz’s voice was a sound for sore ears this past weekend, as YES took him out of the pre- and postgame studio and placed him in the booth with John Flaherty. The result was nothing short of transformative, as Lorenz has a Continue reading Help say "See ya!" to Michael Kay

If we get enough support, perhaps we can get Bob Lorenz to replace Michael Kay in the booth

Have you ever met a Yankee fan who likes Michael Kay? Me neither, which is why after Bob Lorenz’s sterling performance in the booth, it seemed appropriate to start a grassroots campaign to get Kay out as YES play-by-play announcer and Lorenz in! Show your support by joining our Facebook group: Bob Lorenz to replace Michael Kay as YES play-by-play announcer [Facebook]

Will we ever see a true sabermetrician in the play-by-play booth?

I know this particular bit of news is a few days old, but since I hadn’t gotten a chance to comment on it and it’s an otherwise slow Friday baseball morning in January, I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those who will miss David Cone at the YES Network. When Coney first showed up in the booth during the 2008 season I thought he was terrible. His voice sounded out of place (although I think this tends to happen anytime an unfamiliar voice turns up during Yankee broadcasts. When you watch a team 162 times a Continue reading Will we ever see a true sabermetrician in the play-by-play booth?

Thank you, Nick Swisher, thank you

By Mike Jaggers-Radolf Lost amid the excitement of the YES Network’s pregame coverage of Game 6 of the ALCS was a segment looking into the offensive struggles of a Yankee who was a major contributor during the regular season but whose bat had gone cold in the playoffs. That Yankee: Nick Swisher. I know what you’re thinking. I thought it too — Nick Swisher?! I’ve taken the liberty of pasting below the entire everyday Yankees lineup, along with their regular season slash stats and postseason slash stats. I’ve also put the list in order of the player the Yankees most Continue reading Thank you, Nick Swisher, thank you

Start times for ALCS Games 1 and 2

As per RAB, Friday and Saturday night’s ALCS Game 1 and 2 will each start at 7:37pm. Oddly enough, I kind of liked the slightly earlier start times in the ALDS. Even though 6:07pm interfered with a number of fans’ abilities to get out of work to catch the first pitch, it was also nice to have the games conclude by a reasonable time given the four-hour-plus length of Yankee postseason contests. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the last person to complain about a long baseball game, but the commercial breaks on these national telecasts are a solid minute if Continue reading Start times for ALCS Games 1 and 2

Sterling and Kay Among Yahoo's Worst Announcers

Jay Busbee over at Yahoo! Sports put together a list of the 50 worst announcers in sports. Always a contentious topic, the article has gotten 2654 comments to date, with plenty of suggestions for additions to the list. Quite frankly, announcers in the media saturation age have become so overanalyzed by columnists like Mushnick and Raissman that it is difficult for anyone to look good. They spend an inordinate amount of their time speaking to the public, and that just means they will eventually say something stupid or make a mistake. Whereas in the past, those mistakes would go largely Continue reading Sterling and Kay Among Yahoo's Worst Announcers