Sabathia GIF

Over at FanGraphs yesterday, the guys picked up on a GIF made by Drew Sheppard. He combined a number of Yu Darvish‘s pitches into one video, and the results are amazing.


He did a fantastic job with it, and I tried my best at making one for CC Sabathia.


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Reviewing Last Year’s Two Biggest Free Agent Passes

Anybody wish these 2 were around right now? Courtesy of US Presswire & Getty Images

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

Interestingly enough, or frustratingly enough depending on how against the austerity plan you...

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PITCHF/x Scouting Report: Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish is the newest high-profile Japanese player to ship out to the MLB. There will be plenty of narratives when the Yankees play Texas tonight. Hiroki Kuroda v. Darvish might be proclaimed the battle for the title of best Japanese starter,...

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Series Preview: Yankees vs. Rangers

The Rangers are coming off an 8-1 road trip against the terrible Twins, the rickety Red Sox, and the tenacious Tigers. The 2010 and 2011 American League champions have arguably been the best team in baseball thus far, and although its way too early to start looking at places, they currently have the best winning...

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Nightly Links: Empire State Yankees, Sabathia, Chamberlain

  • Hiroki Kuroda had a shaky start for the Yankees this afternoon, though he retired the first three batters in a row, he proceeded to give up three hits and three runs after. The relievers were more impressive today, with Soriano, Logan, Warren, and Rapada each striking out two. On the offensive side, Read more

Sunday afternoon news roundup

The hot stove season has been pretty quiet so from the Yankees’ perspective (with nothing much going on since the Freddy Garcia signing), but things may be starting to heat up.  The spending sprees by the Angels and Marlins have been the story of the offseason so far, but a few big storylines...

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Darvish Postings Finished

UPDATE (8:00) Piling on a bit here, but Heyman also says that the Yankee bid is nothing special and that the winning bid is expected to be sky high.

UPDATE (7:47) Apparently the bid was not huge and probably not enough to win.

UPDATE (7:42) Jack Curry confirmed the Yankees’ bid:


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